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Völur AS

Völur develops advanced AI models that optimize the use of raw materials in the meat industry, so customers create value by obtaining the most out of every animal and other scarce resources to satisfy market demand. Our disruptive tools are changing the meat industry from using traditional decision-making tools to using advanced AI models that recommend the most optimal and cost-effective production options


SafeBikely is developing the next generation bicycle parking. Smart and secure bicycle parkering with access from your smartphone, developed especially for municipalities and public transport companies to allow cyclist to take an higher share of todays transport-mix within cities. We hiring in Trondheim!


You can grow! gardenr is a coach, a source of inspiration and a climate friend, all in one app! When the garden is healthy and growing, you and the environment prosper. We help you to hassle free, manage your garden, in one place! the company is a start-up, with seed-funding, based in Lund at Stortorget.


Making cities more breathable starts by measuring, analyzing and understanding the data of air pollution. Sensorbee’s system is the perfect solution for cities that need an extensive hyper-local air quality measurements. Sensorbee AB is located in Linköping, Sweden and founded by David Löwenbrand.


With IPscreener everyone can validate their ideas in the innovation process! Why is this important? Because more than 50% av all innovation projects are indeed re-inventing known concepts! This is not sustainable innovation and an enormous waste of human resources, time and budget. What is the reason? 80% of the world-wide tech knowledge is hidden in patent documents only, where 90 % of it free to use. However, you need special skills and experience to explore this domain properly and it is hence often ignored. IPscreener solves this! From just a describing text, the semantic AI presents instantly a dashboard of the patent landscape with easy access to relevant documents, trends and highlights. This helps to identify and focus on and boost new ideas, by avoiding investing valuable efforts in reinventing the wheel. IPscreener is proven the best tool on the market by the Austrian Patent Office study published in autumn 2018/2019.


Healthcare facilities globally are facing a staff shortage and we’ve set out to solve this with the help of our plattform. At Cruitmed, we make it faster and easier for the healthcare providers to hire doctors and nurses at scale with our automated matching plattform. We believe that the healthcare sector itself has enough challenges and that having access to good and satisfied staff shouldn’t be one of them. Visit us at to learn more.


1- Our Mission We are on a journey to make Sailing Craft Design & Performance accessible. 2- How? We create quality, authoritative, and expert content related to Naval Architecture and Sailing Craft Design and make it accessible from the point of view of costs, availability, reliability, user experience, and reach. We strive to open up highly specialized subjects to a broader audience through an excellent presentation of information and currently accomplish our mission through: - online courses ( - articles ( - software ( - online community ( - social media Everybody is welcome to our Community. The only requirements are an unrestricted desire to learn, share knowledge, and constructively support others in their journey. 3- Why? - Passion: We are passionate about sailing craft and wind-assisted propulsion devices. - Love: We profess a deep love and respect for the Ocean. - Determination: We are driven by a healthy determination to reach beyond. We strongly believe our future well-being depends primarily on the ocean. Today, the ocean provides food and supports the livelihoods of over 3 billion people. It is an essential ally in the fight against climate challenges and a source of significant cultural, aesthetic, and recreational values. Around 80% of the ocean floor remains unmapped, and an estimated one million species have yet to be discovered. 4- About us We are passionate about Naval Architecture, Yacht Design, Sailing Craft, Sailing, and the Ocean. Some time ago, we challenged ourselves to design a sailing yacht, but we could not find professional, affordable, and easy-to-use tools to get our journey started. We decided to build them. Then, we created Navalapp. 5- Our values - Customer-centric We are committed to providing long-term value to our users and customers. - Trust We build trust in everything we do and work vigorously to earn it and keep it. - Willingness to succeed We have the ambition to become the best in what we do. - Deliver results We have high standards and are driven to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes. - Learning obsession We are curious about new possibilities and are willing to do things we haven't done before. - Team Player We are team players and work towards common goals. - Critical Thinker We are critical thinkers and dare to challenge decisions respectfully. Once the decision is made, we commit to it wholly. - Ownership We take ownership and proactive responsibility in all we do. 6- Social Media * Instagram: * Facebook: * LinkedIn: * YouTube: * Twitter:


Diwala is a Norwegian-based company that is focused on building opportunities for youth, addressing the global issue of identity theft and certification fraud. Today, displaced individuals and people in emerging markets are challenged by high costs and slow manual processes to verify the authenticity of their skills, identity and credentials. As a result, these individuals have to deal with tedious and out-dated credentialing processes, and are in some cases forced to repeat years of education. This leads to both loss of productivity and inflated unemployment. Imagine that you had to flee your own home because of war. Like Aıscha Najjar, a Syrian doctor turned refugee immigrated to the United States to pursue her dream of work & a safe home. Yet, due to loss of information, she was forced to repeat medical school in the United States. If she had a verifiable skill identity, she might have had the privilege of practicing medicine without any questions. Aıscha`s story amongst others epitomizes the challenge Diwala is addressing. To tackle this challenge, Diwala has created a platform that enables schools and NGOs to issue skill-based identities, backed by blockchain technology. A skill-ID is a digitally verified record of a person’s educational and work history. Diwala is building an ecosystem of trust, by enabling educational institutions and organizations to safely and digitally issue and verify credentials. This will, in turn, save all parties time, money and build a bridge for global work opportunities for untapped talent. Complementing the platform, Diwala has built an app that allows students to easily receive, store and share credentials of both soft and hard skills. By utilizing a decentralized identity management tool, Diwala’s application will also give people ownership of their data information. Diwala is currently executing pilots regularly, to optimize the features and security of the platform in both Kenya and Uganda. Working with their implementation partner Clarke University in Kampala, Diwala recently issued the first set of skill-identities to both students and administrators. These are the first ever digitally verified certificates backed by decentralized identity and blockchain in Africa

Brighteco AB

The Pitch We accelerate the shift to a more sustainable whole through circular economy. The What Sustainable habitats make heavy demands, for example, on planning, construction and management of both new and pre-existing settlement. Quality, knowledge and competence in the construction industry have a very important part to play in this connection. Housing and commercial premises account for roughly 30% of Sweden’s end use of energy and for about 7% of its total emissions of greenhouse gases. Electricity accounts for nearly half the sector’s energy use, followed by district heating (30%) and biofuels (10%) The How We are in the business of Enlightenment. Brighteco sells light as a continuous deployment service (LaaS). The customer pays to access the right light in the right place in exchange for an annual fee/sqm. All our products can therefore be individually adjusted and updated over time, and manufactured on recycled hardware without harm to the environment. A close relationship with the customer creates opportunities to use our infrastructure to create services related to security, information (gathering and communication) and facility management. • System of continuous deployment of hardware and service • Light sources that can be upgraded and adjusted • Recycled old flat screens as hardware • Integrating IoT Brighteco drives ideas and projects aimed at effectively maximizing the income from private and public sector activities in the short and long term. We do this by gradually adapting production, use and / or disposal of goods or services to the concept of sustainable development. The Why Since 2018, there is an ongoing shift in the Swedish market from buying lamps as a product to subscribing to Light as a service. Bollnäs Kommun (municipality) was the first public purchaser in Sweden, focusing on the aspects of light and sustainability at a larger scale, choosing Brighteco as their supplier. The contract is for 10 years, installation in classrooms is ongoing.

Equality Check

Equality Check is a platform catalyzing diversity through increased transparency and accountability. We provide a platform for crowdsourced anonymous reviews about perceived equality in the workplace. We empower people to drive change by adding a sense of urgency through increased transparency and raise their voice anonymously. We provide the ability to learn about other companies before choosing jobs and help other job seekers find a company where they will have equal opportunities.

Equality Check

Equality Check is a community-based platform catalyzing diversity through increased transparency and accountability. We provide a platform for crowdsourced anonymous reviews about perceived equality in the workplace. We empower people to drive change by adding a sense of urgency through increased transparency and raise their voice anonymously. We provide the ability to learn about other companies before choosing jobs and help other job seekers find a company where they will have equal opportunities.

Reach Active

The Pitch Reach has developed a 100% online physiotherapy app to help MSK pain sufferers (the #1 cause of disability globally) access quality and evidence based care and build up the active habits that are shown to most effectively treat and prevent pain. The What Pain management and prevention should be centred around a multidimensional approach - focusing on physical activity and exercise but also on building understanding of pain and the confidence in one's ability to deal with pain. Frustratingly, MSK pain is a global epidemic, and a lot of the current treatment is part of the problem, not the solution: 1. Still, too many health practitioners promote passive treatment approaches and passive coping strategies. 2. For most, the active approach that best treats pain requires active habits to be formed, which includes both belief and behaviour change. Sadly, no one offers this high-quality care in a way that supports habit change. At Reach, we build up people’s ability and confidence to self-manage, so they do not become dependent on health professionals. In everything we do, we strive to make recovery and prevention more reassuring, accessible and motivating. The How Currently patients complete a 8 minute online assessment and receive a personalised video exercise program, we then motivate and evolve their program to recovery. During your time with Reach, we’ll work with you to develop the confidence you need to stay active at your own pace, in a way that suits your lifestyle. We’ll also support you with ongoing educational material to make sure you fully understand what’s going on ‘under the bonnet’ of your pain. You’ll get access to new educational material at checkpoints throughout your road to recovery so that you can make informed choices about how best to deal with your symptoms and keep progressing. The Why This is where it all started, and what drives everyone at Reach, everyday. - We really believe in all the benefits of being active - social, stress relief, increased energy, better health and more. - And we admire all those trying their hardest to make themselves and their lives better - and I genuinely believe most people are trying their hardest in life (shout out to Brene Brown’s book on Shame and her ted talks for this learning). - There are loads of great tools and people helping you to be active and stay active, but when things go wrong and you’re held back by pain and injury, the available choices are all so frustratingly inconvenient, slow and boring. - SO, we are ‘empowering people when their active best is under threat’. And we hope that by helping people become stronger and move forward, we can help make their lives that much better, in-turn increasing their capacity to make the lives of those around them better, and bit by bit we’ll make the world that bit better.


Leanheat is the smartest solution for energy efficient building management. It is powered by internet of things and artificial intelligence. Leanheat ensures stable indoor conditions, makes building maintenance predictive and efficient and at the same time saves heating energy.


PulseOn is a provider of high quality Optical Heart Rate (OHR) solutions: modules, white label products and technology licensing for sports, healthcare and medical sectors. Our patented sensor solution and advanced algorithms provide scientifically validated continuous OHR detection in wide range of conditions, up to beat-to-beat resolution, allowing for heart rate variability analysis. PulseOn was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Finland with a subsidiary in Switzerland. Company is privately owned.

Buddy Healthcare

For hospitals and clinics that aim to digitize their operations, BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination platform that automates patient pathway coordination.