Marketing Specialist (Internship) & Pet Caretaker

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Want to work in a start-up instead of a large company? How about being one of the contributors to its growth? At MyPeterinarian we are revolutionizing the pet services industry and we’re looking for a motivated person to join our team and help us reach our goals faster. We are only looking for people who believe in what we are trying to do, and want to be able to see their impact on the vision and growth of the project, developing themselves together with the company.

We are looking for a talented Marketing Specialist to join our team. You will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers, and running email marketing campaigns or landing pages. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals.

As a Marketing Specialist, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends, and knowledge of SEO tactics to generate leads to product pages or the company website. You will also be responsible for creating certain forms of content like blog posts or infographics to aid the production of marketing campaign materials.

You should have excellent communication skills and be able to express our company’s views creatively.

Ultimately, you should be able to handle our social media presence ensuring high levels of web traffic and customer engagement.

This is a marketing internship with the possibility of turning into a part/full-time position afterward. However the pet care job you will receive a contract and will be paid for the work done.

✅ Your Tasks

  • Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences, competitor offerings, and demographic data.

  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals

  • Set specific objectives and report on ROI

  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily (e.g. original text, photos, videos, and news)

  • Investigate the performance of a company’s marketing campaigns and strategies by evaluating key performance metrics.

  • Collaborate with other teams, like pet caretakers, sales, and customer service to ensure brand consistency

  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner, and monitor customer reviews

  • Oversee social media accounts’ design (e.g. Facebook timeline cover, profile pictures, and blog layout)

  • Suggest and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions and competitions.

  • Create innovative marketing campaigns depending on robust data and present the recommendations to management.

  • Establish and maintain relationships with new and existing clients through networking and prospecting.

  • Create goals and objectives in order to approach customers through appropriate marketing channels.

  • Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications

  • Provide constructive feedback

  • Adhere to rules and regulations

  • Present KPIs and reports to Senior Management

  • Help in outbound and inbound marketing activities by displaying expertise in certain areas such as events planning, advertising, optimization and content development.

  • For the petcare tasks please check the petcare taker job position

⭐️About You

  • Effective writing, speaking, presenting and active listening skills

  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate with management, team members, clients and customers where applicable

  • Data analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making

  • Social Media Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions

  • Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media best practices

  • Understanding of SEO and web traffic metrics

  • Experience with doing audience and buyer persona research

  • Good understanding of social media KPIs

  • Familiarity with web design, content management systems, webpage analytics, publishing, customer relationship management and other relevant software

  • Excellent multitasking skills

  • You are full of commitment and enjoy working with other colleagues

  • You can work independently when required

  • You are intellectually curious, creative, and willing to learn about new industries

  • You are well organized

  • You can collaborate with people across competencies, departments and interests

  • You have strong communication, editing, and writing skills

  • You are fluent in English ( and preferably Danish too)

  • BSc degree in Marketing or a relevant field

  • For the petcare about you requirements please check the pet care taker job position

🍀 Why Us

  • You can gain incredible experience and have a huge impact as a member of our dedicated startup team

  • Work with a fantastic and motivated team who are all passionate about animals and taking care of them

  • We offer professional development opportunities

  • Make this internship your own – we offer flexible working hours, locations, and internship durations (up to 6 months)

  • This internship has a possibility of turning into a part/full-time position afterwards

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Free friday beers
Free friday beers

Skill development
Skill development

Near public transit
Near public transit

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

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My Peterinarian is a start-up founded by a pet lover, advocate for animal welfare and an entrepreneur with a background in veterinary medicine. Our mission is to exceed the quality of service and expectations set by our customers and deliver the highest level in support through strong customer relations.

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