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Simply Broken Copenhagen Cofounder
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With over 3000 mental health apps in the app store, we have a new challenge helping people connect with the right solutions in an easy, personalised interface. Simply Broken is an early stage startup with two business cofounders looking for someone to join us with deep technical understanding who's looking to take on a cofounder role and shape the roadmap for a complex digital product.

We're looking for someone to join us as a cofounder and leader as the company grows. The product pipeline includes a basic web application that helps match people suffering from mental health challenges to get more easily connected to apps that are on the market. We also want to build a trust engine that shows how reliable the medical claims are that are being made by the apps provided. We also have a backlog of a few proprietary apps we plan to build in partnership with a few companies.

We're starting to go into the multiphase build of a web platform that needs personalised natural language chat and processing, machine learning algorithms for diagnostics and matching to solutions. We are also working on scripts to pull and tag apps in the app store, while also needing to build evaluations for level of documentation and validation for the mental health claims.

Our ideal cofounder has a strong background in digital product management, experience with data science and/or architecture and machine learning script building. You don't need to be an expert in everything but you have to have enough experience to be able to design the product roadmap, help with the execution of epics, user stories, and feature prioritisation. You will take lead on deciding what to build in house and who we should collaborate on to get the various parts of the product built. Ideally you can do some of the basic scripts and structures yourself at least to do validation and prototyping or design the algorithms for the diagnostics..

You hopefully have experience as a founder or early joiner of a startup or scale-up in Europe, or have worked several years as a technical specialist or data scientist and are looking for a chance to take a more leadership role. You know what it takes to get a development team coordinated and delivering, care about working agile, but with a focus on building for the user.

We are a team of two founding business women, with a student product member. We all have a background working with business tech, communication and marketing, business models, and partnerships. We are working on the side but towards funding with the hope to have paid roles by mid-late spring this year. We have one customer prepared to buy our data and have been accepted to the first level of the Healthtech TAB European startup program. We need to go into a strong

Right now we'd expect a couple hours a week from you, we run on two week sprints, where everyone works and then meets to coordinate for the next sprint. The hope would be that you could come on full time once we have some early funding in place. It'd be fine if you do freelance gigs on the side or consulting as long as it's not directly competitive to our product offering.

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Flexible working hours

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Remote work allowed

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Working at
Simply Broken

We are a couple of cofounders trying to make it easy and fast to connect people with mental disorders to technology and applications that can support their recovery. We're targeting stress, depression, anxiety, and addiction as our primary focus. There are many apps and wearables out there trying to market themselves to people who are struggling. Unfortunately, if you're suffering you likely don't have the energy to do a lot of research and scanning to find the right fit for your needs. You also can't always rely on the claims made online so don't know who to trust and how much money to invest in the solution. We want to give a personalised recommendation of solution options based on our users challenges, with transparency on what the science and research is behind each technology's claims. We will also be developing several of our own applications with partners to give more information that can support a doctor making a diagnosis, an emergency contact during a crisis, and stories from other sufferers so they don't feel so alone or stigmatised. If you care about people getting better access to metal health support and recovery, as well as their family and friends, join us and let's make a difference.

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