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I´m a founder and entrepreneur at Sequel, located in Copenhagen. I discovered a terrific idea that surpasses existing platforms in that field having millions of users and now I´m looking for you tech co-founders in CPH or Aarhus who can make a simple web (html5) prototype with userprofiles, then we get equity and build a responsive global, fantastic, interactive, differentiable solution, Cloud, web and app, primarily IOS, we use API and can offer current users a great experience and service.

The solution, a profound platform, is presented to an advisor and validated by him, a lawyer, Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen, a graphic designer and after that a growth specialist. - all of them liked the idea and see a huge potential.

All job cathegories are need, full stack, front end, back end, IOS developer, marketing, all of them.

I´ve had councelling through months at Københavns Erhvervshus, participated in many workshops, a course in Usability & Graphic Design and I want to have an excellent digital solution developed together with a team of tech co-founders. You can be a team already existing and who has aIready build up a good relationship.

Domain is bought, it just needs to be build with some informations about our company, contact information and pictures and look appealing.

I recently met some professional business advisors, who joined my company. They will have a share and find equity.

My plan is, when a prototype is made, to have an equity fund look at it and possibly boost it to what I have in mind and help execute it. When the solution is launched you will get a share of the total income, depending on the share of ownership of course.

Space: In the beginning we can meet either at universaty, The Royal Library, get a space in one of those terrific shared offices - perhaps you already have a place in one of them!.

Tech specifications: API, AI/maschinelearning, Cloud, primairily IOS, but also Android.

Later on: AR, co-work with scientists, universaties and social platforms.

Time horizon: As soon as possible!.

Send a presentation of yourselves to: Peter.honcke@icloud.com

Working at

Sequel is seeking tech co-founders located in either Copenhagen or Aarhus, Denmark, it´s very important that we can meet physically often, with execution skills in order to dev. a web-prototype. My two co-founders will help getting equity, then we can develop further into a dynamic, sharp, diff. solution pointing into an app. Cloud-based, use API, have user profiles, Touch ID, chat-function and be very intuitive. Global market. The solution is validated by councellors and growth consultants.  Sequel was made April 2018 in order to have a fantastic solution made for the global market.  In Sequel we are three people. The founder, Peter Høncke and the two business co-founders Torben Nordal Clausen and Henrik K. Ibsen, who have worked with other startups, have a wide range of investors to choose from and know how to scale a business.

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