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Frontend developer

Part Time Front-End Developer in a Fintech Startup

Backend developer

Part Time Back-End Developer in a Fintech Startup


Environmental Analyst (Danish speaking)

Business Development

Supply Chain Analyst (Danish speaking)

Marketing & Communication

Danish Copywriter Intern with focus on Sustainability - Copy

Full-stack developer

Full Stack Developer at fast-growing startup


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På får du en komplet oversigt over alle erhvervslokaler til leje lige nu. Vi mener det, når vi siger, at vi vil give dig det fulde overblik. Derfor tilbyder vi en findeløn, hvis du finder et lejemål, som ikke er at finde på

We are a team of experts and entrepreneurs. We spent years in the financial industry and in the startup ecosystem of Europe. Through the years we have seen startups fail and succeed — and one determining factor of their fate has been repeatedly their access to capital. A good idea, a good team or the right timing are important determinant of the success rate, but if there is no fuel in the form of capital and cash flow, no matter how great the idea, the company will fail. Startups and companies often turn to angel investors, venture funds or accelerators to supply growth, however for this they would have to give up large chunks of ownership of their companies, chunks that could be worth a lot more with time. On the other hand, investors wouldn’t provide capital unless there is market validation in the form of paying customers. Applying for loans at commercial banks is tough. The application process takes months and approval rates are low. Personal guarantees, collaterals, securities, and additional fees apply. All these forms of financing don’t support the growth trajectory of an early business — they come with too many terms and conditions, restrictions and legal mumbo-jumbo. Our solution: Kvikk. With our network of investors, we raised a small fund that enables us to discover and fund promising early businesses — and work with them on the long term. With public and private data banks we built a machine learning based assessment algorythm that classifies businesses based on data retrieved through commercial, payment and analytics APIs. is developing a digital platform to enable unbanked people access to the financial system. In low-income communities, a popular and established method of saving up is to join a savings group where you save up as a community rather than individually. Our app is built to digitalise and support these groups. Group members can use our app to record their savings and lending history, which creates a unique credit score. This credit score enables our users to gain access to financial services that they have previously been excluded from. The groups also learn business skills and how to use technology, empowering them to improve their future. Our app is co-created with more than 600 people in savings groups, basing the solution on their needs and abilities. They define the structure; we provide the tech and build the bridge between up to 1 billion people and the financial system.

Guldsmeden hotels

Guldsmeden Hotels is a sustainable hotel chain with 13 locations all around the world. We have always had a preference for local and sustainable products – especially those that we eat and drink. Overall, sustainability for us is the fundamental element of our entire operation, and no decision is made, a production started, or a new process was introduced without the sustainability angle having defined it first. It is our first priority that sets all the goals. We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible while contributing to the common pool of knowledge regarding sustainable practices within daily operations. As a company founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are in constant development – but as we have just opened a new hotel, Bryggen Guldsmeden, we are starting over and with the spirit of a start-up, we are looking to get a marketing team together to help not only promoting the newly started Bryggen, but also the rest of our lovely hotels.

MCon Services

The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on! Our mission is to allow small and medium-sized business owners to save time and focus on what is truly important: growing their business. Instead of spending their time on day-to-day administration and management work. We do this through digital transformation and process automation. A lot of businesses have amazing potential that is not being utilized because day-to-day operations are taking up most of the time that otherwise could’ve been invested in developing new business ideas and income opportunities. In a large part, the reason for this rising potential is the technological advancement we have seen over the past few years. Although it is creating opportunities, a lot of companies have a hard time adapting their operational and administrative processes to this new way of doing business. As mentioned our whole reason for existence is to help companies go through digital transformation, to set themselves free of their old inefficient processes. We use a combination of different frameworks from the fields of Business Process Management and Software Development to tailor digital processes 100% to our client´s workflows, management and operations. The nature of our work can described as two integrated phases that each brings a unique value to our client. The first phase is all about in-depth analysis of current processes, painpoints, operation dynamics and redesign of these from a digital perspective adding the technological aspects. The second phase is related to developing the actual automation software, scripts, integrations and business logic using the technologies. There is a catch though: in the second phase, the first phase is actually repeated – the closer we work with the technical development the more opportunities arise along the way, which usually allows us to optimize the processes even more than expected. How and why did it start? “The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on.” I realized this when I was 16, working a boring data entry job. At that time, I had already moved out and really had to learn how to prioritize my time. My main goal and dream was to become a professional basketball player and this repetitive, boring job was just taking away my valuable time, which I could otherwise be spending at the gym. For the first time in my life, I had too many goals but too little time. So I decided to change that. What started as a few formulas and scripts to automate my data entry, quickly turned into an app, which turned into 5 apps, and by the time I was 18 turned into my own company. I realized how small and medium-sized business owners face the same issue I was facing – too many goals, but too little time. And the solution: process automation and digital transformation. 2 years later and counting, I am running a company of process specialists, analysts, consultants, developers, and technical writers to help companies and business owners create more time for what is truly important. The journey has been awesome, but to be honest it is not all about the success. Just like I see companies as a bunch of processes, I also see life as a process – a learning process! Most importantly, this journey has brought me amazing knowledge and experience, which I would never give up for anything, and it shaped into the fearless person I am today. For me, life is about challenging yourself and learning from it – throw yourself into the deep end yet learn to survive! I will say it one more time: "The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on!" Feel free to connect and get a cool conversation started!


Oamo is a company concept for a blue ocean company - a marketplace based on an old and enormous industry, that has yet stayed unchanged for thousands of years. Please, see the CTO co-founder job opening for further information into the conceptualization of the company as well as further information about the position itself.