Finnish Content Writer

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Are you our new Finnish writer?

Do you thrive in a dynamic, energetic environment where creativity knows no bounds? Are you a wordsmith with a passion for crafting engaging content?

Look no further, because we're searching for talented freelance writers to join our vibrant startup content agency.

What We're Looking For

  • Writing experience that speaks volumes (pun intended)

  • A keen interest in linguistics and the art of language

  • Digital savvy and the ability to thrive in a remote, independent work environment

  • Bonus points if you're a digital nomad or a self-proclaimed language aficionado

What We Offer

  • A vibrant online community of writers from diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • Opportunities to collaborate with fellow language enthusiasts, both locally and globally

  • A steady stream of writing assignments tailored to your skills

  • Continuous learning and development in the latest trends and techniques in content writing

  • Access to cutting-edge AI tools to enhance your writing prowess

Join Us

If you're ready to unleash your creativity, expand your horizons, and be part of something extraordinary, we want to hear from you! Join us in shaping the future of content creation and embark on an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities - Click "Apply Now"!

About us

In spring 2024, LikeLingo was founded to revolutionize content marketing with exceptional customer service and a vibrant culture. Seeking creative minds to join our growing media house, we value humor, openness, and dedication to clients.

Our focus areas include content writing, localization, and translation, where your skills in storytelling, cultural understanding, and linguistic talents are crucial.

Join us for a culture of candidness, where ideas flow freely, and customer service excellence is paramount. As a startup, there are boundless opportunities for growth and learning. Expect a work environment where your individuality is cherished, and professional skills are complemented by a good sense of humor.

We're looking for talented writers, linguists, and creative thinkers eager to contribute to our mission. At LikeLingo, you'll play a vital role in crafting authentic, engaging content and delivering exceptional customer service. Your work matters here, and your growth is prioritized.

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Near public transit
Near public transit

Work life balance
Work life balance

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Maternity / paternity leave
Maternity / paternity leave

Working at

In the spring of 2024, LikeLingo was founded with a vision not just to enter the content marketing realm, but to redefine it with unmatched customer service and a vibrant, transparent company culture. We're searching for creative minds who are eager to contribute to a growing media house that values humor, openness, and a tireless commitment to our clients. What We Do: * Content Writing: We're not just writing content; we're crafting stories that connect, engage, and resonate. If you have a way with words, your skills are needed here. * Localization: Our goal is to make every message local, and for that, we need experts who understand the subtle nuances of culture and language. * Translation: Help us bridge the world through your linguistic talents, making every word count in a global conversation. While LikeLingo might still be finding its footing among giants, what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to bending over backward for our clients. We believe that by providing exceptional service, we're not just fulfilling a need—we're building lasting relationships. Why Join LikeLingo? Culture of Candidness At LikeLingo, we thrive on openness and honesty. Our doors (and Slack channels) are always open for your ideas, feedback, and even your latest pet photos. Customer Service Excellence We're passionate about service, and if you share that passion, you'll fit right in. Our commitment to our clients is what drives us, and we're looking for team members who are ready to go the extra mile. Growth and Learning As a startup, the opportunities for growth are boundless. Join us, and grow with us. We value curiosity and the pursuit of learning, ensuring that your career evolves as the company does. Humor and Heart We take our work seriously but not ourselves. Expect a work environment where laughter is cherished and a good sense of humor is as crucial as your professional skills. Your Role in Our Journey We're searching for talented writers, linguists, and creative thinkers who are ready to dive into the world of content marketing with a fresh perspective. At LikeLingo, you won't just be joining a company; you'll be becoming a vital part of a team that's set on making a mark through authentic, engaging content and exceptional customer service. Ready to make a difference? Welcome aboard! At LikeLingo, every word you write, every message you translate, and every content you localize contributes to our mission. Here, your work matters, your growth is prioritized, and your well-being is valued. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, creating connections, building relationships, and crafting content that stands out.

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