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Avilius er en reaktion pÄ den generelle mistrivsel, der er stigende blandt unge. Vi er et hold af psykologistuderende og unge psykologer, der tilbyder individuelle samtaleforlÞb og gruppeforlÞb til andre unge i vores generation. Vores mission er at gÞre ungdomslivet sundere og sjovere ved at komme udfordringerne i forkÞbet og fÄ stÞtte undervejs. Vi er desuden et stÞrre content-hus, der holder arrangementer, laver podcasts, skriver artikler m.m. for at uddanne og oplyse om mental sundhed.

Sansox Oy

SansOx’s commitment is to develop and provide new technology and innovative solutions for global water treatment market. Our core technology is dissolving different gases into water. Applications very from industrial wastewater to drinking water facilities as well in aqua farming, agriculture and in conservation of natural water bodies. We separate impurities from different liquids with our flotation and centrifugal technology. We assist our clients to reuse their used water


Leanheat is the smartest solution for energy efficient building management. It is powered by internet of things and artificial intelligence. Leanheat ensures stable indoor conditions, makes building maintenance predictive and efficient and at the same time saves heating energy.

Vilja Care

Vilja Care is a software company that is focused on enabling the best possible care for geriatric patients by optimizing geriatric care decisions through data analysis, process management, machine learning and AI. Our platform, Vilja, provides doctors and nurses with a unique tool facilitating clinical decision making and improving the quality of life of patients.


Miils tool personalizes food suggestions and nudges people towards better food choices. Miils SaaS grocery ordering tool is the perfect solution for users who want/need to follow their intake in food. Our food and nutritional data is based on scientific studies and we continuously work with top nutritionists and professors in Nutritional Sciences. Miils is headquartered in Helsinki with offices in San Francisco and Berlin.


The Pitch SignLab helps families that need to learn sign language or sign-assisted communication to communicate The What Parents to children who are severely hard of hearing or deaf need to learn sign language to communicate. Today, only 1 in 4 parents to deaf children in high-income countries manage to learn sign language. In low-income countries, it is believed to be less than 1 in 10. Families with individuals that benefit from sign-assisted communication face the same challenge. These include the parents to children with Down Syndrome, severe autism or Cerebral palsy. The How An international learning platform for sign languages and sign-assisted communication. The SignLab learning platform is fully digital and can incorporate new languages within weeks. The user only needs access to a smartphone or a computer. The platform makes it fun and easy to learn through gamification and timed encouragement. To ensure that the user gets the most out of every learning session, our review functionality incorporates an AI that knows what signs you are about to forget. The AI then designs a learning session that is tailored to the individual user’s need. Our curriculum is designed in cooperation with sign language teachers in each language. The platform launched in open beta in Norway November 2018. Feedback from parents and sign language teachers gave it a NPS of +64. The platform saw exponential growth with an average growth rate of 276% each month for the first three months (Nov-Feb). This growth all came from word of mouth, $0 spent on marketing. The Why Today less than 10% of the 64 million parents to deaf and hard of hearing children know sign language due to the low availability of education centers. Exclusion from communication have a significant impact on everyday life, causing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and frustration. The inability to properly communicate have a significantly adverse effect on the academic performance of children. SignLab works towards a society where all families have access to teaching themself, their children and their community signs and sign language so that everyone can feel included.

Synap IoT

Synap IoT is delivering Compliance, Security and Traceability in the following markets: Pharmaceutical, Railroad Infrastructure, Food Processing and Building Automation. We are using a mix of IoT, Machine Learning and AI to automatically generate compliance documentation, traceability in production and perform predictive maintenance in cooling equipment and infrastructure components.

Axess Lab

Axess Lab makes the digital world accessible to people with disabilities. We are designers, UX people, programmers and educators who are choosing to spend our time helping make the digital world accessible by everyone. As you start working here, you are given training in digital accessibility, you get to join user-testing sessions with people who are blind, deaf, or have motor impairments to see how life in the digital world works for them. We build software, review websites, educate - and more! Axess Lab is a self-managing organisation of responsible, social, easy-going tech-enthusiasts. Self-management means that you will likely not be used to how things are done here. The way we work and organize ourselves creates true professionals, and result in true personal growth, but it is not for everyone. Here are some examples of self-management, explained in a lot more detail in our "Handbook for colleagues".You set your own salaryYou have your own company credit card and can use the company's resources as you likeAny idea you have, you are allowed to pursue. Any problem you find, you are responsible to fixNothing is "Someone else's job"We do not have specific job descriptions, your job is simply to "find the most meaningful task, and pursue it!"No bosses or middle-managersGenerally we aim to fulfill the purpose of the company together, while also fulfilling our personal purposes. We recognize that money is like the air we breath: we need it to stay alive, but we don't live to breath! We strive to create something larger than ourselves, and to have true impact.

TinyApp / HelsinkiNYC International Oy

At TinyApp, we want every teacher to succeed in his/her job in supporting children’s growth and development. We believe that there can be more simple and integrated way where technology actually assists teachers in their daily pedagogical tasks and makes children’s every day learning and development visible. ​Throughout the history, data is used to make better decisions. Our mission is to turn daily pedagogy into a data and insights that enables the teachers to develop their jobs and managers to lead their organisations better than before. And we want to make this available for any kindergarten. ​We are excited to offer humanised technology for the benefit of teachers and children through our solution and trainings.


CosmEthics educates consumers about cosmetic ingredient safety, and suggests healthy alternative products by referencing medical research data. Consumers have very few methods to determine if a product is safe. The CosmEthics app allows users to scan the product’s bar code, and cross-references it with undesirable ingredients or allergens. Thus users can quickly assess the product’s health hazards, with a toxicity screening of INCI ingredients.

Iconfirm AS

Iconfirm is a comprensive platform that bridges the gap between privacy, IT security and operations. Re-use of structured data for multiple purposes and perspectives help break administrative silos and cut ad-hoc reporting - within the organization and across the value chain. Iconfirms innovative solution was recognized in Gartners Market guide to Subject Rights Request Automation already in february 2020. The platform facilitates the distribution of responsibility to line management whilst central management retain an overview. Thus, resolving tasks where the knowledge is. Organizations pursue innovation and digitalization to grow value. Privacy is essential to ensure that the gains are sustainable. Failing to meet the requirements may ban processing, disqualify business, ruin reputation and be fined. Hence, privacy is a business risk, not a compliance risk. Iconfirm help organizations meet the burden of proof with less efforts. Open APIs enable sharing and syncronization of data and to embedd privacy governance and reporting as part of operations. Key functionality include Privacy management, Vendor management, Consent management, Subject Rights requests management, Risk management, Incident management, Reporting and dashboards. Iconfirm has a unique offering that also includes a special module for data processors. The platform also offers the opportunity to create closed networks for sharing of templates as well as data collaboration. We also provide a citizen centric approach to privacy. Build trust and manage the relationships with data subjects through the privacy portal. 


We are dedicated to the promotion of knowledge transfer in support of lifelong learning, business, innovation & social inclusion. We build Private Social Networks for communities and organisations that value their community members, the content and the data they produce.  We believe that organisations which harness the knowledge within and shares it for the benefit of the entire community are the ones that are going to win the marathon race. We offer a B2B SaaS solution


The better cities and real estate companies understand the areas they are developing, the more liveable they can make them. That’s why we developed a platform that combines, enhances and analyses multiple location data streams. Using Mapple you can apply insights on people, infrastructure and mobility to evaluate the current situation and forecast the impact of their investments. Mapple can be integrated with existing tools or used as a standalone service. Our team is made of several different individuals with different skills. Three of us are researchers turned developers with expertise in accessibility and mobility solutions, AI and mapping technologies. They are joined by a seasoned startupper whose expertise lies in business development, product-market fit and global expansion. We have mentors and advisors who help us with strategy and go-to market.


Odendo er en auktionsplatform, hvor du kan gĂžre en fantastisk handel pĂ„ masser af spĂŠndende auktioner.Hundredvis af gode formĂ„l, anvender Odendo som fundraisingplatform til, at skaffe vigtige midler til deres virke. Faktisk har vi pt. indsamlet mere end 14 mio. kr. til gode formĂ„l.Auktionerne pĂ„ Odendo, bestĂ„r af produkter, der sĂŠlges af virksomheder.Odendo vandt i 2015 E-handlesprisen i kategorien “Bedste nye ehandelsvirksomhed”.


Energy producers and consumers lose a significant amount of undervalued heat. Our thermal battery technology can time-shift this high value heat, giving customers flexibility in dealing with and within the power grid. Our solution introduces you to new markets and additional revenue streams, pays itself off within 2-5 years, increases profits for decades and reduces your carbon footprint.