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Increasing resource utilization through smart solutions supporting a transition to a Circular Economy. Increased utilization of assets reduces overall consumption and creates positive economic, environmental and social impact. We actively work to change consumption habits and increase the understanding of the importance of access over ownership not only for individuals, but for companies as well.


CosmEthics educates consumers about cosmetic ingredient safety, and suggests healthy alternative products by referencing medical research data. Consumers have very few methods to determine if a product is safe. The CosmEthics app allows users to scan the product’s bar code, and cross-references it with undesirable ingredients or allergens. Thus users can quickly assess the product’s health hazards, with a toxicity screening of INCI ingredients.


We are dedicated to the promotion of knowledge transfer in support of lifelong learning, business, innovation & social inclusion. We build Private Social Networks for communities and organisations that value their community members, the content and the data they produce.  We believe that organisations which harness the knowledge within and shares it for the benefit of the entire community are the ones that are going to win the marathon race. We offer a B2B SaaS solution


Spleis er folkefinansiering på norsk. På bare ett år har folk samlet inn over 60 millioner kroner gjennom 200 000 innbetalinger til 4 000 vellykkede spleiser. Vi hjelper folk med å samle inn penger slik at de kan realisere prosjekter - og drømmer. Gjennom det endrer vi også måten penger samles inn på i Norge i dag. En fintech startup som står på skuldrene til SpareBank 1-alliansen. Musklene til et finanskonsern. Hastigheten til en startup. Nå vokser vi - og trenger mer folk!

Help it Home

Help it Home er en community-baseret platform til genfindelse af tabte ejendele. Nemt, sikkert & anonymt. Vores nøgleringe og klistermærker, som du kan sætte på dine ejendele, er din mulighed for at genfinde dine tabte ejendele.I en verden hvor frygt & utryghed fylder meget, vil vi at sætte medmenneskelighed på dagsordenen. Vi tror Danmark er fyldt med mennesker, som gerne vil hjælpe hinanden – Vi drømmer om, at folk igennem Help it Home bliver bevidste om, at vi er omgivet af venlige mennesker.

STRONGMom App Development AB

STRONGMom app is the perfect app for moms, moms to be and recovering moms. The app includes over 100 exercises that are divided in before during and after pregnancy so you can stay strong and healthy throughout all the stages. Our vision are that all women easy should have the opportunity to strength their body and mind for their best period in their lives.

Young Happy Minds

"We spread the science of happiness to young people across the world"Our vision is to transform the lives of young people through increasing their wellbeing. We deliver workshops and programmes in- and after schools to young people, teachers and parents that are rooted in the science of wellbeing and positive psychology. We are currently present in UK, Norway, and The Netherlands.


We are developing Vevios the future of safety alarms for elderly och chronically ill. Vevios is a simple and clean mobile bracelet that creates a freer and safer everyday life. Vevios works like a wearable cell phone and secure the contact between user and Homecare in the case of an emergency in or outside of your home.

EcoFarm Technology

EcoFarm is a new way of indoor planting with unique Norwegian technologies providing us with fresh and healthy vegetables, barriers and herbs, all important nutritions that we lack buying from food chains. Being the owner of EcoFarm, we become a part of a human society protecting our planet from ever-growing food demands and helping to stop deforestation caused by increasing agricultural industry. EcoFarm is designed for all of us. It’s time to reconnect with our most valuable life source. We are the team of enthusiastic people with more than 10 years background experience in mechanical and electronic engineering. We are trying to convince people to grow their own food indoor rather than buying it. With current technologies we implement in our EcoFarm it is possible!


KIND GROUP is an innovative health company that develops new home care solutions in Norway and internationally. KIND GROUP consists of several subsidiaries that work with innovation, digitization, system development and home care. Our goal is to enable our customers to live and stay healthy longer at home.


AsthmaTuner is a startup in the digital health sector, with the vision to disrupt the way asthma and other respiratory diseases are treated today. Our solution is the first clinically certified and validated self-management medical device for asthma that provides patients with automatic and individualised treatment recommendations.


Panion is a data-driven community management platform that helps community managers build more privacy, empathy, and meaningful connection into online and offline communities. While most community solutions focus on knowledge exchange, Panion integrates communication tools, event management, mentorship matchmaking and powerful analytics into one platform. Our solution has been built upon extensive user research and testing with community managers and community members from a variety of different platforms. At Panion we love to problem-solve both in work and in life. We are motivated by building and creating solutions that help people, we have an entrepreneurial spirit, love collaboration and are collectively growing our product and vision into something exceptional. As a team, we value authenticity, like to think outside the box, work hard but know how to balance our work with humor and social activities. We are committed to creating a world with more meaningful connection.

Cuckoo Workout

Cuckoo Workout is a work wellness startup company founded by two women entrepreneurs in 2014. Cuckoo Workout offers its B2B customers a web-based activity game that activates office workers during the workday and helps avoid the risks of sedentary work."We like champagne and marshmallows but we love results!"

Sibesonke Ltd

Sibesonke Ltd was founded by Nokia Top Innovators. Having seen what basic cell phones can do for people in developing countries, we decided to create mobile services that improve daily life for the people. We are a digital agriculture pioneer in Africa, and attack a giant problem - food security in Africa that intensifies with a growing population and unpredictable rains (climate change). Our innovative mFarming digital platform connects smallholder farmers with local agri companies and well-known international corporations. To date, millions of farmers in East Africa have received information on mFarming to improve farm productivity and profitability. Ready to invest your talent in a larger-than-life purpose?


At PauseAble, we enable technology to create unprecedented opportunity to help people discover inner strength and resources, which empower people to self-care and grow. We help people take control of their energy and stress with our patented, scientifically validated interactive approach and our own products: PAUSE and SWAY. PAUSE and SWAY are simple, beautiful, intuitive apps that help users relax, quickly relieve stress and regain focus. They are already used by more than 700K users worldwide.