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We offer remote dentist services as a SaaS service. Our service is provided by mobile app. Patients fill in their information, snap photos and then connect with a dentist who is experienced in remote dentistry. Service include also instant e-prescriptions for Finnish citizens and rough estimation of costs of treatment options if treatments are seen necessary.


We are a deep-tech, hard-science brain health company based in Stockholm, dedicated to bring neuroscience from the labs to the people. We design digital therapeutics using novel methods of biofeedback and immersive VR that affect you at a subconscious level, bringing long-lasting benefits. We make tools to help people develop mental fortitude to thrive in an uncertain world.


Intro to Spirelykke Spirelykke is a startup established in Halden, but with customers in a national range so far.. We're on a mission to help people getting closer to them selves and nature, by helping them grow their own plants. By delivering courses digitally combined with sending them the right seeds, soil and equipment, we guarantee they will succeed, and they will be able to grow plants they have never done before. We create unique experiences for our customers in mastering new skills, combined with joy, satisfaction and happiness. Aka SPIRELYKKE.

SCiBreak AB

SCiBreak is a Swedish company founded in 2014 to commercialize new technology for interrupting electric current. Our technology allows for interruption of high AC or DC currents with high returning voltage within a few milliseconds. Conventional AC breakers need several tens of milliseconds to break and existing DC breakers for high voltage are generally very costly. The parts cost of breakers based on the concept is considerably lower than that of competing solutions. Our roots are in many ways at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where many of us have worked and studied.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is prop-tech startup offering workspaces on-demand (Space-as-a-Service). With our membership you can find, book and work at hundreds of coworking spaces. Use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company. We boost the sharing economy while giving employees the workplace flexibility and freedom they deserve. Visit us Download app Email us at Facebook/Instagram


Sustainability consultancy and audits (incl. ISO 14001, ISO 20121, ISO 26000, CoC audits). Supply chain management is more and more crucial in sustainable business, and it should be highlighted on all companies agenda. Susta will help companies to understand their environmental/social/economical impact in their supply chain.

Peili Vision

Peili combines the vision of concretely helping people and utilising the newest technology to create experiences. We are in the process of creating a virtual reality learning game that helps people overcome physical difficulties in not only a fun, but in the most effective way currently on the market.   Our core competence is the true entrepreneurial spirit that drives us forward each day - and the real will to leave our footprint for the better future.


Empowering future global citizens through immersive storytelling and virtual reality. Lyfta is an educational platform for meaningful stories from around the world. We take fascinating, complex phenomena from real life and rebuild them into beautiful, immersive worlds for students to explore interactively, using virtual reality, 360° storytelling, rich media and high quality, engaging film content.​ ​

Travel Roots

We are a Stockholm based tour company that promotes purpose driven travel that supports communities, sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and small businesses abroad and locally. Whether you’re seeking adventure, corporate travel planning services, volunteering abroad, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, or getting off the beaten track – we offer uniquely designed travel experiences.

Baser ApS

At Baser, we are revolutionizing the market for parasols and parasol bases. Our innovative patent introduces a superior locking system that excels in functionality and affordability within the mass market. Our vision is global, reflecting our international perspective, and yes, we do have a penchant for high-quality coffee. Our company culture is profoundly shaped by the principles outlined in "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." We foster an environment that encourages proactivity, a deep desire to learn, and the sharing of expertise. We value employees who are ready to contribute ideas and take initiative. We embrace the mantra that "failure is the First Attempt In Learning." This philosophy underscores our supportive culture, where we focus on personal and professional growth, providing the necessary tools for success. Key principles we live by include being proactive, effective planning to prevent burnout, fostering win-win situations with everyone we interact with, and practicing empathetic communication, especially in challenging situations. By recognizing our diverse strengths and skills, we synergize to achieve far greater outcomes.