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Ett hållbart klädmärke med kläder som vill hylla kvinnor och Hennes berättelse. Exklusiva plagg skapade i handplockade återvunna silkessaris. Kläder som vill hylla dig och vara med och påverka världen genom skönhet. Vi jobbar med familjeskrädderi och tror på småskaligt skapande, och är med och stöttar kvinnor och flickor genom att stötta flickors utbildning i Indien.


We are helping unemployed and uneducated people with gaining proof of their skills. We have a cooporation with 500+ companies, that are used to this kind of labour. Together with these companies, we have made 300+ small videocourses about specific tasks in the different companies or branches. Hereby people can get proof of what they already know, and they can learn a little more at the same time. Once they have done that we have an automatic CV-maker. It just need you to answer some simple questions (then it fills out CV automatically), add a picture, and then it pops up with 10-15 suggestions of how your CV could be. The same story regarding "Apply", but here you have the option for choosing between a lot of sentences, so you dont need a big vocabulary yourself. All this is packed in to be used on handheld devices, as it is seldom that people in this stage of their life, have admittance to a well functioning PC/MAC. The package is a BtG and BtB solution, and we already have contracts with. some of the biggest players on the market.


Empowering future global citizens through immersive storytelling and virtual reality. Lyfta is an educational platform for meaningful stories from around the world. We take fascinating, complex phenomena from real life and rebuild them into beautiful, immersive worlds for students to explore interactively, using virtual reality, 360° storytelling, rich media and high quality, engaging film content.​ ​


Trainingpass aims to make it easier for consumers to discover new studios and activities and try them out, while also creating visibility for the studios through the platform.

Teamwork Family

Follow the procedure at Teamwork Family’ platform and you will increase your chances of an amicable divorce considerably.Teamwork Family is an objectively portal that helps divorced parents make and navigate through the many difficult and important choices - before, during and after a divorce.You will have a tool there takes care of all the agreements made and keep track on the financial balance between you and your ex-spouse. And you keep track on who has the kids at any given day/time. We acknowledge that feelings and emotional needs often dominate the process of making a parental agreement. We can't do anything about the statistics, but we can help you handle the necessary agreements so that your divorce becomes more manageable. We have gathered the parental agreement, the division of property, and the financial agreement in one place. We provide you with an overview of both the details and the bigger picture making agreements more transparent, objective and fair.


XperiTech is a fast growing travel tech company addressing a digitally lagging multi-billion travel and experience market where demand for digital services is growing fast. XperiTech currently operates the largest platform for anadromous fishing in Europe (Elveguiden) and the largest camping booking platform in Norway (Campio). Both brands are expanding their services to new markets. Through a holistic E2E offering for suppliers and end users XperiTech delivers a high value through a strong value prop for our customer base. Strong performance in 2022, increasing gross merchandise value (GMV) by 67 % and annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 40 % from previous year. Competitive adv. through own unique software that delivers on fit for purpose solutions for both suppliers and end users, synergies between brands and leading expertise in the segments. Potential to further grow organically through accelerating core business and through expanding the core to new markets, customers, and products. M&A can further accelerate strategic and financial ambitions, including accelerating international expansion Experienced management dedicated to further scaling the company www.campio.no www.elveguiden.no

nor² (NorSquared)

Nor² is a developer and a cloud platform for running FaaS and container like workloads. The complexity of container-based micro-services makes both development and operations challenging. At present, developers are required to create, update, and maintain networking code often without having a clear understanding of how the underlying networking frameworks, libraries and protocols works. This is not only time consuming and challenging from a developer’s perspective, but the security aspect is also another critical issue to be addressed. The team behind Nor² have both the background and knowledge of this problem area from facing these issues in our day to day job building globally distributed systems. Additionally, when our CEO was working for one of the major IAAS providers as a Solutions Architect he met customers every day that were struggling with the complexity of building scalable, reliable, performant, cost effective and secure software. Right now, most systems are built on top of containers and orchestration systems. And these systems have fundamental flaws that makes them hard to work with, especially if using multiple clouds. The environment is extremely complex, and we have seen even some of the most talented experts in container technology in the world struggle with this and face operational outages that have costed them tens of millions of dollars. We are about to change that. What our compute platform will do ( in short) is simplify and streamline cloud computing by: Optimize the Businesses We understand that businesses rely on the cloud for critical operations, but unfortunately, many cloud providers fall short in delivering reliable and efficient services. Our patent pending technology ensures that your business can handle even the most demanding workloads with ease at a fraction of the cost of today. Enhance the Developer experience. We believe that great apps come from developers using tools they love. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. nor² makes the processes of deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as simple and straightforward as possible, so developers can focus on what’s most important: building great apps that delight and engage customers. As of April 2023 our platform is live, we have one patent pending and another patent that will be handed in now in the end of this month. We are currently in an onboarding process with our first customer and we are now ready to talk to investors about future possibilities.


Introducing Crowdience - The Customer Acquisition Solution for Modern Businesses How do you make a crowd become your audience? Crowdience! At Crowdience, we help businesses connect with their ideal customers by leveraging cutting-edge technology and proven marketing strategies. We understand that finding and engaging new customers is one of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses, which is why we've developed a comprehensive customer acquisition solution to help companies like yours achieve success. Crowdience is currently helping some of Norway's largest events to be visible, reach out to existing and attract new customers, trough digital channels. The goal of Crowdience is to create an effective and seamless link between busineses and their potential customers. Although it already exists dozens of similar firms, there are several points to improve within the industry. With new tools such as ChatGPT, Dalle and Pondir, automation already have become, and will become an increasing part of the future market. I am looking to create an automated tool which can be leveraged by our firms, as well as sold an a SaaS-solution to bigger firms. Currently, I have plenty of ideas, but I'm looking for a co-founder to share, discuss, execute and put the ideas into the real world.


Parents' problem. Every 5-th child is born with dyslexia: an inherited neuro-biological condition that makes the process of decoding written symbols challenging. In most European countries, the USA and the UK children with dyslexia are entitled for a free state-funded help. In an ideal educational system a highly professional teacher identifies challenges of a struggling learner, the child is quickly referred to a state-funded assessment, every child with reading disabilities gets immediate free remediation. In the educational systems as they are in the post-pandemic era we see persistent acute shortages of qualified literacy and special education teachers and waiting lists of between 6 and 24 months for dyslexia assessment. Only children who are in the bottom 3 to 10% of their peers for reading ability can rely on free help. Parents and schools are forced to turn to private tutors and programs and are always torn between the desire to help struggling kids and the fear of ruining the financial situation of their families and organizations. Schools' problem. The current debate over inclusion in the society revealed the main educational problem that has not yet been solved: as classrooms become more diverse, the teacher is challenged to differentiate more. The legislation mandates that every child with disability is provided with an individualized learning plan, but the inclusive classroom that provides such advantages is difficult to implement, while the only extra support that a teacher gets is a university student or other inexperienced trainee.


Apiir is a software company that is solving issues in the bicycle industry by providing innovative solutions for bike fitting and selection. Using new image analysis technology, we have developed a bike fitting solution that is easy and effective for bike retailers to use in-store. Our solution helps cyclists get a perfect fit by analyzing their body measurements and bike geometry. Additionally, we have created an API that allows third-party apps to integrate our bike size solution into their platforms. Our mission is to make bike fitting and selection more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone in the cycling industry.


Lexplore is an all in one tool for systematic reading development used by schools around the world. We offer assessment, automated insights and content powered by Eye tracking & AI. As each reader evolves, Lexplore supports their individual reading journey, giving them equal opportunity to succeed – one reader at a time.

Korall Engineering

Korall Engineering AS is a design engineering firm part of StartupLab Bergen, a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, which employs the latest high-end design optimization technologies, our team develops automates product design workflows to reduce engineering and lead times and redesigns existing industrial products. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we help reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. We help the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the transportation of parts demanded. Korall Engineering operates in various industries: oil & gas, maritime, automotive, and medical. Its team specializes in industrial design optimization for both additive and traditional manufacturing and uses machine learning design-to-manufacturing tools like Generative Design, mathematical finite element methods like Topology Optimization, and implicit modeling lattice-structure solutions for 3D-printing, both for metal and composite materials. Korall Engineering is betting on the future: smart design, additive manufacturing, and automated workflows are just a few of the many examples of how it is possible to disrupt the industry for the better, bring innovation, create value for our society at large, and tangibly take a step forward in preserving our environment. For more information visit https://korall.io/


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Why can't we find a decent cup of tea? Is the question we asked in 2020 BACKGROUND Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. The tea industry is a hundreds of year old colonial business. Founded on exploitation and slavery. 99% of all tea in the world is produced on plantages. On a plantage you will nerver find biological diversity but you will find a lot of pesticides, fertilizers and huge amount of watering. The working conditions at a plantage has not changed a lot over 400 hundred years. They are still to put it mildly appalling. COWASUN PRODUCT The wild growing tea leafs are unique in the world and has grown wild in the region for thousands of years. These trees can be over 50 meters high and the tea leafs grow without pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. Far away from human impact. We have let some of the world's most famous and prestigious Gastronomers / Guide Michelin Chefs try our products and we have got their blessings! Our Leafs are also represented at PRADA and Four Season. Our goal is to be a global sustainable premium brand with more interesting products to come. We have come far in our innovation process and can see very interesting markets for our new products to come. In 2015, the United Nations issued 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve sustainable development for all. We are now contributing to 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. MISSION We shall become The Global Category Captain within Wild Growing Tea. We aim for a premium position and our business concept is digital subscriptions. We shall change the agenda in The Himalayan Tail. Today, the forest is being burned down in favor of commodities as; Rubber, Soy, Corn or Palm Oil. GROWTH We aim to expand fast and aggressive! Under Q1 & Q2 2022 we will do a CAC test to find out data for a business case to reach A-Series in Q3/Q4 2022. We have soft launched September 2021 and are up and selling! After our first article we sell 1 unit / day. We now let out; 10 tickets a €1000 for angels to get. With the money from the tickets we will do a CAC test in social paid media as Facebook and Instagram. We will complete with PR and by us chosen influencers within health. We have a very good marketing concept to run the CAC test with. The Team are all experienced marketeers and have a very positive anticipation on what the campaign shall do for the brand regarding recognition and sales. COWASUN is a digital subscription based business concept. This will of course affect our CAC and LTV ( Life Time Value/ recurring costumers) in a positive perspective. We aim for A-Series Q3/Q€- 2022 to launch in Germany and Poland Q1-2023. Our platform is prepared (translated) , the domains and registrations in place for EU, legal, distribution and a strong communications concept etc is ready for launch. BUSINESS MODEL COWASUN.COM is a digital subscription based service. All our products are equitable sourced and we don't use middle men. "Straight from the Forest to the City Djungel." THE NAME COWASUN COWASUN is an acronym of the Photosynthesis . We shall make an impact on the air, the biodiversity and the working conditions for the people in the regions. EXPERIENCED TEAM Food & Beverage and sustainable issues is of great importance in our team. One of us is the founder of Paradiset – SVERIGES GODASTE MATMARKNAD AB, another received the award as one of the Stockholm region's four most sustainable food companies by Tillväxtverket and one of us has recently (2019) received the prestigious gastronomic award; The Plate by Guide Michelin. The Team has significant experiences from market and sales background within OMX listed barands to start-ups. Together we have around 150 merit awards for progressive efforts within branding, sales and marketing. CONTACT: If you have questions, like to try our products or be a part of the expansion. Please contact: Stefan Lidström at stefan@cowasun.com or fredrik@cowasun.com All Our Best!

Chassis Autonomy

Chassis Autonomy is a deep tech company that enables autonomousmobility through actuation, with a focus on developing a class-leadingsteer-by-wire system for highly automated & fully autonomousvehicles. The technology ensures that automated vehicles have thereliability and redundancy to continue to operate even in the event of asystem or vehicle fault. After securing investment and a €2.5mEuropean Innovation Council grant in 2022 and securing customerprogrammes in 2023, the company is now in the scale-up phase.