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SOUNDBOKS is an emerging young audio tech company. You may have seen us at your favorite music festival, street party, in the Sahara Desert, or on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We build the loudest, most durable, and arguably the coolest Bluetooth speaker on the market.

Growth is not something we offer, it’s who we are. Learning is at the centre of everything, people will teach you what they know and the involvement is yours to take. We’re talking a real-time, on-the-job, experiential approach to learning, and it’s our ultimate goal that you leave the office every day having learned something new.

With over 60 employees across Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and China, SOUNDBOKS is equal parts seasoned professionals and passionate unconventionals. We’ve got an amazing thing going, and it’s only getting better.






The Brand Experience and Partnerships Team at SOUNDBOKS is in charge of bringing our brand to life. We have a niche community strategy and find hosts, influencers, events, and partners to help us establish recognition in those communities. We also manage all owned platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter, and the SOUNDBOKS Blog, Volume.

As the Brand Experience & Partnerships Team Lead, you will be responsible for driving the strategic initiatives of the team and guiding the team members on how to best accomplish those initiatives

That means your daily life with us is going to look something like this:

  • General management of the team and overall success of the team

  • Team Strategy

    • Responsible for interpreting how the Brand Experience Team will execute the 2021 company-wide strategy

    • Responsible for all aspects of the team budget including requesting the yearly budget and tracking monthly expenses

    • Responsible for ensuring the Brand Experience team has ambitious yet streamlined OKRs and for following up to ensure the OKRs get completed.

  • Creating the strategy around new strategic initiatives and focuses for the Brand Experience Team. This means determining how SOUNDBOKS will enter and gain recognition in new segments as well as research and executing events and finding hosts within this segment.

  • Responsible for the Brand Experience strategy for all Global Launch Campaigns

  • Responsible for alignment with Social Media Coordinator in order to maximize the online impact of offline activations

  • Supporting the team

    • Contribute to Brand Experience Team initiatives and at events when necessary

    • Ensure streamlined internal and external communication of team initiatives

In order to thrive with these responsibilities successfully we expect you to have:

  • Team leader experience in a similar role at a lifestyle brand, experience building the team (rather than managing an existing team would be a plus) with an emphasis on building/scaling for growth in new and existing markets

  • Highly organized and able to manage many projects at once while also being able to easily communicate them cross-departmentally

  • Experience managing an athlete or ambassador/influencer program

  • Some experience with SEO for sparring with the copywriting team

  • Understanding of Social media with the ability to amplify offline activations online

  • Personal interest in our subcultures would be a plus (understand how hosts and communities function)

  • Experience creating and executing a brand strategy focused on awareness and engagement

  • Someone who is a team player - sees team members as equals and is willing to step in and help execute events from time to time.

  • Willingness to travel

  • Experience working with Germany, Denmark, Norway, the US, France or Australia is a plus.

  • Can lift 20 KG (yes our speaker is portable but it still takes some raw woman- or manpower to execute on the wild ideas we come up with).

Intrigued? At SOUNDBOKS you’ll find yourself a part of a community. We realize that growth is a process and we don’t expect you to go through it alone. Actually, we guarantee that you won’t have to. We work together in order to work smarter, we inspire each other to be better, and we never forget that every member of the team is responsible for our success. 

So, if you’re tired of all of the noise in the job market, we’d love to hear from you. This may be the coolest job you ever have. 

If you have any questions at all regarding this position, please reach out to Frederik Sassi on +45 28 76 87 02.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 28768702

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At SOUNDBOKS we’re on a mission to break through the noise of normalcy by empowering people to have real experiences with real people. The SOUNDBOKS team is a dynamic mix of young and passionate people, with little to no corporate experience, and a heavy-duty backbone of experienced people, in each of their fields. Do you have a passion for bringing people together, acoustical engineering, cash-flow reports, digital marketing or anything in between?

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