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Pharmista Technologies

In order to gain information about and control over the most important happening, experience and choice in a persons life, women have been turning to the at home pregnancy tests for decades. The problem is that available tests are either expensive per use or poor in quality, aside from being single-use. This is ultimately leads to many needs being unmet and creates a blind spot in the market which we intend to meet by developing the world's first reusable pregnancy test. If our MVP works according to plan, we seek to employ the same patented methodology onto other diagnostic areas where reusability would be advantageous. Therefore, our innovation has a great potential to disrupt not only the pregnancy testing market, but the immunoassay market in whole.


Pressurebox is an Automatic Tennis & Padel Ball Saver that restores and maintains the pressure in tennis & padel balls through diffusion. It enables players to play with better balls for as much as 5 times longer, improving the game, making it more affordable, and reduces plastic & rubber waste from tennis & padel balls. Why this matters? After only one hour of play, 20% of the pressure in tennis & padel balls disappears - starting when you open the can the balls are bought in. Because of this, hobby players are forced to buy new balls about every 2 times they play. At a higher level, balls are changed multiple times in a single match. This is completely unnecessary - since all the materials in the balls are in great condition for many hours of play. Of the balls thrashed, only 2% are recycled. The rest of the toxic waste ends up in places such as landfills, or in our oceans. The balls that ends up in nature stays there for 400 years before they break down. This makes tennis and padel two of the dirtiest (and most expensive) sports! Since the greenest ball is the ball that you dont throw away, our solution is a step towards making tennis & padel greener sports in accordance with UN goals 12, 13, 14 & 15. We hope you will join us on this mission! 

Intelligent Employment Oy

IE provides forward-thinking recruitment and headhunting services throughout Europe. We are committed to shaping the future of recruitment by innovating our services through technical advantages, specialized industry knowledge, and a first-class customer experience. Future Technologies | Energy, Power & Renewables | Cleantech


SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY For us at DAXAP is to create sustainable solutions on societal challenges a responsibility and an opportunity. We have 2 app in the market Kiddy-app is a collaboration and communication app for institutions with children where multilingualism is a need. Frivi-app makes it easy to organize groups, events, bookings, communication and collaboration whether in a company, a voluntary organization or a small group.


Kollektivkraft is an innovative advisory service for the insurance holder, that for a low fee ensures correct and fair claims compensation for our customers through our digital platform and expert support. Just in our primary market Sweden, insurance takers yearly lose several hundred million euros in claims money that they are entitled to. This is due to complicated processes, lack of knowledge, lost documents, and an industry structure that disincentives payouts. These factors result in less payout for the insurance taker = greater profit for the insurance company. We help insurance takers to get the claims compensation that they are entitled to by (1) offering safe storage and organisation of all documents through our web app, before anything happens, and (2) when they have a claim, offering real life expert support from our experienced insurance experts. We are a passionate and diverse team with entrepreneur backgrounds and families, who are driven by the satisfaction and power in solving a common problem. We created Kollektivkraft because we’ve experienced the problem first hand: we had claims that we got external help with and ended up getting 10 times more in payout. All of us also have >20 years of work experience, meaning that we also have the grit, network, and determination needed to take us all the way to our goal.


Mentalytics was founded in 2002 and have since been one of the leading businesses in the commercial BrainTech market. The flagship product Mindball has been played by 10 million people around the globe. With the recent pivot into software combined with the full rebrand of the business we refer to ourselves as a start-up with 19 years of experience. Mentalytics is all about focus training, which we will make as common and accepted as physical exercise.

New Standard

New Standard was founded on the idea of change. Transforming the fashion system is necessary to face humanity's greatest environmental and climate challenges –and everyone can make a difference. Our way? Weaving style, quality, and comfort together with responsible practices. New Standard is creating the building blocks for wardrobes that stands the test of time. Our clothes are inspired by yesterday, designed for now, and constructed for tomorrow. We don't chase trends or design for seasons. Instead, we focus on perfecting a permanent collection that will serve its purpose for years to come. Our products are 100% recycled, and their CO2 footprint is 50% smaller than the same items made from virgin materials. We also use 99.9% less water our manufacturing process is free of harmful chemicals. To give people the information – the power – to connect the dots between their choices and impacts, we break down the value chain of each garment in their labels and our stores. From rising sea levels to extreme rainfall and more powerful heatwaves, the consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored – either by society or the fashion industry. It's now-or-never for our planet. We are in this to foster our industry towards greater ecological integrity by working together with other brands, manufacturers, policymakers, as well as consumers to drive the systemic change in fashion.

Diretto Employment Services AB

We make it super easy to pay salary for private individuals who hire help in the home and also for micro businesses. We make it easy to be a responsible employer and this way we help people transition from undeclared work to declared work. Declared work provides better protection for the worker but also creates a more resillient and prosoerous society.


This is an app that you have on your phone . It functions as a shield to protect you when you need it. This app uses your family and friends to protect you .when. You are in trouble . you open the app . And take a photo of the person you deem as a threat . This photo is instantly distributed to your family and friends . Who also receive directions on how to get to you by the shortest possible route via google maps . By car or bus bicycle or walking . The police are called up so that you have the option to talk to them should you deem it necessary. We also have a paid version of The app . This version includes a crime map that shows crimes that have recently been committed . this is extremely helpful for places you are visiting and has full coverage in the UK and most of the USA . The reason I am doing it Sitting at home one night, I received a call that changed everything. While working alone in London, my brother had been brutally attacked with a hammer. I was devastated and felt completely powerless. He was miles away in another country, what could I do to help? Nothing! Walking along the river, thinking about what had happened, I looked down at the water and suddenly it came to me. I knew what I had to do. I had to find something that would make everyone safer and help prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again. I realised I could use the one thing everybody carries with them, their phone, as a shield to protect them! This idea became the Guardians app.

Bon Centuri

We offer 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and beautifully designed cookware for affordable prices, sold direct to consumer. 97% of the cookware market is dominated by old manufactures, making uninspiring products with dangerous chemicals, causing both diseases and environmental harm. The products are traditionally sold in retail with a lot of middlemen, leaving a huge gap between the manufacturers/brands and the consumers.


Fully Aggregate Platform for digital Entrepreneurs that Simplify Banking & Payment via Open Banking. The all-in-one platform that stretch out your finance & help digital service businesses increase profit margin, prevent negative cash flow, and get peace of mind about their financials. Powering SMBs/SME to manage Banking & Spending via unified solutions, One platform, Endless opportunities.

Välfärdsteknik Sverige AB

BOET increases the quality of life for the individuals with disabilities and improves the working environment for the staff. By quality we mean increased independence, participation and influence. BOET creates structure and overview for both staff and users. BOET’s goal is to strengthen the individual’s influence, participation and self determination by giving the staff the conditions to offer the right effort, in the right way, at the right time.


Orka is a one stop shop for both fitness trainers and fitness-interested people. The platform gives trainers tools to freely build, market, and sell workouts (performed in-person or virtually) while also giving users tools to find, unlock, complete, logg, and share fitness results seamlessly on the same platform.


Fremby is a software company delivering data-driven insight for an emission free construction industry. Fremby connects and shares data from construction machines and provides seamless overview of operational data through our Fremby platform. With Fremby, CO2 reduction and contract management in complex projects is made simple and time saving. Fremby enables easy, accessible and standardized environmental reporting, efficiency and operational optimization, energy planning and more.


Hyperlab was founded in 2013 and has since grown into an ambitious team of creatives and technologists with a shared focus on quality, user experience and sustainable growth. We are in the business of creating digital tools and experiences that help people understand and engage with the world around us.