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Make Influence is the first performance driven influencer marketplace in Denmark, helping b2c marketers and ecommerce brands managing influencer marketing campaigns at scale through the power of data and technology. Influencer marketing is a 10 billion dollar industry, with millions of collaborations between brands and creators being created each year. However, it is still often associated with lack of transparency when it comes to pricing and performance, making it hard for marketers to trust it can be used as a serious performance marketing channel. At the same time, influencers still lack the tools to manage their work efficiently and effectively on their own. We are here to change that! Our goal is to make influencer marketing transparent, fair and effective, creating an environment where influencers and marketers can come to trust each other and create amazing collaborations together. All of this, while having some fun! We are building just this: a marketplace for influencer, where marketers can see all important metrics before reaching out to them, and when they find the right fit, agree on performance based compensation. This way, influencers get paid for what they deliver in real business value, and brands have the piece of mind of not throwing money out of the window. The platform is based upon an affiliate tracking system that allows us to know exactly how many impressions, clicks and sales is any piece of sponsored content generating. This is shown in real time to both the influencer and the brand through dashboards. At the end of each month, we pay the influencer what they are due. Automatically. With this model, we have helped over 200 brands generating 100'000'000 DKK in revenue through influencers collaborations, and over 14'000'000 in commission paid to over 1000 influencers. But we are not stopping here: in the next year we plan to expand outside of Denmark, launch new campaign types and develop the product further to accomodate even more user types. To do this, we need talented and energetic people, who would like to help us build the future of influencer marketing . If you think you have what it takes , keep on reading ... because what we do it's not only about numbers! We are very young team, and as such we love to have fun, be it in our splendid office on Christianshavn waterfront, at one of the parties we organize or for a cozy beer tasting night. We work hard, but we love to play harder, and we hope so do you! :))) Welcome to the Make Influence world.
Location Denmark
Founded 2019
Employees 11-50
Industries Media & Entertainment, Fintech, IT & Software, SaaS, Marketplace & eCommerce, Advertising, Sales & Marketing
Business model B2B, Marketplace
Funding state Seed

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Free lunch
Free lunch

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Flexible working hours

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Near public transit

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Social gatherings

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Central office

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Work life balance

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“At Make Influence I found a supportive and dynamic environment where I can feel safe to  experiment, make mistakes and grow. Being in a young, healthy and ambitious startup in a competitive industry is challenging but offers a lot of reward and personal growth opportunities.”

Francesco Pastorelli, Growth Lead

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Founder, CEO

Rasmus bruus Larsen

Account Executive

Sebastian Andersen

Growth Lead

Francesco Pastorelli

Head of Customer Success

Sofie Heisselberg

Head of Partnerships & Agencies

Anders Scheuer

Talent Scout & Social Media Manager

Julie Larsen

Product Analyst

Mathias Hansen

Head of Professional Services & Consultancy

Astrid Dam Schiøller

Head of Product and Experience

Malthe Mogensen