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We are looking for a talented developer major to join our team as part of an internship to build internal tools to gain insights and follow the progress of our product in hospitals and care homes.

So what is Teton.ai all about? 🤔

Good question — thank you for asking! At Teton, we’re re-imagining the role of healthcare professionals, by building a collective AI-brain that can keep tabs on every patient as if the staff was there themselves. Enabled by computer-vision devices in every room, we capture previously unseen data that has the power to change the way care workers do their job.

Our company takes a vastly different approach to this otherwise highly regulated sector by adopting a silicon mindset and putting our users and the product in the focus. We’re like the 5’5” NBA players with lightning speed and exceptional maneuverability. We are not burdened by bureaucracy and we praise out-of-the-box thinking and take ideas to production in no time.

As I said, we listen to our users and always course correct accordingly. To that end, we collect large amounts of analytics data, intermediate states, model predictions, usage statistics, and more on a daily basis.

Sounds interesting — can I become a part of this revolution?

Of course! We are looking for a talented person who’s intrigued by building apps to help us follow along the progress and usage of our products currently deployed in multiple wards and a care home in Denmark. You will be an integral part of shaping the future of our product. We truly believe in a strong feedback loop comprising of data from both our software stack and our users. The apps you’ll be building will be used internally by us to monitor performance, usage, and gain insights into potential failure cases and so much more. Your insights and suggestions will be of utmost value to us.

I’m in 🤓 — what’ll the job be exactly?

You will mainly be working on building web apps (or similar) using our analytics data that we collect continuously. You will work closely with the engineering team to shape your apps in the most impactful way.

Additionally, you will work on monitoring and reviewing the performance of our software stack using the tools you built. This work involves evaluating the accuracy of our models in production as well as reviewing the generated events (which are our outputs towards the users). For example, we’re providing users with the ability to set alerts when a patient undertakes a specific action. It will be your responsibility to take tabs on the accuracy of our outputs and guiding the product in a direction that improves such metrics.

Together, we’ll also formulate a set of KPIs and related metrics that we can use to follow the progress of our product. This is something that we only have partially and informally, so your contribution in this regards will be essential.

You will also directly interact with our AI team and be part of data related processes. Not only do we collect analytics, we also collect data that is used to train our models. You will be part of scripting and maintaining data sourcing tools.

We also appreciate and encourage one’s working outside their expert areas. So you will have the opportunity to also put your own spin on how and what you work on as a member of the team.

We expect you to:

  • Have experience with building web apps (or similar).

  • Have experience with web development (e.g. React, Next.js, JavaScript).

  • Be curious and driven to help shape the product for the better by providing actionable insights via your apps.

  • Be ready to get your hands dirty and push the limits of the healthcare industry.

  • Have experience with Python.

  • Be fluent in English.

  • Reside in (or near) Copenhagen so that you’re able to be present in the office.

  • Be legally allowed to work in Denmark.

Note: experience doesn’t have to be professional working experience. If you've built web apps before for fun and/or are currently on a similar study-line, please don't hesitate to submit your application.

For more information or questions please contact us at roland@teton.ai

Perks and benefits

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Free lunch
Free lunch

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Free coffee / tea

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Free office snacks

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Near public transit
Near public transit

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Skill development

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Teton.ai is a fast-growing and well-funded healthcare startup, with a mission to introduce an intelligent assistant to health professionals around the world. We are assembling an ambitious and hardworking team with one goal in mind - to empower Health professionals and elevate patient care using cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision.

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