HR Assistant or Specialist for a fast growing game studio developing a vikingcard based game

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Do you think our world is missing some exciting and interactive ways in which we can engage in History? Do you have an idea of how we can organize our team and environment to take the market by storm creating engagement toward history and a history game? To grow our team we are looking for an HR Talent.

About us

Welcome to GAMUCATEX – the indie startup fueled by a burning passion to weave history into enchanting gaming experiences! While our heart is in Copenhagen, our diverse team spans the entire globe. We are passionate about history and games, and you'll definitely have the opportunity to learn everything you're willing to know with us. We thrive on collaboration, creativity, innovation, and pure passion. Always ready to lend a hand, we're dedicated to crafting games that resonate and invite you to cozy up for an evening of entertainment. 🎮✨ Join us on this epic journey where gaming meets history!

About our game

Tectonicus: on the edge of war, synthesizes mechanics of turn-based strategies, auto-battlers and card games. To succeed, you are to use strategic thinking when placing heroes, commanders and units on the board, as well as building synergic decks that emphasize each faction’s unique strengths. 

Apart from online and local PvP battles, Tectonicus will be featuring a full-scale story mode. The player will be called to restore the historical truth lost in contradicting accounts and theories, rewritten history and scholars’ disputes, by reincarnating significant battles and living through them as warlords, across centuries.

About your department

Our HR section is the backbone of our vibrant and creative team. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where innovation and collaboration thrive. Our HR talents handles recruitment, onboarding, team member relations, and professional development, ensuring each team member feels valued and empowered.

The position & Responsibilities

The tasks will be varied and you will have a lot of freedom in defining what you will do and identifying what needs to be done. You will assume a central function in the team.

You will be the key driver in polishing the business plan and aligning it with our values and needs in the team.

  • Develop company policies and optimize and maintain team member handbook

  • Develop onboarding and offboarding material practices and processes and assist in carrying out our onboardings/offboarding

  • Conducting or assisting with workplace investigations of how to improve the work environment, culture and work processes, and productivity

  • Research, plan, and carry out team activities to improve team spirit

  • Research, plan, and optimize how our internal communication system and channels, such as Discord, and be improved

  • Research, plan, and produce strategies and material/content for the recruitment of new team members.

  • Assist in handling, documenting, and reviewing candidates as well as assisting with communication and interview with them

  • Research, evaluate, plan, and help carry out performance evaluation surveys, reports, and conversations

  • Assist in the evaluation of how company strategies are carried out and assist in optimizing how to execute them

  • Research opportunities of activities of our incubators and ecosystem and coordinate with them in regard to our participation

  • Research external opportunities that can level up our skills and knowledge

  • Research and disseminate the latest HR research and state-of-the-art practices to work with our team to improve

  • Research salary regulation and salary payment systems

Some tasks will be practical such as calling external parties others will be theoretical and analytical. You will update your own tasks on our online system.


  • Attend our weekly business meeting, Thursday virtual office session and end-of-the-week wrap-up / social event as well

  • You can communicate well in English

  • Either experience working in a startup, studying or graduated in an HR degree


  • Do market research; to understand our market, competitors, and customers

  • Help with the marketing of our team

  • Establish collaborations with partner institutions and other businesses - merging research into business

  • Build on our strong company strategy and identify pain points and opportunities

  • Danish proficiency

Application process

We generally invite shortlisted candidates for a meeting midway through the process and then again for a meeting near the end. You can apply as long as this is open. We expect to hold meetings during these dates: June 5 to July 5 to and July 22 to July 31, we offer both onsite and online meetings. As it is usually 1-2 people managing the process you can expect replies on emails within 3-4 days. Please check your spam folder! No need to apply via email we will tell you to apply on this site.

At GAMUCATEX, we are devoted to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We value the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that each team member brings. Our commitment to an inclusive recruitment process ensures equal opportunities for all applicants. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life to apply. Join us in fostering a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +45 25722969

Perks and benefits

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Central office

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VISION We are dream makers, creating journey opportunities for aspiring talent and delivering uniquely crafted interactive experiences for our community which they connect deeply with; these player co-create stories that will immerse their senses and emotions in a rich universe based on our world; leaving them wondering about questions in the game and outside the game; its not about advanced technology but about creative cultivated content based adventures. Our vision is beyond building tools, it is about pushing the boundaries for how the game medium can create a positive impact in this world with games that empower you to make interesting choices giving you value from the time spent. ABOUT OUR STUDIO We are an early-stage pre-seed startup founded in 2020, a premium AA+ Indie that has all the elements to become a highly recognized record setter. Consisting of an international team of 30+ with a powerhouse HQ in KUA (Copenhagen), we’re collaborating with a wide community of inspired individuals from across the world. Most studios start small with a narrow circle, but we quickly grew into a multi-functional diverse team. We are ambitious developers, artists, game-audio-UI designers, composers, storytellers, historians, archeologists, marketers, human resource specialists and user and market researchers. Vets and newcomers, the past and the future combined! Together, we harden our skills and knowledge, united and passionate about bringing meaningful games to people – just like our current project Tectonicus, a card-based auto-battler empowered by history going deep into the sources, initially rooted in the Viking Age. The focus and specialty of our games is on the subject of life and people, how questions about our existence can be displayed on screen and in the hands of the players. We make our assets in-house, from visual art and code to music and foley sounds, with passion and respect for history. We dedicate ourselves daily to creating a game atmosphere that takes you on a journey to the past, cards that are exciting to play, decks that feel like a living army under your wise warlord’s hand, and battle scenarios that let you shape history. Diversity and inclusivity are our values not only in words but in everyday practice. We actively make efforts to support all the various individuals participating in our journey, creating a safe and positive dynamic environment for neurodiversity, all ages, genders, and backgrounds, including various skill sets. We adhere to principles of openness and transparency, and we are results-oriented while valuing work-life balance. A place where you can feel welcome, and respected, where your voice and profession matter, we are keen on making this your first or next step that will excel your career and an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on our project and players. In short, our gamers come from all walks of life and so do we, gathering great people from a wide variety of backgrounds is devotion not just because we believe this is the right thing for us but also because it facilitates a stronger company with greater games! VALUES AND WORK CULTURE We also value our Scandinavian work model. Expect a flat hierarchy with a bottom-up-based approach with a great work-life balance, and flexible working hours. Join team work with autonomy in task generation and execution, where you are proactive and not waiting for management for order, all in a trust-focused culture. Open, honest, and transparent communication with constructive feedback as our foundation expecting everyone to share opinions, no matter roles. An approachable and involving management. The collective intelligence finds effective solutions. We engage and explore sustainable practices and CSR. The top priority is teammates well-being supported by team-building exercises, social events and eating lunch together. We acknowledge challenges that is okay to make mistakes, which we can learn from. We casual and informal!

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