Senior Full-Stack Developer - 30 hour work week with full salary 🚀

Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated

Senior Full-Stack Developer - 30 hour work week with full salary 🚀

At Wayfare we’re seeking a rockstar full-stack developer with experience in building SaaS experiences.

You will work with a team of experienced developers who can help you continue to grow your career, working with technologies like Rust, Postgres, NextJS, Python, and more.

Wayfare is an early-stage startup founded in 2022 in Copenhagen challenging the current integration landscape for enterprise companies, seeking to enable a true self-service data mesh experience without compromising on extensibility or data security.

Why Wayfare?

Balance: At Wayfare, we believe that true work-life balance drives great results. As such, we hire on a 30-hour-per-week contract with full benefits and salary. We don’t believe that having family, a hobby or a social life as a priority conflicts with delivering great results. We leave it up to you to decide whether you want to work five shorter days or work on a four-day schedule.

Equity programme: We have an attractive equity programme for early-joiners because we want to share the dividends of building a great business together. 👬

The usual: We provide the following perks:

  • Latest & greatest hardware (let’s just say we don’t believe in saving a few bucks on RAM)

  • Social activities - padel, squash and Friday beers are regular staples 🏏

  • Pension scheme and insurances 🏦

The job

We're on the hunt for a skilled developer to join our team and help us build the best DataOps experience in the world.

We’re building a broad, multi-user platform, so there’s a lot to work on:

  • Our main application layer (Typescript, Rust, Postgres)

  • Our data application services (Python, Polars, dbt, Rust) 🧑‍💻

For this position, we’re looking for someone with experience in crafting great user experiences and developing services powering them. Some examples of the tasks you could work on would be:

  • Building a great data catalog experience that empowers organisations to document & find their work

  • Extending our powerful data lineage module to make data-work much more approachable

  • Visualising performance graphs from services such as snowflake

  • Designing & implementing interfaces for service architecture

About you

We seek skills comparable to these:

  • The ability and desire to own the development process of certain domains, from ideation through release to production in SaaS & Web-based products 🕸️

  • A strong understanding of Javascript and React ecosystem (we are strictly Typescript) - especially NextJS

  • Database technologies like PostgreSQL and OpenSearch - we’d be stoked to find someone who knows & understands databases beyond crud or ORM

  • An interest in building high-quality tooling for automating mundane tasks

  • Programming in languages such as Rust or Golang for web development

  • An understanding that code-coverage ≠ code quality.

  • Experience with container technologies like Docker (which is what we use) or Podman 📦

  • Microservice architecture and technologies (Kafka, RabbitMQ) 🐇

Please note that it’s not a list of requirements - we encourage you to apply if you can see yourself in the role.

We’ll be super interested 👀 if you have any of the following (or similar) as well:

  • Concrete experience building production apps in Rust or Golang

  • Experience with dbt

  • Experience in Python with FastAPI

  • Experience with protobuf & gRPC

  • OpenTelemetry & tracing

  • Cloud experience (AWS, Azure or GCP) ☁️

  • Data warehouse experience (Snowflake, Databricks or Firebolt)

  • Experience from regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, finance, or the public sector

The process

We strive to keep the process timeline short to respect your time.

  1. We will read your application and inform you of our decision to proceed in the process within two weeks of applying.

  2. We will schedule a first in-person interview to get to know you - and for you to meet us 👋

  3. If we proceed with your application, we will give you a small take-home exercise and schedule a final interview for the following week

  4. Assuming there is a mutual match, we will create an offer and send it to you 🤝

We will review applications and invite to interviews on an ongoing basis throughout the hiring period, so we encourage you to apply soon if you find the role interesting.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Equity package
Equity package

Pension plan
Pension plan

Work life balance
Work life balance

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Healthcare insurance
Healthcare insurance

New tech gear
New tech gear

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The complexity of data management often overshadows the potential for innovation and insights. This is why we created Wayfare: to simplify the path from data to insights. Our mission is to remove the technical hurdles, making data easily accessible and manageable for enterprises. Wayfare is an early-stage startup founded in 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark based on a desire to bring back the joy in data work, enabling teams to focus on what's important — unlocking the value within their data. By making data processes simpler and more secure, Wayfare aims to foster innovation and growth, helping businesses tap into their data's full potential with ease. Our private office is located within the Lydens Hus building in central Vesterbro near the lakes, and we have a strong and close collaboration within our team of 9 people working on-site. As a company, follow a set of principles closely in our day-to-day work, including our model of a 30-hour work week which allows us to work hard towards our goals, but in an intentional manner which also makes space for other things in life beyond your day job.

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