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Erik Hougaard

Being a serial entrepreneur in the realm of IT and electronics, I have spent the past 18 years building, scaling and selling companies. I have a broad experience in IT consulting and development, cloud solutions, IoT and subscription based business models. I prefer to work with equal time spent on product innovation and business model innovation, since I was born a geek and still love to play with hardware and software, but it is only real fun if I can turn it into good business too.

True Global Ventures

Globally-focused angel investor group with a strong focus early stage startups initiated by serial entrepreneurs. The group has a combined total of over 1000 angel investments spanning more than a decade. Out of these, over a hundred of these have been successfully exited.

BHJ Fonden

Are you a company, organization or individual that contributes tothe UN's SDG Goals? If so, take the chance to win the BHJ Foundation's Initiative Award! This initiative calls for those who have developed products, services, competencies or knowledge that contribute to the sustainable agenda.

Ole Bay Jensen

Partner in network growth - Member of DanBan - Investing in small and medium-sized industrial companies.

Jesper Vesten Drescher

Jesper has been involved since 1998 as owner, director, real owner and board member in 14 different Danish companies. Jesper is currently active in 7 companies and holds 7 directorships.

Symbion Incubator

The Symbion foundation houses 250 small companies and startups. The incubator section is a collaborative with Accelerace and accordingly coloured by their methods and insight into the entrepreneurial scene.

Søren Tinggaard Carlsen

Has worked in the company VELUX of 2 laps. Only 19 years and after a period of approx. 6 years as a self-employed, I was offered another job at VELUX. This gave me a further 4 years in VELUX.

Cecilia Hultén

I am an intrapreneur and strategic leader with more than two decades of experience from the financial industry. In my work, I see business as a lever of change and a way to create value monetarily, but also for personal growth and a way to improve society.

Future Food Innovation

Future Food & Bioresource Innovation aims to strengthen the innovation power and ensure an internationally competitive food industry. Funds can be sought by Danish food companies who want to create radical innovation, growth and jobs in Denmark. Future Food & Bioresource Innovation is approved by the Denmark's Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse and funded by the EU's regional funds as well as private co-financing from the participating companies.


Vinnova gives financial support to research and innovation projects to develop Sweden’s innovational power.

Tsutomu Komori

Help startups for global expansion. More focus on "Nordic and Baltic European startups" in "technology and/or service related to entertainment" into "Japan and Asia" 1. Pre-Seed/Seed investment ( 2. Consulting to expand into Japan and Asia ( 3. Company registration service into Estonia for location independent business (

Grand Solution

Grand Solution is one of Innovation Fund Denmark's programmes, investing in the best research and innovation projects with the potential to create knowledge, growth and employment in Denmark.

Tommi Juusela

My name is Tommi Juusela and I am passionate about helping companies to transform, change and renew themselves. I believe that truly understanding the customer is the foundation upon which clear vision and executable strategies are built. However, it is the swift and seamless execution of a strategic vision that delivers impact and sets businesses on a trajectory for success, bringing clarity and a high-level of employee engagement.

Startup Bootcamp

Startup Bootcamp is a global network of locally anchored accelerators. Their overall scope spans wide, and most products will fit into one of their programs.

Niels Bo Lund

Extensive experience in Business Process Management (LEAN Six Sigma) and Business Performance Management.

Scale-Up Denmark

Scale-Up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. They want to establish an elite of high growth companies in Denmark. Scale-Up Denmark is a cross-regional initiative. Its foundation is the five regional business development strategies, and some of Europe's most competitive eco systems.

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