Country Manager With Big Network Of Creators/Influencers For Fast Growing Global Influencer Platform

Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated


We are seeking country managers with a network within the influencer/creator industry. So, if you are a creator yourself or have a vast network of creators, your earning opportunities are limitless! The position can be filled in any conceivable country due to our incredibly scalable set-up. In the position of Country Manager at True Followrs in your home market, we have a set-up and team that handles all administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on driving growth in your home market.


You don't need any experience as a country manager. As long as you have a network of creators and a commercial understanding, we'll help with the rest.

Position: Country Manager

Location: For example, but it's not limited to: Spain, Dubai, Indonesia, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK, USA, Brazil, etc.

Reporting to: CEO & CMO

About True Followrs: is a platform for content creators looking for alternative ways to monetize their content. It operates as a subscription-based service, allowing content creators to provide exclusive behind the scenes content to their subscribers. With a strong presence in the Nordics, we have successfully collaborated with content creators from different countries and have customers in over 20 countries worldwide. Our platform supports audiences across Europe, the USA, Norway, the UK, Japan, Brazil but can support every user/customer in the world.

In our relatively short lifespan, our creators have acquired over 25,000 subscribers and have generated many, many more thousands of transactions through our micro-earning opportunities. Since day 1, we have been a profitable business with 8 employees spread across our offices in 3 different countries. As part of our growth and expansion strategy, we are now ready to hire the right country managers in several different countries.

The Role Overview :

True Followrs is on the lookout for a person with a big network of influencers/creators to lead our entry into your local market as the Country Manager. Our co-founder, Kasper, has had great success recruiting influencers in Denmark, and we want to replicate that success in other countries. In this role you'll be a key player in driving the success of our international expansion efforts in your home country. This position calls for someone results-oriented, entrepreneurial, and commercially minded, who have a great network of content creators.

In this role, your primary focus will be on recruiting new creators in your home country. You have the opportunity to establish a True Followrs office in the country you live in and participate in setting the commercial and brand strategy involving the operations in your home working closely with the co-founders. The possibilities are limitless, and we can tailor the role as you wish, as long as you achieve your targets for acquiring new creators on the platform.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is either an influencer/content creator themselves or has a substantial network within this industry. If you're not hesitant about reaching out to other creators, this could be a perfect fit for you.

The Role & Responsibilities:

  • Main responsibility: Recruit creators from your home market

  • Ensure that True Followrs adheres to the overall business strategy

  • Identify new business opportunities and partnerships to expand the company's presence and influence in your home market

  • Ensure that creators you onboard are satisfied and maintain good relationships

  • Work closely with the our CMO, Kasper, on the execution of the commercial and brand strategy for True Followrs in your country, ensuring alignment with overall company goals and objectives

  • Alongside the CMO, you will provide creator acquisition forecasts

Qualifications and experiences:

  • Network: You are somehow in the creator industry and have a large network of creators

  • Communication: You speak fluent English and it's an advantage if you can speak the native language of the country you live in

  • Entrepreneurship and commercial mindset: You have an entrepreneurial mindset and creative problem-solving skills to identify and pursue new creators for achieving results

  • You can work under pressure: You are independent and can juggle many tasks

Who You Are

  • You're visionary: You're a skilled storyteller, salesperson, and have an ability to motivate others

  • A true hustler: you are fearless in reaching out and forging mutually beneficial partnerships. You actively leverage your network to find ways in with potential creators

  • Hungry for growth: You are persistent, don't take no for an answer, and are motivated to drive growth and results

  • Effective Communicator: Your exceptional communication skills enable you to convey complex ideas and engage with diverse audiences effectively. You can articulate True Followrs as a platform and its earnings options compellingly, inspiring other creators to join the community

  • Adaptive and Agile: You thrive in a fast-paced environment and can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. You embrace challenges and are comfortable working with individuals at different levels of experience in True Followrs

  • Resilient: You possess resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. You can adapt to obstacles and maintain a positive mindset, driving forward with determination and perseverance

  • A learner: You love to learn. You are always pushing for maximum personal growth. You like to enrich yourself by learning from blogs, podcasts or people who inspire you and most of all, to learn by doing

What we offer:

In your role as Country Manager, you will have all the preconditions to recruit creators and contribute to the company's overall objective. Upon assuming the role, we will offer you:

  • Base salary 

  • You receive a percentage of all referred creators' earnings

  • Lots of freedom and flexibility

  • Becomes part of our options program

  • A scalable platform operating anywhere in the world

  • Colleagues in Denmark handling all support, legal, development, platform operations, accounting, and all other administrative tasks

  • Work from anywhere in the world you want

  • An office from which you operate

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +45 27626881

Perks and benefits

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True Followrs is an innovative platform that was launched in January 2023. It operates as a subscription-based service, enabling influencers to provide exclusive content to their subscribers. With a strong presence in the Nordic region, we have successfully collaborated with influencers from various countries and have gained customers in over 20 countries worldwide. Our platform boasts an extensive reach, supporting audiences across Europe, USA, Norway, and the UK. This allows influencers with a diverse international following to connect with a global audience, expanding their reach and impact.

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