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At Reshape we don’t just challenge the status quo of biotech today. Our goal is to redefine biotechnology research for the future. We believe that biology holds the key to a sustainable future. We want to provide the most innovative companies with the tools to decode nature in order to address some of humanity’s biggest challenges — from revolutionizing alternative protein production to pioneering sustainable agriculture practices.

Could you see yourself at Reshape? Read on.


You’ll be part of our Product team

At the heart of our operation, the Product team champions the seamless journey of our customers, enabling effortless experimentation and insightful analysis of outcomes. This multifaceted responsibility reflects the dynamic nature of our startup environment. As torchbearers of our vision, we steer the course of our offering, constantly innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our users.


The purpose of the role

You’ll be leading user interviews, contributing to our design system and collaborating with developers. You bring the best of the service, user experience and user interface design and know when and how to best apply them. You know that the best solutions aren’t done by an individual and have a desire to involve your team in the process. Working with our Design Lead you’ll contribute to the direction of our product and help establish processes to ensure we grow in healthy manner.


This is what you will be doing:

  • Dive into researching and crafting innovative features and enhancements.

  • Bring your ideas to life through captivating flows, prototypes, and polished visuals.

  • Join forces with engineers and teammates to craft seamless physical and digital experiences.

  • Strive for excellence while maintaining speedy delivery.

  • Shape the future of our product roadmap with your insights and direction.

  • Foster and reinforce a vibrant design culture that inspires excellence.

  • Stay mindful that there's always room for improvement.


What we value:

  • A strong desire to immerse ourselves in the experiences of our customers.

  • Proficiency in design tools, methodologies, and processes, recognizing their role as means to an end.

  • Equal appreciation for qualitative and quantitative considerations.

  • Ability to discern implicit meanings and extract insights from explicit communication.

  • Proficiency in design systems.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Experience from (or a strong interest in) other fast-growing startups.

  • Thrive in a trust-based environment with a lot of freedom.


What we offer:

  • A fun, informal and fast paced work environment in a fast growing organization.

  • Flexible working hours (but also expect flexibility in return).

  • An inclusive and social environment.

  • Competitive compensation.

  • Lunch, sodas, coffee and snacks in the office.

  • Weekly company training and frequent social gatherings.


Why join Reshape?

We, in Reshape, are set on reinventing how biotechnology research is being conducted. We believe that biology is the cornerstone of a sustainable future. We want to pioneer building innovative tools helping research teams everywhere to decipher the complexities of nature in order for us to tackle some of the great challenges we, as in all humans, are facing currently.

Our mission? To pioneer the future of lab automation and AI-powered analysis. This enables research teams to collaborate more effectively, automate repetitive tasks, and gives them access to more data than ever – so they can get back to doing science. This way companies can accelerate the research pace and reduce time to market.

Yes, it's an ambitious mission. Establishing a new standard in biotechnology demands a dedicated team, so we're always keen to welcome new talent. Our diverse team of passionate professionals is primarily based at our Copenhagen HQ.

We value transparency, accountability, and tight-knit collaboration, believing these principles are not just the foundation of great products but also key components of a vibrant and successful organization. Something we’ve been doing quite well up until now, if we may add.

Step into a role at Reshape Biotech, your contributions will have the potential to shape the future of biotechnology. Are you still excited about Reshape and see yourself in what’s outlined above? If yes, we’d love to hear from you.

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Near public transit
Near public transit

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

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Working at
Reshape Biotech

Reshape Biotech is building the next generation of lab automation robots. Our customers are biotech companies tackling the world’s biggest problems - be it alternative protein development or sustainable agriculture. Reshape is the scaling factor for these companies, enabling researchers to collaborate across geographies and departments and increase throughput of more than 500x. Our team is highly multi-disciplinary with expertise in microbiology, computer vision, hardware and software development. Our community is built on trust, enabling ambitious and bright people to achieve great things together. This is your chance to be part of that. We’re growing fast and have an even bigger ambition as we are comitted to reinventing a 100 year old industry and becoming the very standard that the world of biotech relies on. We’re backed by top tier investors from Y Combinator, CEOs from the industry and some of the biggest names you can find. At Reshape Biotech, you have the potential to influence how biotech research is done in the next 100 years. ABOUT THE HIRING PROCESS The hiring process at Reshape is usually divided up into 4 steps: 1. First interview is all about learning about each other. We want to give you a deep background on Reshape, what we stand for and where we want to take the company, and we want to learn about who *you* are and what *you* stand for as a person. 2. The second interview is focused on diving deeper into the technical parts of your future role, learning deeply about your experience in you respective field and where you want to go as a person. 3. The third interview is a meet & greet with the team. We care a lot about our culture and want to take great care of it. We’ll invite you in for an afternoon to meet the current team in a relaxed setting to give you the opportunity to see what it is like to work at Reshape. 4. If an offer is extended, we will talk through and clarify any doubts or questions. Often this is a phone call at the end, or we’ll invite you in to discuss if necessary. For certain hires, we may adjust the process a little bit, but we will make sure to cover the topics so all parties feel comfortable about making a final decision.

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