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Winn Hotel Group AB - Commercial Hub

The Commercial Hub was created during the pandemic as a solution to centralize knowledge, decentralize information, implement various new technical solutions and create more efficient workflows. The Commercial Hub consists of three teams within Winn Hotel Group AB: Marketing, booking and revenue. Winn Hotel Group operate 11 different hotels in Sweden and our aim is to create an hotel experience that goes beyond the experience itself. With a strong focus on sustainability, wellness and the best possible service we contstantly aim to create memories that lasts for a lifetime.

Korall Engineering

Korall Engineering AS is a design engineering firm part of StartupLab Bergen, a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, which employs the latest high-end design optimization technologies, our team develops automates product design workflows to reduce engineering and lead times and redesigns existing industrial products. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we help reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. We help the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the transportation of parts demanded. Korall Engineering operates in various industries: oil & gas, maritime, automotive, and medical. Its team specializes in industrial design optimization for both additive and traditional manufacturing and uses machine learning design-to-manufacturing tools like Generative Design, mathematical finite element methods like Topology Optimization, and implicit modeling lattice-structure solutions for 3D-printing, both for metal and composite materials. Korall Engineering is betting on the future: smart design, additive manufacturing, and automated workflows are just a few of the many examples of how it is possible to disrupt the industry for the better, bring innovation, create value for our society at large, and tangibly take a step forward in preserving our environment. For more information visit


Our mission: We help people feel invested in what they are doing everyday & invested in themselves. We have a vision for Better workplaces, workplaces where people are motivated and empowered. Changing the way we work means changing how we do things but also how we think about work. We identify 3 key areas where we can affect change for the Better. - Learning - Goals - Inclusivity Learning Promoting learning for the sake of learning is key to our ideology. - Employee motivation goes up from getting to explore and expand their skills and knowledge. - New skills are developed in that could prove useful in a future project or product. - Expanding your knowledge and skill will benefit performance in non-direct and often intangible ways. Goals Goals should be Attainable, Realistic, and stemming from the right Motivation. Attainable - To allow goals to be reached and to instill confidence in the people working towards it. - To set ourselves up for success Realistic - To be honest with ourselves about what we can accomplish - To adjust to changing circumstances and new information Right Motivation - To allow consistency of effort Inclusivity Our Products, and our culture should be inherently inclusive. This idea encompasses accessibility : building products that anyone can use. - And goes beyond : building products that everyone can feel was built with them in mind. - We want to consciously address the inherent bias that is built into so many of the processes and products that exist in the workplace.


MAKING THE WORKPLACE SAFER AND BETTER BY IMPROVING HUMAN PERFORMANCE At TNTX, we deliver improvements in human performance, reducing workplace fatalities and injuries, through the use of our patent-pending integrated cross-reality solutions. Integrating virtual augmented reality with mechanical hardware systems to create smart training solutions that enables: - scalable onboarding of new hires with ease - safer and faster training of employees - reduced fatalities and injuries through the improvement of human performance

EVERY Where Retail

EVERY Where retail is enabling Phygital Retail: monetisation of tiny space sharing and sustainable last-meter delivery solution working to reduce over production and revitalise communities. We are a marketplace. Our clients are innovative brands and premium spaces from everything from food and drinks to sports gear, fashion, or services. We are currently fundraising - Almi validated and financed. Invest Stockholm Scale Up Participant


We're a network of consultants who collaborates and shares earned trust to aid clients in navigating complex changes and transformations.

EIDA Energy

At EIDA Energy we are passionate about harvesting the opportunities generated by an increasingly connected world. We facilitate collaboration with an aim to produce, distribute and consume electricity in a more sustainable way, benefiting everyone. Our entire business model is built around a strong belief in the power of community.


Northe is a tech startup developing the most optimized platform for the EV charging industry. The platform makes it possible for fleets, private drivers and charge box owners to drive, charge and own EV charging without having to deal with the complex and fragmented market. We tackle and solve the larger complex picture through our fleet charge management, our charge box payments solution and our drivers app. These features combined generates a complete solution and a seamless connection within the parties of the industry. The platform combines both semi/public and public charging and makes it hassle free for consumers, leasing companies, car sharing, taxi, rental firms and all other organizations driving electric or investing in charging infrastructure. The EV industry is young and so is Northe – the company is developing fast and constantly launching new features and services. Partners and customers are therefore able to contribute to what is becoming the future of this booming market.


Ett hållbart klädmärke med kläder som vill hylla kvinnor och Hennes berättelse. Exklusiva plagg skapade i handplockade återvunna silkessaris. Kläder som vill hylla dig och vara med och påverka världen genom skönhet. Vi jobbar med familjeskrädderi och tror på småskaligt skapande, och är med och stöttar kvinnor och flickor genom att stötta flickors utbildning i Indien.

Again Technology

Again is a climate-fintech start up. Our goal is to drive large-scale change for a more sustainable world. We have previously developed, produced and sold millions of products that no one really needs. That's not something we are particularly proud of today. At the same time, it has given us invaluable experience within the fields of consumer products, e-commerce and retail. Again builds on that experience, and a strong drive to create a more sustainable world faster. At the core of Agian is an app that gives people the ability to push companies towards becoming more sustainable by leveraging their historic card transactions, while giving companies a clear reason and better tools to increase the pace of change.

REXCON system ApS

At REXCON system we are aware of the construction industry's huge impact on our planet's ecosystem and environment. We strive to make the industry a less CO2 and waste generating industry by implementing sustainable and circular solutions that can replace emission heavy market products. Sustainability - Circularity - Modularity Are all key values in our company's DNA and part of everything we do and think. By developing products that minimize the capacity required for transport, we reduce CO2 emissions. & By developing products designed for disassembly, we can keep them in a loop of reuse. - Thus reducing waste streams. & By developing products that are wood-based, we minimize our resource impact on our planet, as it is a renewable resource.

Future Concerns HB

There are many people who are moving to Sweden for a better future. Most of them are on the Information Technology side, Like Software developers, App developers, etc. We have seen a very common problem when they get here they have to face their residence and work permit issues, then they always have concerns about their future as Migrationsverket changes laws very frequently. We already made software with our Partner Company SWEDEN 4 ALL AB. Where we provide solutions to companies and employees from day one until they get a permanent settlement in Sweden and become Swedish citizens. Uncertainty and lack of knowledge ruined the career of many talented developers who ends up in the USA. We will take care of every employee and keep them updated about the changes. Similarly, we will update the companies so they don't lose their talented employees. This is one window solution that is 80% completed.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is prop-tech startup offering workspaces on-demand (Space-as-a-Service). With our membership you can find, book and work at hundreds of coworking spaces. Use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company. We boost the sharing economy while giving employees the workplace flexibility and freedom they deserve. Visit us Download app Email us at Facebook/Instagram

IN2 Sustainability

IN2 Sustainability is developing a process to help SMEs in Denmark transform into sustainable companies. Small steps can lead to big impacts, and it is our responsibility to act now. Climate change as well as other global challenges force us to redefine the way we do business and become more efficient. We offer help, knowledge, and expertise to guide companies on this journey of sustainable transformation. Therefore, both the inspiration day and the sprint months focus on strengthening the core business by thinking sustainably. We focus on mutual value creation to have a positive impact on the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental factors. It is our goal to ensure future generations can have their needs met as well.

DM words

DM words is a learning platform that aims to bring to foreigners a special vocabulary dedicated specifically to all immigrants worldwide. This dictionary contains 1000 words and 300 sentences included into 33 chapters and divided into 7 categories. DM words is created to solve many immigration issues for governments, companies who deal with foreign labor force and basic needs in everyday life for all groups of immigrants. DM words is made for people who do not have any knowledge at all in any second language and as well for those who already have some basic knowledge and are looking to learn more. DM words is part of Edufif which covers only 5% of the whole project. Edufif is as an educational tool for immigration issues which provides information related to integration, communities and statistics. More information about Edufif you can find at official website