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Teamlead with the option to grow to CTO

Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated

C-level  software executive for Hockey-stick growth

Since 2018, Relocare has developed a digital tool, with support from the Innovation Fund of Denmark. Our digital tool is called Social Security App, and we can handle the entire data management for EU and EEA countries for A1 applications to keep social security and be safe during business travels. Further we provide HR with full overview in the Dashboard for A1 applications and compliance for all EU and EEA countries. In addition, we have automatic application for A1 to the authorities in Denmark and Sweden and thereby save between 30 to 60 minutes per application.

Social Security App is a super user-friendly App that pops up when employees travel across borders and helps them with data handling and application for A1. It makes a huge difference to the security of employees working across national borders and the secure compliance.

We have several large companies as customers.

It is a product that has quickly been recognized as the most user-friendly and innovative system on the market. We are therefore growing rapidly, and we are therefore looking for a talented and skilled Teamlead and future CTO software executive. It is important that you are a full stack developer, and have taken a software company for international growth and preferably a piece of software that automates or simplifies a complex legal challenge.

Relocare Tech ApS is the name of the new company, which together with the advice in Relocare Taxation International ApS  delivers the solution around Social Security App. The companies belong to Relocare  Group ApS and are sister company to Relocare Sweden AB. These are successful consultancies that are growing rapidly – not least due to the Social Security App.

We are the right Executive Match if you...

Long for a position where you get influence and the route from decision to action is short. We are a very high quality company, and customer friendliness is key. You have experience leading a multidisciplinary team to design and code complex software systems, market and sell them.  You have experience in building a customer  support team that puts the customer first.  We have done so, but we value the art of great craftsmanship and beautiful code, and it is great importance to you know your base and that you have the elementary professional skills in order, because we must now further develop our product – both in function, in user-friendliness and to several other countries.

You will have the opportunity  to be an equity partner and executive on a product that all business travelers in Europe must have. Allcompanies across Europe must apply for A1 applications for their travelling staff. It is an EU legal requirement and all companies around the world must comply with the Posted Workers Directive when travelling or doing a job in the EU/EEA countries. There is therefore a huge potential, and we are looking for a C-level executive who is curious, hungry and ready for a new adventure in an entrepreneurial company, where everything revolves around proper craftsmanship, customer centricity and to be ready to go where the need is and solve the challenges our customers experience.

Quality, communication and team collaboration are the essence of Relocare, and we are a great team, where we all have broad competence profiles and we all take action and pull together.

We expect the team to grow by another 2 IT savvy people within the next year, as well as build the customer service department into a customer centric state-of-the-art department. We expect you to help build your future team.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call Else Christensen

For more information or questions please contact us at ec@relocare.dk or phone number +4520851711

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Free coffee / tea

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Flexible working hours

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Equity package

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Relocare Taxation International ApS

Relocare has developed Social Security App which helps companies and employees to be safe and compliant at work in EU. Social Security App is a digital tool for social security and application for A1 certificates for business travelers, and for handling of compliance and applications under Posted Workers Directive. Both EU directives causes a lot of problems for companies that work cross borders, and we at Relocare have the solution. Social Security App, handles all data management for EU and EEA countries for A1 applications. We provide HR with a full overview in the Dashboard for A1 applications and compliance for all EU and EEA countries. In addition, we have automatic application for A1 to the authorities in Denmark and Sweden and thereby save between 30 to 60 minutes per application. Business travelers traveling without an A1 risk fines of € 5,000 as well as claims for social security payments in the country they visit for work purposes. It has been a legal requirement for years, but the new thing is that the countries have established a common communication system which makes it much easier to control the A1 applications and employees. Legal registration requirements are required even for a business travel of just a few hours duration, so it is quite serious and demands a lot for the companies. HR and admin can create reports in the Social Security App from a Dashboard where they can see the estimated travel activity from each country 12 months ahead, the individual employee's travel activity and the total travel activity when the employees have confirmed that they are traveling for the company. Social Security App also comes with a warning if an employee travel into a country where they do not have social secuirty, and HR can always get an overview of the countries the employees have applied for A1 for via the App. There is no doubt that we see significantly increased control and employees after / during Corona are significantly more aware of whether the company takes care of them. Social Security App secure the employees on the business trip and ensure that they do not lose their social security rights.

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