Account Executive for the UK Market

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Excited to dive into fintech innovation, melding your sales acumen with a dash of inventive sales strategies?

At Uniify, we're on the lookout for an Account Executive to rocket our Sales team into fintech stardom in the UK market. Reshaping the market, setting new standards and reaching unicorn glory!

Sounds like a tall tale, doesn't it? Well, we believe the sky is the limit, and if this got you smiling and slightly intrigued, there's more for you to discover below.

Before we dive into the details, just a friendly heads-up. This role is to be carried out in our lovely office in central Copenhagen.

About Your Role

As our Account Executive for the UK market, you're not just selling a product. You're guiding financial companies into a smarter future.

Think of yourself as a trailblazer, partnering with customers to transform their client onboarding processes. With Uniify, you're not just offering a service. You're unlocking a new era of efficiency and security in financial client onboarding.

In your role, you'll play a crucial part in enhancing our processes, staying attuned to customer trends, objectives, and strategies. Your keen understanding of their plans, timelines, and financial constraints will be invaluable in tailoring our approach to better align with customer needs and market dynamics.

Expect a Day Full of

👉 Continuously maintaining a high volume of daily interactions through phone calls and emails, setting the stage for deeper customer interactions.

👉 Creating persuasive presentations and conduct engaging product demos to showcase Uniify's solutions.

👉 Regularly connecting with customers and prospects, participate in fairs and events, all to foster strong relationships.

👉 Develop and implementing strategies to meet sales targets and explore new opportunities.

👉 Tailoring proposals and contracts to align with customer needs and company objectives.

👉 Collaborating closely with marketing, product, and implementation teams for unified efforts.

👉 Analyzing your performance and adapt your strategies for optimal growth.

Who We're Looking For

Below you'll see our skill wishlist. Don't worry if you don't check every box. We're not about ticking boxes, we're about embracing unique qualities and hiring people, who wants to grow in their role. If you feel you're right for the role, chances are, we agree.

➡️ You're fluent in English - unfortunately, it's one of our few strict needs.

➡️ You have +1 years of experience as an Account Executive 

➡️ You're experienced in selling to the UK market and have been doing so for a while.

➡️ You master all aspects of communication, and whether it's active listening, negotiation, or empathy, you've got the interpersonal skills to match.

➡️ You've got a history of smashing sales goals and wielding a formidable array of negotiating skills.

➡️ You're a pro with CRM tools, and you're all about managing sales pipelines and activities with precision. We're using HubSpot.

➡️ You thrive on meeting sales targets and KPIs, turning every challenge into a triumph.

➡️ You excel in working with internal and external teams to ensure great collaboration and a smooth customer experience.

➡️ You always keep an eye on industry trends and continuously unraveling insights for strategic advantage in the Nordics.

➡️ You thrive where the pace is quick, armed with self-initiative, a keen eye on objectives, and a talent for agile adaptation in our constantly evolving environment.

Work for a Smarter Future

At Uniify, you’ll be joining a fast-growing team on a joint mission to create an impact in the financial sector. We’re located in central Copenhagen, where you’ll meet a diverse group of people at our office, who bring experience from both the tech scene, startup community, and other great places.

We have the vision to disrupt the way financial companies onboard their customers today and in the future. Uniify transforms financial customer onboarding, within credit underwriting, identity verification, KYC, KYB, and much more.

We help companies save time and money by digitizing and automating their onboarding flow, which is not only faster and more secure but also ensures a better user experience.

Why Join Uniify?

Every individual is unique, and so is their "why". Your reasons for choosing Uniify might differ from the next person reading this. We believe it's about more than just the perks like lunch offerings, social Fridays, a cool and stacked fridge, insurance, or the latest tech gear for success – though we've got those basics covered.

Instead, we've gathered the three most common "why's" from our team about why they chose to join us, reflecting the core of what makes Uniify truly special.

Impact Orientation 🚀

With a seed round under our belt, we're scaling especially within commercial roles. So if you're like the rest of the bunch here and in to making a colossal impact and creating the footsteps of how our sales engine should look like, now is the perfect time to jump aboard!

Personal Growth 🌱

Your professional and personal journey is a key part of our growing story. While we're developing our formal training programs, you'll have the opportunities to enhance your skills on the job. As we evolve, you'll be instrumental in shaping our sales methods, sales trainings and achieving collective milestones.

Life in the Office 🌍

At Uniify, it's not all work and no play. In our vibrant office atmosphere in central Copenhagen, you'll mingle with a mix of tech wizards, startup lovers, and other amazing talents. Our team consist of 10 nationalities, bringing together 18 unique individuals from around the globe, all united in crafting a smarter future.

Become Part of Uniify

Although still in our early stages, our ambition is to evolve into one of the finest workplaces around, and we believe you can play a vital role in this journey.

How to Apply

Share your CV and tackle our unique job-specific questions. We're shifting towards skill-based hiring, giving you the opportunity to highlight your talents beyond just your CV.

We're committed to treating all candidates equally and ensuring a smooth and fair selection process. Every application is valued, and every candidate experience matters to us. We strongly encourage people from all walks of life to apply, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

We look forward to hearing how you can contribute to Uniify's growth!

About Our Hiring Proces

Our interview process is streamlined to let you shine at your best. Along the way, you'll also have the chance to meet and interact with the rest of our team. We might switch the order of some of the steps, but below you can see, what we have laid out for your journey with Uniify.

1️⃣ Click that apply button and showcase your skills!

2️⃣ Initial chat with Viktor (Head of Sales), 30 min.

3️⃣ Complete a 30 min. Bryq assessment for a more fair and unbiased hiring process.

4️⃣ 1st interview with Viktor, 60 min.

5️⃣ 2nd interview with Martin (CCO), 45 min.

6️⃣ Hired and ready to on board Uniify 🎉

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Near public transit
Near public transit

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Skill development
Skill development

New tech gear
New tech gear

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Uniify offers a one-stop platform that makes it fast, easy and secure for financial companies to collect data on their customers. Save your business time and money, and onboard your customers in minutes instead of months with an engaging onboarding flow. Our primary customers are Fintechs, banks, lending companies, car dealers, housing companies and other financial companies that need to gather personal financial data from their customers.

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