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Fully Aggregate Platform for digital Entrepreneurs that Simplify Banking & Payment via Open Banking. The all-in-one platform that stretch out your finance & help digital service businesses increase profit margin, prevent negative cash flow, and get peace of mind about their financials. Powering SMBs/SME to manage Banking & Spending via unified solutions, One platform, Endless opportunities.


Votech was born out of the latest paradigm shift that saw a massive change in the way we work and do business. Votech’s co-founders Rainer and Jari saw an opportunity to build the markets easiest to use meeting and voting software for companies and organisations to use when organising official meetings such as Annual Meetings. Votech - the market's easiest to use meeting and voting solution for in-person, remote and hybrid meetings. Preparing for UK market entry. Series A in 2023, and if you can add more than just money, looking for seed investors as well.


We offer remote dentist services as a SaaS service. Our service is provided by mobile app. Patients fill in their information, snap photos and then connect with a dentist who is experienced in remote dentistry. Service include also instant e-prescriptions for Finnish citizens and rough estimation of costs of treatment options if treatments are seen necessary.


We’re on the mission to help premium second hand consumers find what they’re looking for, by providing the biggest assortment from the leading luxury retailers. We’ve built a product discovery platform that helps the users finding and comparing assortment easier than ever before. Join our team today!


Fremby is a software company delivering data-driven insight for an emission free construction industry. Fremby connects and shares data from construction machines and provides seamless overview of operational data through our Fremby platform. With Fremby, CO2 reduction and contract management in complex projects is made simple and time saving. Fremby enables easy, accessible and standardized environmental reporting, efficiency and operational optimization, energy planning and more.


Windyfi is developing a cloud-based application to help renewable developers easily plan, design and analyze their projects starting with onshore wind. Windyfi empowers energy producers (utilities, small developers) with a data-driven tool to easily develop their projects using geospatial data, a user-friendly interface and manufacturer's data. We want to make infrastructure development & design as seamless as in city-building games and empower millions of non-technical users to generate the output that matters instantly.


Ett hållbart klädmärke med kläder som vill hylla kvinnor och Hennes berättelse. Exklusiva plagg skapade i handplockade återvunna silkessaris. Kläder som vill hylla dig och vara med och påverka världen genom skönhet. Vi jobbar med familjeskrädderi och tror på småskaligt skapande, och är med och stöttar kvinnor och flickor genom att stötta flickors utbildning i Indien.


SaaS company focusing on data storage using blockchain technology. Enabling decentralized storage through easy-to-use software solutions with a sophisticated back-end allowing for decentralized data storage. Eliminating third party liability and power. Increasing security and safety. Enabling Integrity.


We help exporters, importers, and freight forwarders to transform their inbox into a powerful supply chain management tool that has real-time tracking, documentation storage, shipment progress, and team collaboration. We are looking to improve communication and reduce the friction in international trade.


Josie, your AI-powered career coach, is on a mission to help people find their next career path with a focus on discovering in-demand careers that fits them. Our vision is a workforce where everyone is at their right place at the right time. Professionals usually have little to no help assessing their profile or finding their dream career path. Our first product Josie help them to define the next step in their career - regardless of if it’s big or small - making them feel smart, inspired, and confident in whatever step they choose. By combining their actual work experience with their personality, we give them personalized insights to act upon.

Relocare Taxation International ApS

Relocare has developed Social Security App which helps companies and employees to be safe and compliant at work in EU. Social Security App is a digital tool for social security and application for A1 certificates for business travelers, and for handling of compliance and applications under Posted Workers Directive. Both EU directives causes a lot of problems for companies that work cross borders, and we at Relocare have the solution. Social Security App, handles all data management for EU and EEA countries for A1 applications. We provide HR with a full overview in the Dashboard for A1 applications and compliance for all EU and EEA countries. In addition, we have automatic application for A1 to the authorities in Denmark and Sweden and thereby save between 30 to 60 minutes per application. Business travelers traveling without an A1 risk fines of € 5,000 as well as claims for social security payments in the country they visit for work purposes. It has been a legal requirement for years, but the new thing is that the countries have established a common communication system which makes it much easier to control the A1 applications and employees. Legal registration requirements are required even for a business travel of just a few hours duration, so it is quite serious and demands a lot for the companies. HR and admin can create reports in the Social Security App from a Dashboard where they can see the estimated travel activity from each country 12 months ahead, the individual employee's travel activity and the total travel activity when the employees have confirmed that they are traveling for the company. Social Security App also comes with a warning if an employee travel into a country where they do not have social secuirty, and HR can always get an overview of the countries the employees have applied for A1 for via the App. There is no doubt that we see significantly increased control and employees after / during Corona are significantly more aware of whether the company takes care of them. Social Security App secure the employees on the business trip and ensure that they do not lose their social security rights.


We are unlocking & harnessing the hidden benefits of whistleblowing. Visslan is a contemporary and new-thinking whistleblowing software for companies to become compliant with new legislation. Our goal is to promote whistleblowing and foster an open, transparent and inclusive workplace where management sets a target of 10 whistleblowing reports, not 0. We are offering the most user-friendly, affordable and modern whistleblowing software on the market for companies who want to uncover eventual improprieties in the workplace and correct them quickly and easily.

Blockstore Group

Blockstore Group, based in Finland, is at the forefront of technological innovation in the grocery retail sector. Our state-of-the-art solutions for autonomous and automated smart grocery stores are transforming the industry landscape across Europe. We are committed to reshaping grocery retail, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Shortly: We develop autonomous grocery retail stores and a technology platform, providing grocery retailers a turnkey solution to deploy smart stores under their brand.


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On our path to becoming a leading Advisor within Commercial Real Estate. Carousel was founded in 2021 by a team with various backgrounds, including Real Estate, Investment Banking and FinTech. What unites us is a strong interest for cities, urbanism and digitalisation. We aim to grow by combining Tech and a high level of custom-made service. We collaborate with a majority of Sweden's largest landlords, starting in Stockholm, Sweden.