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SOUNDBOKS is an emerging young audio tech company and aspiring lifestyle brand. You may have seen us at a music festival, skate competition, basketball event or at your favorite artist’s release party. We build the loudest, most durable, and arguably the coolest, Bluetooth speaker on the market.

Growth is not something we offer, it’s who we are. Learning is at the center of everything, people will teach you what they know and the involvement is yours to take. We’re talking a real-time, on-the-job, experiential approach to learning, and it’s our ultimate goal that you leave the office everyday having learned something new.

With 110 team members in Los Angeles and Copenhagen, SOUNDBOKS is equal parts seasoned professionals and passionate unconventionals. We’ve got an amazing thing going, and it’s only getting better.






The web team consists of a Product Owner and two software developers with the responsibility for all technical aspects of the website such as coding, testing, and deployment. The Product Owner creates the product roadmap, prioritizes tasks and makes decisions on behalf of the business.

Together, the team works to maintain and improve the SOUNDBOKS webshop, ensuring that it provides a seamless shopping experience for all our current- and future customers. We structure our days and weeks in adherence with the SCRUM framework and understand that flexible work hours and a result-oriented mindset is the best way to achieve success.

In this role, you will be responsible for implementing written copy and assets as well as implementing the design of the webshop front end to ensure that our website is engaging, visually appealing, and optimized for sales.

Okay, let’s make things a little more concrete. Here’s what we expect your daily life to look like:

  • You’ll migrate, manage and update the website's front end, including implementing new designs using available design components, layouts, and visual elements that enhance the user experience.

  • You’ll work closely with the product owner, designers, and developers to ensure that the website is functioning correctly and to troubleshoot any issues.

  • You’ll coordinate with the product owner to launch new products on the website, including adding product descriptions, images, and pricing information.

  • You’ll create landing pages that drive traffic to the website and improve the conversion rate.

  • You’ll swap and optimize website assets, including images, videos, and other media, to improve the website's performance and user experience.

  • You’ll ensure that all website content is accurate, up-to-date, and optimized for search engines.

  • You’ll ensure that all visual elements, such as images, colors, typography, and layout, are consistent with the company's brand guidelines and style.

In order to become a success in this role, we believe that your profile should be aligned with the bullets listed below. However, we acknowledge that success can take many forms, so please do apply even if you don’t tick all the boxes.

  • You have experience in using a CMS software, such as Storyblok or similar, to manage the website's content and design.

  • You have a good understanding of SEO, which is necessary to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines and to implement strategies to improve website traffic and search engine rankings.

  • You possess a basic understanding of UX/UI design principles to create visually appealing designs that are user-friendly and easy to navigate

  • Moreover, it’s a great plus if you have:

    • Knowledge of graphic design software such as Photoshop, Sketch or Figma.

    • An understanding of HTML and CSS to be able to format the content effectively within the CMS.

    • A basic understanding of JavaScript to be able to work with the CMS and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

We see this as a junior role within the team and while it requires you to have a certain pre-existing knowledge, we don’t expect you to have more than 1-2 years of experience to succeed in the job.

Intrigued? At SOUNDBOKS you’ll find yourself a part of a community. We realize that growth is a process and we don’t expect you to go through it alone. Actually, we guarantee that you won’t have to. We work together in order to work smarter, we inspire each other to be better, and we never forget that every member of the team is responsible for our success.

So, if you’re tired of all of the noise in the job market, we’d love to hear from you. This may be the coolest job you ever have.

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Near public transit
Near public transit

Free office snacks
Free office snacks

Free friday beers
Free friday beers

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At SOUNDBOKS we’re on a mission to break through the noise of normalcy by empowering people to have real experiences with real people. The SOUNDBOKS team is a dynamic mix of young and passionate people, with little to no corporate experience, and a heavy-duty backbone of experienced people, in each of their fields. Do you have a passion for bringing people together, acoustical engineering, cash-flow reports, digital marketing or anything in between?

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