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New Standard

New Standard was founded on the idea of change. Transforming the fashion system is necessary to face humanity's greatest environmental and climate challenges –and everyone can make a difference. Our way? Weaving style, quality, and comfort together with responsible practices. New Standard is creating the building blocks for wardrobes that stands the test of time. Our clothes are inspired by yesterday, designed for now, and constructed for tomorrow. We don't chase trends or design for seasons. Instead, we focus on perfecting a permanent collection that will serve its purpose for years to come. Our products are 100% recycled, and their CO2 footprint is 50% smaller than the same items made from virgin materials. We also use 99.9% less water our manufacturing process is free of harmful chemicals. To give people the information – the power – to connect the dots between their choices and impacts, we break down the value chain of each garment in their labels and our stores. From rising sea levels to extreme rainfall and more powerful heatwaves, the consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored – either by society or the fashion industry. It's now-or-never for our planet. We are in this to foster our industry towards greater ecological integrity by working together with other brands, manufacturers, policymakers, as well as consumers to drive the systemic change in fashion.

ARAY Society

We’ve set the goal of becoming the #1 platform for female golfers globally. A community base membership invite female golfers to connect, level ups their game, get access to offers, discounts on greenfees globally, meet up at events and make trips together. We bring all industry players together on one united plattfrom: - Golf Clubs - opportunity to communicate current female members, attract new members and learn how to be appealing towards female golfers. - Brands & Organizations - reach female golfers, get insights about the target group, increase sales, brand exposure and streamline offers “ARAY Society was born out of the desire to empower, inspire and create an inclusiveness for female golfers on all levels of play.” - PROs, professional players, golf influencers - attract new clients, work in the industry and find new ways to monetize.


Fully Aggregate Platform for digital Entrepreneurs that Simplify Banking & Payment via Open Banking. The all-in-one platform that stretch out your finance & help digital service businesses increase profit margin, prevent negative cash flow, and get peace of mind about their financials. Powering SMBs/SME to manage Banking & Spending via unified solutions, One platform, Endless opportunities.


Scouth is a talent network on a mission to connect tech talents to opportunities abroad.


Swedish public meal services are regulated by law. We have identified a great conflict in combining a heavy compliance service with a great craftsmanship. The result is a situation where our children do not eat enough or not at all in school. This means an increased risk for long-term health and not the least concentration and energy throughout the day. School and canteen personnel struggle to live up to compliance in nutrition restrictions and other regulatory requirements. Climate KPI's such as food waste, budget constraints and at the same time ensuring that the children eat a nourishing and tasty meal is challenging and a balancing act which requires experience and tools with sophisticated data to support their work. We have identified three major areas for improvement; 1) Lack of a structured recurring way of collecting feedback from the public meal guests (children, school personnel), 2) There is only one player on the Swedish market offering an IT tool for planning and follow up the meal process. This is a monopoly situation and a huge risk of being irresponsible with tax money, not meeting the needs. The existing tools offered have a high focus on compliance and reporting and less on the guests and the taste and positive experience the meal should give. 3) The increasing alarms of children not eating in school and not getting satiated due to not enough nourishing meals. This is both a risk for the health of next generation and an unfair situation where the children should be served an equal meal wherever you live. We have several main target users. The main customer is the school management and the municipalities. As meal planning is a core process involving many stakeholders, all contributing to fundamental steps in the process, we also see important values to each of these user groups; dietitians, diet economists, meal planners, school chefs, teachers, students and caregivers. All user groups have been involved in our analysis. The function that got the most attention was the feedback function involving the guests. That is unique and there is no such service available in existing tools. It is also requested as the schools need to comply with the authority requirements of collecting feedback throughout the year as part of their meal policy. As we are planning to release our meal planning ecosystem over time, we have during the fall of 2021 carried out a proof of concept among 150 pupils and teachers focusing on one of the main problems - continuous feedback from guests - in a project called The result proved our concept and the feedback of our test came out very positive from the target groups. We want to offer an intelligent solution for meal planning that proactively suggests a tasty meal based on budget, sustainability, nutrition and rating. With artificial intelligence, business intelligence and interactive functionality, the users will be guided in the meal planning process with engaging and simple interfaces. The core of Intellimeal is situation-based recommendations heavily relying on data locally and globally creating automated meal planning whenever needed and requested. Intellimeal contributes to reducing food waste and at the same time improving knowledge and understanding of sustainable patterns of consumption. We want to contribute to educating the next generation in nutritious food choices to prevent life-style related diseases. We want to work proactively and support the school lunch system with automated and simplified meal planning that result in a more equal and fair meal experience nation-wide, regardless of what the municipalities spend in school lunch budgets and chef experience. This is our contribution to a more sustainable world and to meet the goals of Agenda 2030.

Diya Interactive

We are an impact driven organisation with global presence. Our aim is to fill the acute shortage of skilled developers and tech resources in the Nordics by training and giving opportunities to goal oriented and highly driven Mid and Senior Developers in Developing Countries. We are also teaching programming to blue collar workers in Sweden like newspaper and food delivery worker so they can have good tech jobs.


We’re on the mission to help premium second hand consumers find what they’re looking for, by providing the biggest assortment from the leading luxury retailers. We’ve built a product discovery platform that helps the users finding and comparing assortment easier than ever before. Join our team today!

Safetly AB

Safetly is a marketplace for security services. Safetly has made it more transparent, reliable and cost-effective to order security guards of high quality. The rest of us may live in year 2022 but the security industry is unfortunately stuck in the 80´s. Guards get booked for jobs through text messages or phone-tag, guards have low transparency on where they should work. Companies order security guards for a lot of hours but cannot see which guards are coming, their profile and previous experience.


Ett hållbart klädmärke med kläder som vill hylla kvinnor och Hennes berättelse. Exklusiva plagg skapade i handplockade återvunna silkessaris. Kläder som vill hylla dig och vara med och påverka världen genom skönhet. Vi jobbar med familjeskrädderi och tror på småskaligt skapande, och är med och stöttar kvinnor och flickor genom att stötta flickors utbildning i Indien.


We are planing to manufacture new generation green tech seedbed product and absorbent products. Our products solve many ongoing problems in industry waste water cleaning, growing forest and crops in desert areas etc. MICONE Group products save water, need for other fertilizers, they are non-toxic and even good for the environment. Also MICONE Group products are cheap to manufacture and has very good profit margin.

Diretto Employment Services AB

We make it super easy to pay salary for private individuals who hire help in the home and also for micro businesses. We make it easy to be a responsible employer and this way we help people transition from undeclared work to declared work. Declared work provides better protection for the worker but also creates a more resillient and prosoerous society.


This is an app that you have on your phone . It functions as a shield to protect you when you need it. This app uses your family and friends to protect you .when. You are in trouble . you open the app . And take a photo of the person you deem as a threat . This photo is instantly distributed to your family and friends . Who also receive directions on how to get to you by the shortest possible route via google maps . By car or bus bicycle or walking . The police are called up so that you have the option to talk to them should you deem it necessary. We also have a paid version of The app . This version includes a crime map that shows crimes that have recently been committed . this is extremely helpful for places you are visiting and has full coverage in the UK and most of the USA . The reason I am doing it Sitting at home one night, I received a call that changed everything. While working alone in London, my brother had been brutally attacked with a hammer. I was devastated and felt completely powerless. He was miles away in another country, what could I do to help? Nothing! Walking along the river, thinking about what had happened, I looked down at the water and suddenly it came to me. I knew what I had to do. I had to find something that would make everyone safer and help prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again. I realised I could use the one thing everybody carries with them, their phone, as a shield to protect them! This idea became the Guardians app.


Our mission: We help people feel invested in what they are doing everyday & invested in themselves. We have a vision for Better workplaces, workplaces where people are motivated and empowered. Changing the way we work means changing how we do things but also how we think about work. We identify 3 key areas where we can affect change for the Better. - Learning - Goals - Inclusivity Learning Promoting learning for the sake of learning is key to our ideology. - Employee motivation goes up from getting to explore and expand their skills and knowledge. - New skills are developed in that could prove useful in a future project or product. - Expanding your knowledge and skill will benefit performance in non-direct and often intangible ways. Goals Goals should be Attainable, Realistic, and stemming from the right Motivation. Attainable - To allow goals to be reached and to instill confidence in the people working towards it. - To set ourselves up for success Realistic - To be honest with ourselves about what we can accomplish - To adjust to changing circumstances and new information Right Motivation - To allow consistency of effort Inclusivity Our Products, and our culture should be inherently inclusive. This idea encompasses accessibility : building products that anyone can use. - And goes beyond : building products that everyone can feel was built with them in mind. - We want to consciously address the inherent bias that is built into so many of the processes and products that exist in the workplace.


We offer remote dentist services as a SaaS service. Our service is provided by mobile app. Patients fill in their information, snap photos and then connect with a dentist who is experienced in remote dentistry. Service include also instant e-prescriptions for Finnish citizens and rough estimation of costs of treatment options if treatments are seen necessary.

Silmux Oy

The World Health Organization has dubbed stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. Public premises and offices often lack calm, relaxing, and ergonomic private spaces for people to alleviate stress. In addition, easy-to-use tools exist for measuring stress markers, but they are not providing instant help in improving them and relieving stress and anxiety. Silmu provides an experiential private space to recharge, focus, and relax in public premises where privacy is missing. Silmu is designed for offices and public spaces to help people to measure their wellbeing and instantly alleviate stress and anxiety with content and modern wellbeing technologies such as biofeedback.