Frontend passionate? Do you want to enable companies to create delightful technical solutions?

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who are we?

We exist because we want transparency. In the sense that we have structurally implemented it in our professional relationships with collaborators. We demystify the conventional consultancy-client relationship. We want to be known as professionals who execute on creating solutions, instead of consultants who talk about how others can create solutions. At Enablment performance and experience is our interest, age is not.

A bit about you

  • Frontend development will be the main focus to begin with

  • It is an advantage if you also have knowledge with the backend

  • Interested in having responsibility of your own business area

  • Eager to gather new technical skills and knowledge of various business areas

  • Experience with React, Webflow and Figma would be an advantage

  • Able to communicate with non-technical professionals



  • Fundamental knowledge and skills in React, HTML, CSS and Typescript/JavaScript

  • Experience with UI,UX and design

    • Experience with design tools, fx Figma

  • Experience with cross-platform mobile development


What do we offer you?

  • Practical experience designing and creating innovative technical solutions

    • We do not hire for administrative assignments or to create PowerPoints all day

  • A team where you have influence from the first day

    • all opinions are heard and the best argument wins

  • Office at Parken with a great view of Fælledparken on one side and FCK’s home court on the other side

  • Passionate young colleagues

  • Great lunch with various options

  • Coffee? A game of Fifa? A walk in the park? Whatever you need as an energy boost we got


Send your CV with a description of the technical solutions you have previously created.


We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4522926780

Perks and benefits

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Near public transit
Near public transit

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Gamified office
Gamified office

Pet friendly
Pet friendly

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Equity package
Equity package

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Working at

"Collaborator" is a client company, who is subject to devising and creating technical solutions with Enablment. "Enabler" conventionally known as a consultant, but we enable Collaborators. We exist because we are Enablers who love to devise and create delightful technical solutions with Collaborators. We want transparency. In the sense that we have structurally implemented it in our professional relationship with Collaborators. We demystify the conventional consultancy-client relationship. We have a passion for rethinking and refining processes, why we deploy slim and execution oriented project teams. That means we have redefined the project manager as a role that is shared by Collaborators and Enablers, but it is structured by a system landscape. We place decision-making where it is due, by the people that most affected and the ones with the insight we are transitioning towards an organization with distributed leadership. At Enablement, everyone is passionate about digitization and capable to execute on it.

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