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We offer remote dentist services as a SaaS service. Our service is provided by mobile app. Patients fill in their information, snap photos and then connect with a dentist who is experienced in remote dentistry. Service include also instant e-prescriptions for Finnish citizens and rough estimation of costs of treatment options if treatments are seen necessary.

Allight International

Allight is a vehicle-tech company developing new generation of exterior vehicle lighting to reduce fatal accidents and to increase global road safety. Around 200,000 lives involving motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are lost each year in traffic worldwide (WHO, 2020). 45% of all fatal accidents occur in corners outside populated areas due to bad visibility, lacking exterior lighting performance, poor road conditions and the human factor. Allight is developing new adaptive headlight technology for the OEM and aftermarket, thus eliminating the dark spot that the rider experiences and increasing the overall road safety as an important step towards zero road fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic. The company holds several granted and pending patents worldwide for its innovative technology.


Josie, your AI-powered career coach, is on a mission to help people find their next career path with a focus on discovering in-demand careers that fits them. Our vision is a workforce where everyone is at their right place at the right time. Professionals usually have little to no help assessing their profile or finding their dream career path. Our first product Josie help them to define the next step in their career - regardless of if it’s big or small - making them feel smart, inspired, and confident in whatever step they choose. By combining their actual work experience with their personality, we give them personalized insights to act upon.


Our mission is to automate staying healthy by combining the psychology of habit building, the analytical capabilities of machine learning, real-time health data from sensors, and the latest in preventative healthcare research. Through our journey, we’ve built a team of likeminded passionate people, that came together around a shared purpose of making healthy living easier and more approachable to all people, not just those who already know what to do.