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Ventyr AS

In order to grow, the travel industry needs to make their customers experience more – with less transportation. We are making the travel and leisure industry more sustainable with new technology for capacity utilization, price differentiation, and by attracting local customers. That’s why we built a platform for buying and selling last minute tickets to those nearby. Tour operators sell their free capacity at a reduced price to our users on the app.


Mentalytics was founded in 2002 and have since been one of the leading businesses in the commercial BrainTech market. The flagship product Mindball has been played by 10 million people around the globe. With the recent pivot into software combined with the full rebrand of the business we refer to ourselves as a start-up with 19 years of experience. Mentalytics is all about focus training, which we will make as common and accepted as physical exercise.

Sharefox AS

We help rental services get ready for the future The development is clear – We need to make better use of our resources. We need a more circular economy where products are reused by more people and have a longer lifetime. In this picture, renting and subscription of products and services plays an important role. Sharefox has developed a technology platform that enables new models for both startups and established businesses. We are a passionate and highly skilled team of about 12 persons in Oslo, and 10 developers working remotely. In March 2022 we secured 23 million NOK in funding, and will use this money to scale the company further, including going internationally. You can currently find us at Vollebekk Fabrikker in Oslo, but will move to an other place in Oslo in the autumn of 2022.


Fully Aggregate Platform for digital Entrepreneurs that Simplify Banking & Payment via Open Banking. The all-in-one platform that stretch out your finance & help digital service businesses increase profit margin, prevent negative cash flow, and get peace of mind about their financials. Powering SMBs/SME to manage Banking & Spending via unified solutions, One platform, Endless opportunities.


We are a deep-tech, hard-science brain health company based in Stockholm, dedicated to bring neuroscience from the labs to the people. We design digital therapeutics using novel methods of biofeedback and immersive VR that affect you at a subconscious level, bringing long-lasting benefits. We make tools to help people develop mental fortitude to thrive in an uncertain world.

Basis Nuts

Basis Nuts finds and imports unique, delicious, regional varieties of nuts grown by small-scale farmers. Today, consumers are nut illiterate in the same way we were coffee illiterate 20 years ago. We're unable to identify different nut varieties, recognize the different tastes between varieties, or distinguish between the same nut grown in different growing areas. Without this basic understanding of nuts, consumers are unable to judge the quality of nuts and thus buy them based on price. This has benefited the nut industry enormously, because it has made nuts completely interchangeable. It means that nut buyers and importers can source nuts from around the world and dictate the prices for growers – even if it is below the cost of production. It means that in order to be competitive, nut growers have to plant larger and larger orchards, mechanize their production, and grow high-yielding nut varieties to ensure that they can sell their nuts on the international market. It means that local, traditional nut varieties are less and less available as the industry favors standardization. We've also lost one of the most important things: taste. In the industry's push for disease resistance, durability, and standardization, we've lost flavors, textures, and variety. Basis Nuts is trying to change this. We find the best-tasting varieties of nuts that are grown by small farmers around the world and import them to Denmark. We identify the variety, origin, and uniqueness about these nuts and target food-conscious consumers and chefs to make them realize what they've been missing. We want to highlight and preserve biodiversity and make people start to think about where their nuts come from.


Intro to Spirelykke Spirelykke is a startup established in Halden, but with customers in a national range so far.. We're on a mission to help people getting closer to them selves and nature, by helping them grow their own plants. By delivering courses digitally combined with sending them the right seeds, soil and equipment, we guarantee they will succeed, and they will be able to grow plants they have never done before. We create unique experiences for our customers in mastering new skills, combined with joy, satisfaction and happiness. Aka SPIRELYKKE.


We are planing to manufacture new generation green tech seedbed product and absorbent products. Our products solve many ongoing problems in industry waste water cleaning, growing forest and crops in desert areas etc. MICONE Group products save water, need for other fertilizers, they are non-toxic and even good for the environment. Also MICONE Group products are cheap to manufacture and has very good profit margin.

Live Klassisk

Live Klassisk is a new digital platform for classical music, providing easy access to all live classical concerts, festivals, ensembles and venues in Scandinavia. Our goal is to make classical music more approachable and engaging through a strong unified digital presence. The platform is the first of its kind for classical music and has a significant global potential in a big and widely respected industry that is - thankfully for us - lacking digital innovation. In spite of lockdown, our small team has already made a big impact on the classical music industry in Scandinavia in a very short time. Now is the time to think big and to expand - and for that we are looking for partners and potential co-founders. Live Klassisk is founded by a team of musicians and entrepreneurs from Denmark and Norway who are deeply passionate about classical music and who see the potential - and the cruciality - of combining arts and tech. Don't hesitate to hit us up if you think this is for you!

Orixe AS

Orixe solves the problem of counterfeit parts (pirate products) and supply chain uncertainty across multiple industries. This problem with counterfeit parts and false certificates is especially prevalent in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industry, but can be said to be a cross-industry problem. Counterfeit parts create problems for producers such as faulty products (as seen in the cases Fake medical masks, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or the Takata airbags), but also that goods do not adhere to regulations such as REACH and RoHS or comply with quality requirements. Companies risk severe financial damage such as: - loss in sales, - not meeting quality standards, - lawsuits and - lost reputation. The Orixe Platform has been developed in close cooperation with out pilot customer within the defense- and aerospace industry to solve the cross-industry problem of counterfeit parts. Orixe ensures integrity and transparency by tracing components country of origin and their adherance to regulations, i.e REACH and RoHS. The solution is a new way of combining database and blockchain that effectively and securely tracks transactions between companies. This creates a secure image of the supply chain which raises effectivity in quality- and supplier assurance. To make it easier for our customers to be sure of their suppliers quality standards and reduce time and effort spent on quality assurance, Orixe is also providing a solution that automates the process of auditing suppliers. Orixe is a company that is devoted to creating a more sustainable future. Many of the global challenges that we face today such as pollution, corruption and modern slavery are hidden i dark supply chains. By providing a solution that makes supply chains transparent we reduce the risk of unethical behavior within the supply chain, and help companies to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2nd Edit

2ND EDIT, the most stylish Nordic marketplace for pre-owned luxury and designer fashion. Buy, sell, share! 2ND EDIT was launched in 2015 by a team of 3 founders who recognized the need for an online platform that allowed people to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. 2ND EDIT creates a unique environment where all items are authenticated and checked before reaching the buyer, thereby eradicating the risks of purchasing counterfeits, mis-selling or mis-pricing items.

Teamwork Family

Follow the procedure at Teamwork Family’ platform and you will increase your chances of an amicable divorce considerably.Teamwork Family is an objectively portal that helps divorced parents make and navigate through the many difficult and important choices - before, during and after a divorce.You will have a tool there takes care of all the agreements made and keep track on the financial balance between you and your ex-spouse. And you keep track on who has the kids at any given day/time. We acknowledge that feelings and emotional needs often dominate the process of making a parental agreement. We can't do anything about the statistics, but we can help you handle the necessary agreements so that your divorce becomes more manageable. We have gathered the parental agreement, the division of property, and the financial agreement in one place. We provide you with an overview of both the details and the bigger picture making agreements more transparent, objective and fair.


We are empowering people to make more sustainable decisions when they are shopping for fashion items online. We believe the power to create a sustainable future sits with the individual consumer and brands so we are developing a whole sustainable fashion ecosystem to change the world! Our solution is a platform making shopping decisions easy.

Refillistic AB

Business as usual gives consumers a linear consuming alternative: buy, consume, and eventually pollute the environment. Recycling is not enough and cheap either. Packages pollute the world since their existence. Since the 1950s, approximately 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been produced in the world. Mapped plastic flows in Sweden ONLY in 2016/2017 are import + production: 2,411,000 tons, PET bottles: 25,000 tons, packaging: 325,000 tons. Plastics production and the incineration of plastic waste give rise globally to approximately 400 million tons of CO2 a year. Globally, 5 to 13 million tons of plastics (1.5 to 4 % of global plastics production) end up in the oceans every year. Less than 30% of such waste is collected for recycling. There are 250 recycling stations in Stockholm and in 2019 recycling of packaging is a maximum of 44%. Detergent packaging price is between 0.30-0.80 US$. Package free shops aren't accessible and convenient enough. Beside the plastic problems, consumers are looking for convenient shopping solutions. Food and grocery items delivery solutions such as Getir, Uber-eats, Delivery hero, etc... is a growing trend. But small amount delivery is not a environmental friendly solution. Finally, corporates and companies like Unilever, P&G, Coca Cola, Heineken, Suez, ISS Global need to show that they have sustainable solutions. Partnering with refilling solution companies will give them prestige and they also will be part of the solution. Convenient and sustainable shopping is possible. We build refilling solutions like refilling robots, refilling trucks, and package free online grocer website to replace shopping with packages. Start: Refillistic acts as the middle agent of FMCG such as detergent, pasta, disinfectant, flours, milk, ketchup etc. We will sell those consumer goods with a profit margin through our technological solutions as refilling robots in common/public areas (every 5th floor of a residential tower, common laundry rooms, etc.). Our refilling robots and trucks will replace shopping single-use packaging at groceries, our business model will replace business as usual and reusing habits in consumers will replace recycling. Our disruptive method is eliminating the extra cost and the waste of single-use packaging. When a consumer buys a product from Refillistic, It will create an positive impact on environment. Each refill will turn to a data about the reduction of single use plastic packages. This data will be shared with partner corporates and companies because they will be part of a convenient and sustainable solution. Refillistic shares the data and impact with them automatically, so they can share in their sustainability report or social media accounts as a proud partner. We expect consumers change their habit because the world is in climate crisis but waiting this takes so much time and effort. Let's give them a convenient shopping alternative by using technology in their green cities and use their resources which is single use plastic packages in sustainable way.

Screen Time Santa

As a child I used to do chores at home and study hard to get some money from my parents when getting an A in school. Mobile phones today are amongst the first devices children get familiar with and how these devices are being used has caused worries amongst parents. There are many solutions to help parents control and limit childrens use of mobile phones. But what if we could incentivise the "good use" of mobile phone?? A digital wallet to which parents will top up childrens allowence and children will get the money in their digital wallets when they use educational applications in their phones. The parents decide for themselves how much they want to reward the children. Since this is basically a digital wallet, it can be used just like a regular bank account for children as well. The children can get a Visa card to use their money from, they can save, invest, shop, send, donate. The parents can send money to the children in addition to the scheduled amount. The children receive educational videos to learn about the economics and value of long-term savings. The built-in AI observes the children's habits and offers better tools to improve the focus of the children's educational journey. Parents can decide which new apps the kids can download and use to get more money. We have already thought of tens of several tools to strengthen the relationship between young people and parents and we welcome your feedback and new ideas to improve our solution. Parents can separately promote different apps for their children and reward use on their own terms. We have researched the idea of ​​hundreds of parents and all have shown great interest in such a solution. The solution has been developed, but we need support for FI's EMI license to be able to perform debit cards and also marketing help. We have been asked to participate in the next round of Sting's accelerator program in January.