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We believe businesses around the world should have access to open data, helping them to better understand their market and competition - and how it will evolve. Simply put, leverage prescriptive intelligence and gain foresight by answering the questions that gives competitive edge!

Our vision is to answer questions in every industry, but we have started with e-commerce and real-estate where we collect the right data to forecast & predict answers to questions like this:

  • Which company is about to move in within the next 12 months?

  • Which companies will grow?

  • How many web shops deliver cosmetics in different countries?

  • What is the average delivery time for all web shops?

  • How can we reduce CO2 footprint?

We are a start-up/scale-up company that have already proven that our platform is attractive on the market. We have clients in 10 different markets throughout Europe. Our vision is bold and we are fully committed to reaching it, no matter what.

Tembi is developed by an internal team that poses all the competencies involved in building data driven SaaS web products. We have data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, sw engineers, UI/UX designers, front end developers and agile coaches. We are committed to our company values to innovate, collaborate and support each other. We celebrate our wins and take every opportunity there is to improve and to learn new things. We believe in agile ways of working and apply a start-up mentality in everything we do.

We're in the market for a Machine Learning Engineer who's comfortable navigating the intricacies of predictive models and the broader world of machine learning. If you've got an itch for solving varied challenges—from predicting company movement patterns to deciphering their growth trajectories, and extracting data from text using NLP—well, you might just be the person we're envisioning.

Being part of our tight-knit team means every day is unique. Some days you'll be deep-diving into data, making sense of patterns and anomalies. On others, you'll be brainstorming with colleagues, ensuring that our predictive models are in line with the latest trends and customer needs. Agility is our mantra, and your commitment to swift, quality deliveries without cutting corners will resonate deeply with our ethos.

Given the pivotal nature of this role, there's ample room for you to become a subject-matter expert. With this comes significant responsibility, as your insights will shape the models and analyses we present to our clients. We’re passionate about individuals with a growth mindset—those who view challenges as intriguing puzzles rather than roadblocks. Our team is on a rapid trajectory of growth and evolution, and adaptability is key. You might be consulted or even asked to help with coding our frontend or creating a special report for clients, we need people who don’t get scared when asked to try new things.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Engage in data science projects, predominantly harnessing Python, and working within platforms like Databricks.

  • Use many different machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems. We have a lot of data and we want to extract meaningful insights from that data.

  • Develop, refine, and validate predictive models, generally creating sound and long-lasting model pipelines

  • Make sure our ML models are in production

  • Communicate complex model performances in an understandable and actionable format for our clients, we do this through visualization, communication or even interpretability methods such as SHAP values.


Other aspects of the role:

  • Explore and improve our current setup—be it through introducing new tools, refining methodologies, or streamlining processes.

  • Collaborate closely with our tech stack, ensuring familiarity with tools like mlflow and practices like data versioning.

  • Continually research cutting-edge technologies, seeding innovation and continuous improvement within our team.

  • Facilitate the translation of model results into actionable insights, ensuring our customers can leverage them effectively.

  • Taking the team on a company outing to your favourite passtime, golf, climbing, biking, skeet shooting, or something completely different.

Qualifications to shine in this role:

  • Strong foundation in Python, and familiarity with platforms like Databricks .

  • Proficiency in predictive modeling, time-series analysis, and other relevant data science techniques, using libraries such as PyTorch, Tensorflow or Spark MLlib.

  • Experience with tools like mlflow and practices such as data versioning.

  • Understanding of cloud platforms (AWS, Google, Azure).

  • Demonstrated experience in NLP and various machine learning methodologies.

  • Proven track record of model validation, interpretation, and result presentation for end-users.

  • Previous experience in building or contributing to a product is a significant advantage, but not a strict necessity.

Dive into the data-driven world with us, harnessing the power of predictive analytics to shape the future of businesses. We eagerly await your expertise and fresh perspectives.

We offer

  • A highly entrepreneurial environment with flat hierarchies and short decision paths

  • We value personal ownership and responsibility

  • Strong focus on professional and personal growth

  • Central Copenhagen

  • Coffee, soda, snacks as much as you like

  • An office full of talented, mission-driven people

  • A social office space with lots of social activities

  • A position with direct feedback from customers

  • We have a hybrid work model to support flexibility

  • Close to and S-train to enable easy commute in Copenhagen area and Skåne

  • Diverse team with members from (Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Chile, Iran, Spain, Ukraine and India)


About the recruitment process 

If we have stirred up your interest, please send us an application with a motivation and CV as soon as possible. We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on an on-going basis, so please do not sit on your application too long. Tembi is an equal opportunity employer. We thrive and develop by diversity, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone working with us. 

We are looking for person to employ for long term commitment. This is not a consultant opportunity.

For any questions please contact: CTO Joakim Erlandsson

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +46 70-553 5395

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Near public transit
Near public transit

Free office snacks
Free office snacks

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Pension plan

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Maternity / paternity leave
Maternity / paternity leave

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Remote work allowed

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Tembi is a platform that helps companies use open data about markets and companies to focus their strategy and implement it in the daily routines. Many companies are now able to use their own data about their customers and sales processes etc. (business intelligence). But accessing and using the vast amounts of data from the world outside is much more difficult. Most companies don't have the competencies to do it. That makes it difficult for these companies to act optimally in a dynamic world with uncertain information. We help solving this problem. We collect and combine vast amounts of data from different sources and countries. We apply economic impact models and advanced analytics to solve business critical questions for our customers, such as which markets should they focus on, where is the next big client for us, what do we need to do to be competitive? Our dashboard based solution is easy to use and enables everyone from C-level to the floor to act more efficiently. Come work with us! 👋 We are currently around 12 people in the Tembi team, mostly working within Business Development & Sales and Product Development. But will be growing even more over the coming months. Our office is located in Christianshavn, right in the heart of Copenhagen, with the canals just outside the door. We do a lot of social activities together, and always try to celebrate our success in some way. We have one monthly social activity, such as sports or escape room etc. And we also have summer parties, christmas parties and a friday bar with a different theme every month. When the circumstances require it, we can of course work remotely, but we generally like working together in the office - and we have a super nice lunch at Kanalhuset every day. Our company culture is based on four pillars. This is who we are: - Inspiring friends - Agile ignitors - Confident navigators - Curious enthusiasts

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