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Orka is a one stop shop for both fitness trainers and fitness-interested people. The platform gives trainers tools to freely build, market, and sell workouts (performed in-person or virtually) while also giving users tools to find, unlock, complete, logg, and share fitness results seamlessly on the same platform.

Blockstore Group

Blockstore Group, based in Finland, is at the forefront of technological innovation in the grocery retail sector. Our state-of-the-art solutions for autonomous and automated smart grocery stores are transforming the industry landscape across Europe. We are committed to reshaping grocery retail, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Shortly: We develop autonomous grocery retail stores and a technology platform, providing grocery retailers a turnkey solution to deploy smart stores under their brand.


The purpose of Ample is to improve the quality of public discussion. Ample's service brings the expertise of the scientific community to the pages of news media sites. Our service enables a direct channel between citizens and the scientific community. Improving the standing and role of academics and universities in the public discussion is central to our mission. In the current media and public discussion environment, finding clear and reliable information on current affairs has become increasingly difficult. Public discussion often takes place in opinion-heavy bubbles and can be dominated by disinformation as scientific voices have been isolated from the discussion. These issues have blended into an intensifying deterioration of public discussion and even a threat to the democratic process. Ample’s service, in a nutshell, is to offer a new communication ecosystem that brings researchers to discuss with the public on news media sites. It has been designed to work on the news media's own website, and extends from there to various social media channels. For news media, the service continues the life cycle of news articles, offering readers high-quality content, but in a conversational format. Ample has a strong social angle, and our design focus has been on improving the quality of public discussion, as well as reducing the effects of disinformation, but also strengthening the ecosystem around journalistic content.

GoFrendly AB

GoFrendly is a digital space where females can connect based on their interests and the go-to place for social activities. We are the fastest-growing social app in the Nordics, and 10% of all women in Sweden are now GoFrendly members. We’re now recruiting a backend developer to join our team in central Stockholm - join us!


Sustainability consultancy and audits (incl. ISO 14001, ISO 20121, ISO 26000, CoC audits). Supply chain management is more and more crucial in sustainable business, and it should be highlighted on all companies agenda. Susta will help companies to understand their environmental/social/economical impact in their supply chain.


With Reactored language learning platform you can teach up to 20 languages. Born global, we develope our solution for multiple School levels around the world. Reactored requires only an internet connection and devices for the users (eg. mobile phones, pads, laptops). Comprehensive language learning materials and different task types supports the learning both in classroom and at home. The challenge level can be easily adjusted from easier -multi-choice approach to more productive, writing & speaking approach. We love all kinds of learners and for teachers we've created tools so that they can give better support for learners through the automated assessment and statistics with individual information.

Aarre App

Aarre is here to help you — adventurous tourists, locals, and intrepid passers-through alike — set off on a hybrid virtual/analog quests seeking out local treasures and hidden gems, seamlessly nestled into an interactive and rewarding map! Aarre enables social sharing of your trips and dovetails with a seamless booking platform for lodgings, dining, transport, and souvenir shipment... we're here to be your digital concierge, so you won't need to leave room in your bag for anything but the memories! 🧳 🧭 📍 🗺

Tubus Technology ApS

Tubus Technology ApS is an innovative start-up business that works within ideation, innovation and product development. We enforce self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations. We work with the entire process from idea generation and product development to market validation and production development. We are currently in the stage of making international market validation and development for our first product TubusOne. TubusOne is a medical device class 1 product that holds a CE mark. It is a mechanical device for people with upper limb limitations and works by sipping and puffing into a tube (hence the name TubusOne). The tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth. TubusOne is a prolonged finger used for navigation on touchscreen devices.

Travel Roots

We are a Stockholm based tour company that promotes purpose driven travel that supports communities, sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and small businesses abroad and locally. Whether you’re seeking adventure, corporate travel planning services, volunteering abroad, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, or getting off the beaten track – we offer uniquely designed travel experiences.


The better cities and real estate companies understand the areas they are developing, the more liveable they can make them. That’s why we developed a platform that combines, enhances and analyses multiple location data streams. Using Mapple you can apply insights on people, infrastructure and mobility to evaluate the current situation and forecast the impact of their investments. Mapple can be integrated with existing tools or used as a standalone service. Our team is made of several different individuals with different skills. Three of us are researchers turned developers with expertise in accessibility and mobility solutions, AI and mapping technologies. They are joined by a seasoned startupper whose expertise lies in business development, product-market fit and global expansion. We have mentors and advisors who help us with strategy and go-to market.

Improve Performance International AS

Product Description: Improve Performance Management and Training System (IPTS) Unlock Your Full Potential with IPTS - The Ultimate Performance Management Solution! Are you looking to elevate performance levels in your business, health, personal life, or sport? Look no further than Improve Performance Management and Training System (IPTS). Our Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) is more than just a tool; it's a proven methodology designed to revolutionize how you analyze, implement, measure, track, and visualize performance and training on any level. Why Choose IPTS? * Tailored for Success: Developed over 30 years, IPTS is the culmination of ResultatPartner's expertise, fine-tuned to address your unique needs and challenges. Now under the ownership of Improve Performance International, our mission is to be the go-to tool for enhancing performance worldwide. * Microsoft Technology Backbone: Built on robust Microsoft Technology, IPTS ensures a seamless and secure experience. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a system that works in perfect harmony with your existing infrastructure. * Holistic Approach: Whether it's business, health, personal life, or sport, IPTS covers it all. We understand that success isn't limited to one facet of life, and our system empowers you to excel across the board. How to Succeed with IPTS: * Customized Analysis: Begin by inputting your specific goals and objectives. IPTS then uses its powerful algorithm to generate a tailored plan for success. * Implement with Precision: With step-by-step guidance and actionable insights, IPTS ensures a seamless implementation process. Track progress effortlessly as you set your goals in motion. * Measure Progress Real-Time: Watch your achievements unfold in real time. IPTS provides comprehensive data visualization tools, allowing you to track key performance indicators and adjust strategies as needed. * Comprehensive Training Modules: Access an extensive library of training materials designed to develop essential skills and knowledge. From technical skills to soft skills, we've got you covered. * Achieve Your Visions and Goals: IPTS equips you with the tools and metrics needed to turn visions into tangible achievements. Whether it's professional success or personal milestones, our system paves the way for your triumph. Who Needs IPTS? * Business Leaders: Streamline operations, enhance team performance, and achieve strategic objectives with precision and efficiency. * Health Enthusiasts: Take control of your health journey with personalized plans and tracking tools. Monitor progress, set milestones, and reach optimal wellness. * Personal Development Seekers: Elevate your personal and professional life by honing crucial skills and fostering growth in areas that matter most to you. * Athletes and Coaches: Fine-tune training regimens, monitor progress, and push boundaries to reach peak performance levels, both on and off the field. Don't settle for mediocrity. Elevate your performance with IPTS - the ultimate Performance Management and Training System. Try IPTS today and experience the transformation firsthand!


ProtectPipe is a Finnish microbiotechnology company that has developed an innovative microbe solution, which removes organic waste from wastewater systems naturally and with proven efficiency. This is an ecological method of stopping the waste buildup process that causes blockages and corrosion in wastewater systems, and simultaneously preventing harmful waste from entering our delicate waters.


Språkkraft offers free, easy to use apps and digital tools for immigrants who want to learn Swedish via personalized media content, with language learning support to 18 languages through integrated dictionaries.Språkkraft has launched two apps: Språkkraft Reading Coach and SVT Språkplay apps (both for mobile and tablets). The apps are compatible with Android and iOS.


Kidnovation is the world's first innovation lab for children around the world.We offer social impact tools for therapy and integration, and our children's media is inclusive and empowering. We do it differently from others: our solutions are science-based, we storytell them as a grand adventure, then add amazing art by award-winning artists.Our specialists are from 13 countries! We produce books, apps, workshops , and soon virtual reality. A report by BBC World has covered our achievements.