Web front-end software developer (React, Redux)

Salary Competitive
Equity To be negotiated

The financial industry is built on unclarity, jargon, and myth. Selma aspires to be different, open, nice, transparent, and human. We want to make things clear and easy to understand and at the same time automate all the processes that should be automated. Join us in making Selma the friendliest, most exciting way to take care of your finances.

Your future team?

We are looking for experienced and eager to learn software engineers to join our small but growing engineering team.

The Selma team includes folks from Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Vietnam and Jordan. Remote work is part of our backbone, which means we arrange every meeting remote-first, and share everything from emails to plans to meeting notes in the company chat.

At Selma, you will join a team that appreciates skill over hierarchy, ideas over egos and experiments over guesswork. We build things with clients and follow a customer-centered business philosophy. This means co-design workshops, open roadmap, a visible stream of #feedback and much more!


  • Our current technology stack consists of Ruby on Rails in the backend with Postgres and Redis as our choices of database. The Rails backend serves both a REST API as well as a new GraphQL API.

  • In the web front end we run React and Redux and we’re in the process of moving to TypeScript from JavaScript.

  • We are currently building a mobile app for iOS and Android using React Native.

  • Our development process is based on continuous integration and deployment, where anything that goes into master, also goes into production. That means that we are big fans of automated testing: we have wide suites of unit, integration, end-to-end and visual regression tests that prove the correct functionality of our service at every build.

Skills we’re after

We expect you to

  • have solid experience in our current tech stack

  • be versatile in software development in general

  • be always hungry to learn new things and technologies

  • be excited about taking and having ownership of entire parts of our system, and taking part in making technology choices

  • be excited to make engineering decisions based on the best interest of our customers and the business

You will get

  • a competitive salary package with a sizeable options component

  • trust to manage your own work and schedule

  • ability to work remotely

  • support for you to be as productive as you can and keep learning and improving

  • annual trips with the team (last year we were in Poland!)

Think we might make a match?

Lovely! 😊

This is how things will progress:

  1. An introductory chat 

    Let's get to know each other – we will want to learn all about you and this will be a great opportunity for you to learn everything you want to know about Selma.

  2. A work exercise 

    Let's try working together – we will pick a real-life work task and try to solve it together. This will allow us to see how well we get along as we work together and you will get a real, unpolished look at the engineering landscape in which you would be working.

  3. A final talk 

    Let's bring our CEO to the table and have the final talk about you starting at Selma!

For more information or questions please contact us at hello@selma.io

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

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Investing is hard. It takes time to learn and even more time to manage. Selma is your new friendly personal investment assistant who helps you do the right things with your money. Selma is now available in Switzerland🇨🇭, have +8000 clients, and are eager to scale throughout Europe. We ❤️ building Selma together with our users. This is why we launched open.selma.io and made our product roadmap public. Join our +20 people awesome international team, and help people to handle their money in the right way.

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