Sune Alstrup

Tech Investor in 15+ startups, but Founder and Entrepreneur at heart. My passion is the journey of a technology startup, transforming initial ideas to cutting-edge products. I prefer to engage and invest in early stage technology startups, who are committed to swing for the fences. I want to help startups succeed with their mission to put a dent in the universe. My most exciting journey so far began in 2011 after years of PhD research on eye tracking. I co-founded and led The Eye Tribe, a startup developing the world's leading eye tracking technology for the next generation computing platforms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The Eye Tribe was acquired by Facebook in Dec 2016 with the aim of integrating eye tracking technology into future Oculus VR/AR products. I finalized post-merger integration in 2017, and since then I have been active in the startup community as an investor and advisor.
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IT & Software

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Sune Alstrup

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