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Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Klinik Healthcare Solutions is a health technology company that produces AI-powered solutions for healthcare providers to enable better healthcare for all. We create clinically proven solutions and services for condition and urgency recognition, customer segmentation and patient flow management.


Electric vehicles are here to stay - and we keep them moving. We at Virta Ltd provide leading-edge smart charging services for EV drivers and companies alike. Our vision is a clean, carbon-free future with silent EVs driving emission-free down the street, and our passion, as an industry forerunner, is to fulfill that future.  Virta is building a tomorrow where EV charging is hassle-free, readily available and a natural part of infrastructure.


The Pitch Atomler is a greentech startup located in Sweden that is developing a B2B digital platform in order to increase the recycling rates of plastic material from post-industrial and ocean bound streams. Our vision is that there should be no need for landfills in the world. The What Challenge(s) for increasing trade with recyclable materials are... - Transparency of price is important for companies buying recycled materials - Trust between market actors is mainly created in offline meetings - Material quality is often uncertain when buying recycled materials - Speed is often lacking in finding the right recycled material in sufficient quantity The How Atomler's solution: - Transparency and material quality - find material, see pricing and download material quality certificates instantly - Transparency and trust - communicate with your buyers and suppliers prior to settling the deals - Speed - access anytime, anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer The Why We met working at a large second hand C2C website, realising there's a problem on the B2B side that needs to be solved. Our long term vision is to get rid of all the worlds landfills (including misplaced rubbish in the nature). A milestone is to speed up EU's goal of increasing the rate of using recycled plastics by supplying a tool to companies that solves the problems around buying and selling recyclable and leftover plastics.


ZALAB is a long-term oriented parent company with a mission to strive towards the biggest positive impact for our world. Working in a prioritized strategic holistic systems thinking manner, analyzing the world, opportunities, global problems and beyond, striving to target the root causes & existential risks to bring about effective change in our society using the tools such as science, tech, entrepreneurship, philosophy, psychology etc.See open positions on our website,  We are curious open-minded explorers who have questions on a lifelong learning quest of finding answers and better ways of doing things. Experimentation, critical/questioning mind, rational reasoning and creativity are some of the things that are fundamental. We aim to question and rethink the way we do things for the better. Rooted in fulfilling human potential and people’s ikigai by organizing social systems in such a way that leads people to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where self-actualization resides.

Overstellar Solutions AB

We are developing Biologg, which is an app that is both a mobile game and a citizen science platform. The app uses gamification to motivate users to log observations of real animals and plants in nature by taking photos. The data that is collected will then be shared with researchers in order to protect endangered species and track the effects of climate change. The photos that are collected can in the future be used to build an image recognition system that can help users identify species.

Work Pilots Oy

We provide a mobile platform as a service for matching and managing work and service opportunities: Tasks, jobs and services. Our technology - your brand, users and needs! We have two main focuses: a) Creating social impact and helping people find paths to worklife with low threshold models and b) helping businesses to access and manage various talents in efficient way - specially extended workforce and service providers. With our "mobile first" multichannel service (iOS, Android and web) we are tearing down barriers to job opportunities and helping those who want to work find their professional path in life and providing an efficient tool to manage various talents in the future of work. We have an open platform for all who want to work or order help in Finland AND "Platform-as a-service" to create a separate branded platform for our customers for their needs. All those organisations who could benefit from efficient mobile matching and management of work and services can now easily create their own app for this! The How Offering and finding various work/service opportunities with WorkPilots is extremely simple. The app is always with you on your mobile phone and it will find the perfect worker/service or job/task/service need for you nearby. You do not have to worry about the contracts or payments: we can take care of them (when needed) and you can commit to one task at the time. WorkPilots was born out of the desire to tear down needless barriers to job opportunities and giving as many people as possible the chance of getting valuable work experience and finding paths to worklife. In addition to gaining work experience and money, feedback received helps to improve and boost strengths which are vital for building successful careers. Successful experiences can make a big difference to one’s self-confidence and increasing motivation to improve current situation. Short-term tasks is a great way to gain crucial work skills, introducing oneself to different working environments and starting to build one’s career and earning - and with our mobile service it is now easy and fast! Service was first launched in spring 2016 and now we have already over 40000 users.


A Finnish cleantech company has developed an innovative solution that saves 40% of households' energy consumption. The solution collects energy from the heated water and reduces the need for additional hot water as it pre­warms the cold water with the energy that was collected. The solution is easily and quickly installed, either during the building or renovation phase. Regardless of the heating method used, the energy saving solution can be installed to most showers in apartments, hotels, etc.


CosmEthics educates consumers about cosmetic ingredient safety, and suggests healthy alternative products by referencing medical research data. Consumers have very few methods to determine if a product is safe. The CosmEthics app allows users to scan the product’s bar code, and cross-references it with undesirable ingredients or allergens. Thus users can quickly assess the product’s health hazards, with a toxicity screening of INCI ingredients.


The better cities and real estate companies understand the areas they are developing, the more liveable they can make them. That’s why we developed a platform that combines, enhances and analyses multiple location data streams. Using Mapple you can apply insights on people, infrastructure and mobility to evaluate the current situation and forecast the impact of their investments. Mapple can be integrated with existing tools or used as a standalone service. Our team is made of several different individuals with different skills. Three of us are researchers turned developers with expertise in accessibility and mobility solutions, AI and mapping technologies. They are joined by a seasoned startupper whose expertise lies in business development, product-market fit and global expansion. We have mentors and advisors who help us with strategy and go-to market.

Kliffa Innovations

Kliffa is a booking platform for urban spaces like saunas, yoga studios, popup and office spaces. Kliffa combines booking, payment and smart locking systems, so it's much more than just ordinary listing page for spaces.For the end users we provide flexible and easy-to-use booking platform, whereas the space owners will earn the much needed extra revenue when the spaces are used at full capacity.Booking a space has never been this easy!


Grönska erbjuder lokalt odlade grönsaker och örter. Vi odlar med ett innovativt odlingssystem som gör att vi kan odla grödor inomhus i urban miljö och året runt. Målet är att erbjuda ett hållbart, närproducerat alternativ till importerade grönsaker och örter.


Långa parkeringstider gör det möjligt att fördela fastighetens befintliga elkapacitet mellan flera fordon.Flera bilar ansluts till en laddpool och tilldelas portionsvis laddning i ett optimerat kösystem. Detta möjliggör att många parkeringsplatser kan utrustas med ladduttag, utan krav på stora investeringar i fastighetens elkapacitet.


Epishine works with product development and marketing of the third generation of solar cells; organic solar cells. The unique qualities of those includes being semitransparent, light weighted and 100% organic resulting in a very low energy payback time.

Green Company Effect

Green Company Effect, GCE, is a social media platform focused on sustainability. GCE enables companies to share and make their green and social sustainability actions visible to consumers and business partners. Consumers can easily find what companies are doing and make responsible choices. Companies can liaise with responsible business partners, find new technologies and ideas to make novel innovations and create a more circular economy.


Kidnovation is the world's first innovation lab for children around the world.We offer social impact tools for therapy and integration, and our children's media is inclusive and empowering. We do it differently from others: our solutions are science-based, we storytell them as a grand adventure, then add amazing art by award-winning artists.Our specialists are from 13 countries! We produce books, apps, workshops , and soon virtual reality. A report by BBC World has covered our achievements.