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Oncogene AS

The Oncogene AS is a Norwegian startup located at Oslo Cancer Cluster incubator. We are bringing cancer precision medicine into Norwegian market by facilitating cancer gene tests in to clinics and hospitals. We are creating a digital solutions connecting Cancer patients, clinicians, hospitals and companies together. Our business model is B2B and B2C.


Collaborating with a team of Michelin-starred sommeliers, we hand select stunning wines and neatly deliver them in bold cans. Why? Because the Earth is begging us to shake things up. Our goal is to provide great wines while saving the environment. By switching to cans over the glass you are making a decision to join us in making a dramatic difference for the planet. Ditch the antiquated bottle and reach for something unique. Something adorned with art that moves us to think and revel in life. Aluminium is an incredible wine container. It's 28x more efficient to recycle than bottles and 3/4 of all aluminium ever mined is still in use today! By joining the switch from bottles to cans you’re helping us cut 79% of the CO2 emissions on packaging. If that’s not exciting enough, consider that cans are twenty times lighter, twice as efficient to transport, and don't break as easily.


The way we consume goods is changing - it's not anymore about owning stuff. Instead, we care about the experience enabled by the stuff we use. To put it simply, it’s about what we can do, not what we own. The challenge we face is that today's commerce software is almost exclusively designed for selling ownership, not access. To grow sales via quantity, not quality. This makes it unnecessarily complicated for both consumers and businesses to discover the vast potential of outside ownership. Rentle exists to empower merchants with a commerce platform that expands them from unit sales to services, from ownership to access, from unsustainability to sustainability.


Cleanera will offer a easier solution to our most un-liked chores, which is laundry! We will offer an integrated platform where you can decide upon subscription or single use options, of course cancel anytime policy! So how does this work? Well we will pick-up and deliver your laundry and with easy subscription where you save 3+ hours weekly of laundry work! Note only work you have to do is to put it back in the closet, something we cannot do 😜 Cleanera will solve an inertia industry by solving the logistical problems and create a new innovative approach on how customers will do laundry in the future! That is through Cleanera! Does this idea find your interest? please contact us for more info or thinking about joining us!

CleanCup AS

CleanCup's on a mission to empower people with periods through high quality products and information. Every month, 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate. They need safe period products, and disposable products just won't do anymore. Let’s be honest; Tampons suck. No, really, they do! Both literally and figuratively. Tampons absorb period blood, but it does not differentiate it from your body's natural moisture, and it absorbs that too, which can cause infections and skin irritation. And besides: We use 11 000 disposable period products each, causing tons of cotton and plastic waste. One tampon takes than 100 years to degrade; this means all of the tampons you have ever used are still in our environment somewhere. Pads and tampons are not really comfortable, practical, sustainable, or even cheap. It’s just what’s been available. Do we want this as a legacy for our planet and our kids? No. But we have the solution: CleanCup. The Norwegian menstrual cup. Uniquely designed for comfort. Designed in collaboration with hundreds of women.

Intelligent Employment Oy

IE provides forward-thinking recruitment and headhunting services throughout Europe. We are committed to shaping the future of recruitment by innovating our services through technical advantages, specialized industry knowledge, and a first-class customer experience. Future Technologies | Energy, Power & Renewables | Cleantech

2Heal Medical

2Heal is developing an app to help people with chronic disease heal and thrive through a new digital health coach service focusing on lifestyle medicine. In Sweden and the western world 50% have a chronic disease, and all chronic diseases are on the rise. Many of these conditions are connected to lifestyle factors. The healthcare system as we know it has a very small chance of curing these conditions. The reason for that is that they are only relieving symptoms, not treating the root cause of the disease. And all experts work separately in silos - no one is taking responsibility for the patient as a whole. We want to change this. With our method we want to find and treat the root cause of every health problem. We do so by a team based structure that uses a 360 degree analysis for all patients with chronic diseases, and by including lifestyle medicine in our treatment, helping them back to a healthy life (many free from medication). Every patient gets a health coach that helps and motivates them with lifestyle changes: nutrition and food, sleep, training, rest and reload and mental health. The program is done through the app and through digitalt meetings. The app is connected to wearables like apple watch or an Oura ring, and the patient logs their health status in a daily journal. A team of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists are ready for those who need extra support. 2Heal Medical was started by doctors that were missing a method to help people with chronic disease get well, heal and stay healthy long term. The system didn't allow them to work with lifestyle changes, there was just no time - or knowledge for this! We have a physical clinic in Stockholm, and are now ready for the next step - help more people to heal!

My Dream Now

Vår vision är att alla unga ska känna sitt värde i samhället och hitta egna vägar till jobb och drömmar. My Dream Now är övertygade om att förebilder är viktiga och kan bidra till att elever blir mer inspirerade och motiverade att göra bra ifrån sig i skolan. Därför skapar vi inspirerande samverkan mellan skola och arbetsliv. Vi fokuserar på områden med stor potential, där många elever saknar förebilder inom arbetslivet.

Keys Ecosystem

Keys Ecosystem helps entrepreneurs find what they find through a personalised recommendation engine. At its core, it is a tool used by cities and international organisation to map, categorise and collect data about the startup ecosystem. KEYS is at its core a community centered around building an open and inclusive ecosystem, accessible to all.


Only 2 out of 10 children and young people get enough physical activity on weekdays. Read it again .. 2 out of 10. We want to change this! We want to create joy of movement by creating our very own training app that is completely dedicated to children and young people, where they can train like their idols, collect movement points, training marks and have fun.

Korall Engineering

Korall Engineering AS is a design engineering firm part of StartupLab Bergen, a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, which employs the latest high-end design optimization technologies, our team develops automates product design workflows to reduce engineering and lead times and redesigns existing industrial products. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we help reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. We help the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the transportation of parts demanded. Korall Engineering operates in various industries: oil & gas, maritime, automotive, and medical. Its team specializes in industrial design optimization for both additive and traditional manufacturing and uses machine learning design-to-manufacturing tools like Generative Design, mathematical finite element methods like Topology Optimization, and implicit modeling lattice-structure solutions for 3D-printing, both for metal and composite materials. Korall Engineering is betting on the future: smart design, additive manufacturing, and automated workflows are just a few of the many examples of how it is possible to disrupt the industry for the better, bring innovation, create value for our society at large, and tangibly take a step forward in preserving our environment. For more information visit https://korall.io/

Bon Centuri

We offer 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and beautifully designed cookware for affordable prices, sold direct to consumer. 97% of the cookware market is dominated by old manufactures, making uninspiring products with dangerous chemicals, causing both diseases and environmental harm. The products are traditionally sold in retail with a lot of middlemen, leaving a huge gap between the manufacturers/brands and the consumers.


Bueno is a single-source solution platform for property owners initially targeting people who owns property abroad. Bueno makes it easy for people to manage their property by combining financial services with innovative solutions and cost savings. Our initial market is Spain where 2 million foreigners own property. These are underserved by traditional banks and they pay too much for banking. The problems is not unique for Spain, banking in the South of Europe is years behind Scandinavia which means Bueno are addressing a massive market. Q1 2022 we launched in Spain as the first B2C real bank challenger with accounts hosted on the local banking network, Iberpay. This means we have full support for local direct debit payments, required to own and manage a property in Spain. We have a financial partner ready for France and will solve the same problems in France when we launch there in Q3. In Q2 Bueno will launch property insurance in Spain working with one of the big traditional insurance companies but we will also partner with a 100% digital challenger to offer 100% online insurance. We launched Bueno because of our own experience, and our friends experience with Spanish banks. Banking should not be this bad in 2022.


OneLab is a health-tech scaleup that develops a health platform where companies can identify illness and follow up with the right care at the right time. That is why we have created a cutting-edge digital platform for those who want their staff to feel good, develop and perform at their best! An opportunity to work with a product that makes a real difference, a chance to work with people and help people with both their mental and physical health.

Lyfe Nordic

Lyfe Nordic is a lifestyle brand and nordic distributor focused on providing the latest and most innovative products within the health & wellness industry. By partnering with world-leading brands - such as Therabody, Cryomed & Starpool Wellness Concept - we enable both businesses and consumers to put health first. Our daily challenge is creating a distibution platform and brand that sparks people's emotions and need for a wholesome lifestyle. Our company DNA comes from a deep belief in human potential. Lyfe Nordic's long term vision is to become the leading wellness company in Scandinavia. We want to create a community where values including kindness, humility, honesty, confidence, determination, courage and an openness to learn, are the rules of engagement. Hit us up and be part of the journey! We'll guide you every step of the way. / Elias & Alex at Lyfe Nordic #DareToLive