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To achieve our ambitious goals, we’re looking for a skilled Product Designer to support our product development. As our first Product Designer at Reshape, you will be working together with the CEO on outlining new products and developing the existing product portfolio. The primary focus is on our web application, but you will also be moonlighting on our hardware design.

Together with the CEO and the individual teams, you will lead the design of our products for a world-class experience to help our customers get the most out of our new Discovery Platform. You will have to identify when to optimize the existing products and when to innovate on new ones.

You will own all of the design process to the company, from discovery, research, prototyping, final design and handover. Working closely with customers and engineers is essential.

Brand is already in place, as we’re working together with world-class brand designer Mackey Saturday - brand designer of Instagram, Oculus, Unsplash and now Reshape.

The role will entail:

  • Performing user research, mapping out User Journeys and aggregating user data to apply it to our product design.

  • Prototyping products in Figma

  • Designing the UI and UX for our web-application that controls our robots and captures data from every step in our customer’s workflow.

  • Working together with the CEO to craft the vision for the platform and robots combined.

An ideal candidate might:

  • Have worked on both a SaaS- and hardware product before.

  • Have worked within a growing startup.

  • Have worked on crafting onboarding experiences and data aggregation tools.

  • Be a generalist in design, from visual design in Figma to actual implementations.

  • Be interested in joining a fast-growing startup where you can have a huge impact, working in an informal setting with a straight-forward communication style.

We’re not sticklers for candidates meeting all requirements, and prefer hiring candidates punching a bit above their weight. We’re looking for exceptional individuals who have accomplished great things in the past,and even more importantly, we are looking for ambitious people that share our vision of the future.

What we offer

  • A chance to dabble in hardware/industrial design

  • A really exciting workplace in one of Denmark’s fasting growing startups.

  • Competitive compensation.

  • Very flexible working hours (but also expect flexibility in return).

  • Catered lunch and free sodas/coffee/snacks in the office.

  • An energetic and fun workplace

Perks and benefits

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Near public transit
Near public transit

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

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Social gatherings

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Reshape Biotech

Reshape Biotech is building the next generation of lab automation robots. Our customers are biotech companies tackling the world’s biggest problems - be it alternative protein development or sustainable agriculture. Reshape is the scaling factor for these companies, enabling researchers to collaborate across geographies and departments and increase throughput of more than 500x. Our team is highly multi-disciplinary with expertise in microbiology, computer vision, hardware and software development. Our community is built on trust, enabling ambitious and bright people to achieve great things together. This is your chance to be part of that. We’re growing fast and have an even bigger ambition as we are comitted to reinventing a 100 year old industry and becoming the very standard that the world of biotech relies on. We’re backed by top tier investors from Y Combinator, CEOs from the industry and some of the biggest names you can find. At Reshape Biotech, you have the potential to influence how biotech research is done in the next 100 years. ABOUT THE HIRING PROCESS The hiring process at Reshape is usually divided up into 4 steps: 1. First interview is all about learning about each other. We want to give you a deep background on Reshape, what we stand for and where we want to take the company, and we want to learn about who *you* are and what *you* stand for as a person. 2. The second interview is focused on diving deeper into the technical parts of your future role, learning deeply about your experience in you respective field and where you want to go as a person. 3. The third interview is a meet & greet with the team. We care a lot about our culture and want to take great care of it. We’ll invite you in for an afternoon to meet the current team in a relaxed setting to give you the opportunity to see what it is like to work at Reshape. 4. If an offer is extended, we will talk through and clarify any doubts or questions. Often this is a phone call at the end, or we’ll invite you in to discuss if necessary. For certain hires, we may adjust the process a little bit, but we will make sure to cover the topics so all parties feel comfortable about making a final decision.

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