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Do you want to sell our products at markets and events in Oslo as a freelancer with a high level of flexibility? Are you interested in sustainability and have sales experience?

Indo Naturals is a Norwegian lifestyle brand that develops and sell plant-based, zero-plastic products made ethically in rural India. We are Norway's only World Fair Trade Organization member and operate a comprehensive fair trade system to assure fair trade and minimize environmental impact from raw materials to end of product lifespan.

The company was established in 2019 with the goal of helping everyday people live a more sustainable lifestyle through our everyday products of good quality for a fair price.

Read more about our sustainability model here:

Read more about us here:

We are looking for a sales agent that can sell our products at markets and events in Oslo. The sales agent receives our products to conduct commission-based sales. The position fits well for students or someone that wants a side job. The sales agent must have a freelance company.

  • Start: asap

  • Workload: flexible 

  • Work times: flexible

  • Work location: flexible

  • Type: freelance

  • Duration: flexible

  • Compensation: commission based 


  • Gode social skills

  • Good English language skills

  • Customer-oriented sales skills (help customers find the right products for them)

  • Quick learner (of new models and products)

  • Sales experience is a big plus

  • Norwegian language skills is a plus

What you get:

  • Commission based compensation

  • A flexible part-time job

  • Ability to make an impact on society and the environment and help people live more sustainably

  • Opportunities to further the collaboration in time


Simple application process:

  • In the next step, you'll add your LinkedIn profile (make sure it's updated) and answer a few questions

  • Based on this information we'll choose candidates for interviews

More about our products

All our products are free from plastic, ethically made, and vegan.

We design each product with the goal of helping everyday people reduce their plastic consumption through exciting products of long-lasting quality. All the products are made ethically in rural India in ways that strengthen marginalized groups and communities. They are made with plant-based raw materials often sourced from the local areas of where they are made.

Probiotic soap bars:

A variation of soaps for hair, body, and face, developed to provide benefits to both body and mind. Each bar contains probiotic bacteria, natural oils, and botanicals. They are formulated to provide everyday experiences of care and wellness. The shampoo bars contain three herbs used for hundreds of years in ayurvedic treatments for healthy hair.

Probiotic cleaning soap blocks (coming soon):

On the market already is our super-effective dishwashing soap block packed with cleansing plant ingredients. We are currently developing two more cleaning soaps for household cleaning and textile cleaning/stain removal.

100% hemp bags (coming soon):

We have been conducting R&D within hemp textiles for a few years with the support of Handelens Miljøfond. In a few months, our bags will arrive on the market. Two bags for grocery shopping (big bag and tote bag), a bread bag, and a dry food bulk bag. They are stitched village women in the Himalayas with super sustainable hemp textiles. They are highly durable and the textile and design come with several exciting features.

Dishwashing brush(coming soon):

Our dishwashing brushes are made with coconut coir (fiber) and mango wood in the south of India. The project is based on using local raw materials to create sustainable employment for local village groups in an area vulnerable to natural disasters. The brushes are made to be highly durable and long-lasting and the coconut fiber has natural antibacterial properties. After use, they can be composted or burnt in the fireplace as they are without synthetic coating.

Each of our products has a story behind it about how they are made and why we choose to work with each raw material and production method.

See all our products here:

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Working at
Indo Naturals

Indo Naturals delivers zero-plastic everyday products helping people on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle.The products are made utilizing the vast natural resources of rural India. These resources are often left unused, while millions of people living within the nature, are increasingly getting poorer. Producing plant-based products in India is a unique opportunity to reduce plastic waste from everyday lives in Scandinavia and Norway, while contributing to reduced poverty in rural India. We are a small team of Scandinavians and Indians working across borders to create both a zero-waste brand and a disruption of business as usual. The social purpose of Indo Naturals drives the team forward through the challenges arising when starting a company based on International trade and strong ethical standards. This drive probably comes from our shared love for exploring nature and new cultures, and therefore our strong desire to preserve the oceans, the natural world, and the diversity of the human world society.

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