Unity 2D Platformer & Action Game Programmer

Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated

Who the heck is Paper Cutter Games?

We’re a young indie studio here to revolutionize the gaming industry by setting a new precedent for game design alongside intensive and continued collaboration with subject matter professionals. We’ve already been approved by StartUp Denmark to register here in Denmark, and are working in collaboration with Cektos Center for Metacognitive Therapy on our first game, which explores the theme of complex-PTSD. Both our Canadian founders have years of experience as entrepreneurs, and have been working on the studio since October 2020.

Get a feel for how we’re innovating at www.papercuttergames.com.  And don’t forget to check out our studio's ethos and our fabulous team. 

To learn more about our founders, Val and Korra, go here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HwDk8s2dfGMK8Wx1naGoCX4mDKf8v7bz/view?usp=sharing.

With our development roots in Denmark, an extensive global network in the game industry, and potential for fast and dynamic scalability, our goal is to become one of the North Sea Region’s most notable game studios. 

To that end, we’re currently looking for our next core team member. Could it be you? We’ve already laid out all our core design framework, and now need someone with experience to help us bring all this to life.

The Current Project

Meet Project Filter, a 2D adventure/platformer inspired by metroidvanias. Imagine if Hollow Knight, GRIS, and Rain World had offspring: it might look something like Project Filter. In a nutshell, we explore the themes of complex-PTSD, perception, and perspective by integrating real psychological theories and concepts into our gameplay mechanics. Our storytelling is primarily through game and world design, narrative-informing mechanics, and shifts in how you see the world around you. You can read a bit more on our The Hub profile.

We’re looking for someone who wants in on the ground floor. The first goal is to build a technical prototype for Project Filter. Prototype development would be completed by mid-January. Then, it’s straight onto developing our demo!


Key Skillset

 🎮 Experience working with Unity2D

👾 Experience working on game dev team

🤺 Experience with developing platforming and combat gameplay

👁️‍🗨️ Experience with implementing UI elements into games

💾 Strong understanding of using GitHub for Unity projects

🔱 Champion of clean code

🐉 Someone who wants to stick around to help build an epic indie studio!

Extra Nice-to-haves

🚀Actually launched a game (extra points for Steam/GOG/PSN/XBL)

🦉 Knowledge of game subject matter

🧩 Experience with other aspects of game development

🦄 Previous start-up experience (management/finance/marketing/etc.)

💓 Passionate about narrative-informing game mechanics

We also want someone who...

  • Shares our studio’s ethos and has a genuine interest in exploring topics of social and psychological importance within games. 

  • Demonstrates flexibility: targets and priorities may change, deadlines may shift, and builds may break. All team members must be able to adapt to such situations and take charge where needed.

  • Is self-directed and can assign their own tasks and take initiative within their area of expertise.

  • Does not hesitate to alert the team to potential obstacles/problems, concerns, or personal situations that may impact work (e.g., if your kid keeps you up all night and you’re unsure you can function for a team meeting, tell us and take downtime). 

  • Wears the team-player’s hat: as a new startup, we need companions who want to contribute to the vision of the game.

Payment & Equity

We promise retroactive compensation for labor leading up to procurement of our first round of funding, and the possibility of earning equity. This means you have the opportunity to own a piece of Paper Cutter Games! Our success becomes your success.

We are submitting our first funding application early fall, and expect the funds to be available to us around November. From that point on, we will draft new employment contracts that take into account regular pay. Expected pay will of course be discussed prior to beginning work with us. 

Working Hours?

Work hours are flexible, but we expect at least 10 hours of work a week leading up to our first round of funding. Afterwards, we want you full-time. :)

We Value:

🏳️‍🌈❤️ Diversity (BIPOC, LGBTQIA, mental/physical disabilities) — You got it? We want it.

🌸 Wellbeing — We avoid overtime and burnout; without a healthy and functioning team, we have no game.

🙃 Fun — We don’t just want our players to have fun. We want to have fun! That’s why we all got into game dev.

🐋 Productivity — 4 hours of deep focus work > 8 hours of task switching, shallow work. We want to work hard and rest hard, not have our work take over our lives.

The Process

Finding and snagging a new job is a stressful process, but we’ll do our best to be transparent and kind, and facilitate a smooth ride. Ask us questions. Dig into our website. Judge whether we’ll be a good match for you. If you apply, we’ll respond within a week regardless of the outcome.

  1. Apply here with your CV + cover letter (message) + portfolio 

  2. Old prototype code review (1 to 2 hours): Tear our old prototype to shreds! This will be mostly open-ended, but nothing scary. 

  3. 1st Interview: Online video call, or at a Copenhagen cafe. You decide!

  4. 2nd Interview: Online video call.


Can I apply if I’m not in Copenhagen or Denmark?

Heck yes! Our team is comprised of people from all over the world, and we don’t have a physical office at the moment, so being remote is norm at PCG. 

If I’m in Copenhagen, will we be meeting up in person? I'm not used to working at a completely remote studio.

Korra’s our Copenhagen resident, and she’d love to have the occasional in-person meeting, co-working day, or hangout.

Can I apply for part-time work even though you are looking for full-time? 

You can, but ideally we want someone who can take on the position in a full-time capacity come November. 

I already have a job. Can I still apply?

Sure. We won’t tell. In the months leading up to November we have no problem with you continuing your current position while working with us. Afterwards though we would require commitment to our studio.

What should I include in my cover letter message?

Tell us why you want to work with us and not elsewhere! This is your chance to share what you’re excited about, why you think we’d be a good match, and even what some of your favorite video games are. A bit about yourself and interests can help us get to know you better.

What’s the secret password I should include in my cover letter for bonus points?

“Paper crane”. Please put it at the beginning of your letter.

For more information or questions please contact us at korra@papercuttergames.com

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.


Strengthen your body with office yoga and handstands or leave your body in good hands by our masseuse.

Mental health support
Mental health support

We care about your wellbeing. We take stress seriously and support you in times with any mental imbalance.

See all 7 benefits

Working at
Paper Cutter Games

WHO ARE WE? As a studio that embraces diversity, Paper Cutter Games is dedicated to giving voice to people and issues that have historically been crushed or swept under the rug. We believe that our players deserve to feel seen. And this begins with opening doors that help us better understand our peers. One of our primary goals as a studio is to challenge stereotypes and the simplifications saturating the video game market. Our “international and diverse team” is a power-up we’re proud to keep equipped. WHAT ARE WE DOING, YOU ASK? Paper Cutter Games is an indie game development studio dedicated to achieving mass-market appeal through constructing compelling narratives supported by its game mechanics, UX/UI best practices, level design, and art. We thoughtfully and accurately explore complex themes through intensive and continued collaboration with subject matter professionals, and continue the conversation beyond the game by providing interested players with resources to learn more about the subject matter or get involved in related community projects. WHY ARE WE HERE? We solve 2 major problems facing the present video game industry: 1. Gameplay lacks cohesion with the narrative, breaking immersion, creating frustrating experiences, and leading to churn. 2. Complex themes (like mental health) are rarely tackled in an engaging and accurate way; when they are, the conversation ends when the credits roll. We also harness the 3 key factors to growth/success in the games industry (according to the International Game Developers Association): 1. Diversity in game content 2. Advanced game design 3. Innovative storytelling HOW ARE WE TACKLING THIS? Our first game is Project Filter (working title), and centers on the themes of mental health and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD), perception, and healing from trauma. Since our main method for exploring this theme is using game mechanics rooted in metacognition, i.e., awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes, Project Filter is being developed in collaboration with the Danish psychologist house Cektos Center for Metacognitive Therapy. This combination of themes and their in-depth exploration with licensed psychologists has never been done before. Our competition ignores this new and uncharted niche of providing narrative-informed gameplay with deep exploration of any mental health issue. The overarching goal of our startup is to become the proprietary eponym of this niche. Project Filter is the first of a franchise that will speak to our studio’s ethos and throw open the industry’s doors to diverse content and major advancements in narrative game design. Currently, our team is focused on developing our demo and securing additional investments. WHY ARE WE TAKING THIS RISK? Game development is a risky venture, but our team is passionate about art, video games, and pushing the envelope. We imagine a future where the game dev industry doesn't just welcome diversity and the exploration of complex (and sometimes uncomfortable) subject matter, but embraces them. This ideal, and our personal connections to the themes encompassed in Project Filter, drive us to see our studio succeed and become a top studio in Europe.

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