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Seasony was founded with the belief that robotics and automation are the keys to a future of vertical farming. Our goal is to enable vertical farming to be profitable, scalable, and efficient, and pave the way for a sustainable agricultural transformation. 

Get your hands dirty working on the very edge of robotics software with ROS2. You will be working with experienced robot developers in a startup environment, solving challenges critical to the overall functions of the robot.   

We are looking for someone who: 

  • Excited about working on the very front of robotics software 

  • Is ready to use and challenge their own knowledge in robotics on a real mobile robot with manipulation capabilities 

  • Would like to learn how the interdisciplinary fields of designing, building, and testing robot software on real robots work in the industry 

  • Is excited about ROS2 and the potential it brings to the robotics world 

  • Is interested in learning from some of the smartest robotics developers in the country 


Tasks you’ll be involved in: 

  • Kinematic modeling of different robotic assemblies 

  • Testing, integrating, and calibrating sensors and actuators 

  • Programming and testing controllers for different robotic modules 

  • Working with ROS2   

What do we offer: 

  • An attractive internship in a small and agile team, with continuous guidance and help from the team. 

  • A workplace in an innovation hub in Trifolium, Sydhavnen. 

  • Being part of a team where you learn to work with fast iterations in a startup-like environment     

The internship is unpaid and the duration will be set to match the requirements set by your line of study. 

Perks and benefits

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

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Free coffee / tea

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Near public transit

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Social gatherings

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Free friday beers

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Work life balance

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Seasony enables vertical farms to be profitable, scalable, and efficient. Since the company’s start in 2018, the cornerstone of our mission has been sustainability. We realized that in order for the world to embrace sustainable food practices, they need to be made profitable. For this reason, Seasony will provide low investment and intelligent automation solutions that will enable vertical farming as an established industry and therefore revolutionize future food production into a greener, healthier, and more localized direction. Our robot Watney™ is able to handle all the logistics in vertical farms and allows for more automation in the main growing process by gathering data and providing actionable information. It enables vertical farms to automate a large share of their activities, reducing labor costs by up to ~20-30%, and provides a platform for yield improvement as it automatically collects data, enabling precision farming. Seasony’s truly international and young team has experienced a constant growth trajectory as our product approaches a larger production phase, so we are in a regular position to recruit new team members, whether employees or interns. Our work culture is built on the spirit of encouraging new initiatives, openness, and a relaxed atmosphere. Team members are encouraged to take on responsibility, ownership of their own projects, and given the freedom to pursue new ideas, meaning we have high regard for people who share these ideals. We love expanding our network so feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels.

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