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Claned is a full learning solution – we provide our customers with everything they need when producing effective and engaging online courses from the platform to learning design and learning data and analytics services. Claned places the learner at the center. Our single most important aim is to improve learning outcomes. We achieve this by gathering data on learning and analyzing it according to academically validated pedagogical frameworks. The product concept is based on academic research and has been developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions. The Claned learning solution offers you Learning design services that will help you to get started and create engaging learning experiences online to improve learning outcomes. Learning data and analytics service ensures continuous development of your learning programs by providing insight and revealing what factors impact individual learning.


50% of the world’s natural resources are already being consumed in construction. And still, we have to provide adequate housing for 3 billion people, around 40% of the world's population. By 2060 the demand for construction materials will triple. This will have the significant negative impact on the environment.

Swanholm Technology AB

We strive to make exposed professions safer by making work wear smarter and connected. To us it’s a no brainer – every workplace should provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment. When you’re at work you may find yourself in vulnerable situations like working alone, in the dark, or during tough weather conditions you should never have to worry about “what if”. Unfortunately there are many exposed professions like truck drivers, construction workers, road side assistance provoders and so on where accidents (sometimes fatal) happen. We believe some of these could be avoided with the use of smart technology. We believe that by combining the ease of use (integrating the technology in the safety wearable you have to have anyway) there is nothing additional that the person need. With integrated AI for fall detection as well as entry/exit of work vehicle detection, together with the connectivity and location mapping we can help making these professions safer. If something were to happen, alarms can be sent so that the person can get help. We are a start-up that took over the development from a major Swedish automotive manufacturer in 2020. In 2022 we launched the first product called the Alert Vest. More products and digital solutions are in the making and will be introduced in the coming months.


Rekonnect combines both product and user success for greater oversight of medical devices - so you can collaboratively improve your customer relationships. Making medical device procedural training digital and accessible, and at the same time gathering valuable post-market data for compliance purposes and continuous innovation Today we are collaborating with seven MedTech companies in the Nordics that will test and verify our platform, and the plan is to fully launch during spring this year.

Orbital Machines

Orbital Machines designs and manufactures standardized electric propellant pumps for rocket engines, a key technology to dramatically reduce the cost of space travel and bring forth a new space age. We are currently working on projects for launch vehicles, lunar spacecraft and zero-emission aircraft.

Filler bite

Filler Bite was created in 2022 to help people become the best versions of themselves. We believe everyone has the potential to be great, and our main goal is to help people achieve this greatness. Our system of six nootropic blends helps provide energy, focus, memory support, brain and body protection, and improve sleep quality; everything you need to feel your best all day! Each filler bite consists of nourishing and performance-enhancing herbs wrapped in delicious rich chocolate protein - ensuring you love them as much as they love you.


RightHair is developing a global market and education platform for curly and afro-textured hair to help people and minority women solve the problems of lack of availability of products and services and women's challenges in being financially independent worldwide. Through RightHair we give women all over the world an opportunity to start their own businesses and be financially independent. We do this by creating a software platform to connect freelancers, retailers and hairdressers to their customers. And we top that off with a “skill share” community for education. People with curls and afro textured hair are excluded from offers and services in today's beauty industry. Also, financial abuse is one of the main reasons why women are unable to leave relationships, worldwide. These problems contribute to discrimination in society, that women with minority backgrounds end up outside society and this makes the poor poorer. Women of color are excluded from many of the existing offers worldwide. RightHair solves these problems by creating a market platform where all services and products meet. So that people with curly and afro textured hair always can find something in their area. We also solve women's job and financial challenges around the world by offering a platform on which they can sell their products and services. Here they also get the opportunity to take courses, learn how to start and build a business and collaborate with partners outside their network. RightHair was founded by Lalla Coulibaly and Olimata Jeng who both grew up in Norway with roots from Africa. Due to the lack of offers for themselves and their community, the ladies each started their own platforms. Over the past 5 years, Krø and Norwegian Naturals have grown into Norway's largest platforms for curly and afro textured hair with a total of 12,000 monthly users. now the ladies have teamed up to start RightHair as the question they get the most on their platforms is “where can I get my hair cut” and “where can I find products?''. Both ladies want to put time and energy into something that can contribute to women's opportunities and living conditions. This desire comes from their own experience as minority women in Norway with African roots.

Intelligent Employment Oy

IE provides forward-thinking recruitment and headhunting services throughout Europe. We are committed to shaping the future of recruitment by innovating our services through technical advantages, specialized industry knowledge, and a first-class customer experience. Future Technologies | Energy, Power & Renewables | Cleantech


Krevation is a modern creative agency, helping upcoming brands express their visions through virtual design, digital marketing and creative strategy. We're on a mission to create a new & modern plattform where new digital design artist thrives while building a strong brand for themselves. Both as designer & entrepreneur.

Blanc Stockholm

South Korea is known to be the beauty capital & is says to be leading in the industry. With the international rise of k-beauty, we became one of the first brands to create a hybrid between Scandinavian & Korean skincare. K-beauty are originally tailored to the hot & humid climate, which is the opposite from here. Our skincare products use korean's leading beauty innovations, while adapting them to European's demands. Introducing to a new type of k-beauty. Based on carefully selected ingredients to ensure the best quality, we have created a range of vegan & cruelty free skincare that combines Korean innovation with Scandinavian’s needs.


Swedish public meal services are regulated by law. We have identified a great conflict in combining a heavy compliance service with a great craftsmanship. The result is a situation where our children do not eat enough or not at all in school. This means an increased risk for long-term health and not the least concentration and energy throughout the day. School and canteen personnel struggle to live up to compliance in nutrition restrictions and other regulatory requirements. Climate KPI's such as food waste, budget constraints and at the same time ensuring that the children eat a nourishing and tasty meal is challenging and a balancing act which requires experience and tools with sophisticated data to support their work. We have identified three major areas for improvement; 1) Lack of a structured recurring way of collecting feedback from the public meal guests (children, school personnel), 2) There is only one player on the Swedish market offering an IT tool for planning and follow up the meal process. This is a monopoly situation and a huge risk of being irresponsible with tax money, not meeting the needs. The existing tools offered have a high focus on compliance and reporting and less on the guests and the taste and positive experience the meal should give. 3) The increasing alarms of children not eating in school and not getting satiated due to not enough nourishing meals. This is both a risk for the health of next generation and an unfair situation where the children should be served an equal meal wherever you live. We have several main target users. The main customer is the school management and the municipalities. As meal planning is a core process involving many stakeholders, all contributing to fundamental steps in the process, we also see important values to each of these user groups; dietitians, diet economists, meal planners, school chefs, teachers, students and caregivers. All user groups have been involved in our analysis. The function that got the most attention was the feedback function involving the guests. That is unique and there is no such service available in existing tools. It is also requested as the schools need to comply with the authority requirements of collecting feedback throughout the year as part of their meal policy. As we are planning to release our meal planning ecosystem over time, we have during the fall of 2021 carried out a proof of concept among 150 pupils and teachers focusing on one of the main problems - continuous feedback from guests - in a project called The result proved our concept and the feedback of our test came out very positive from the target groups. We want to offer an intelligent solution for meal planning that proactively suggests a tasty meal based on budget, sustainability, nutrition and rating. With artificial intelligence, business intelligence and interactive functionality, the users will be guided in the meal planning process with engaging and simple interfaces. The core of Intellimeal is situation-based recommendations heavily relying on data locally and globally creating automated meal planning whenever needed and requested. Intellimeal contributes to reducing food waste and at the same time improving knowledge and understanding of sustainable patterns of consumption. We want to contribute to educating the next generation in nutritious food choices to prevent life-style related diseases. We want to work proactively and support the school lunch system with automated and simplified meal planning that result in a more equal and fair meal experience nation-wide, regardless of what the municipalities spend in school lunch budgets and chef experience. This is our contribution to a more sustainable world and to meet the goals of Agenda 2030.


Hyperlab was founded in 2013 and has since grown into an ambitious team of creatives and technologists with a shared focus on quality, user experience and sustainable growth. We are in the business of creating digital tools and experiences that help people understand and engage with the world around us.


SASU er en livsstilstjeneste plattform som kobler kunder med tjenesteleverandører innen kategoriene skjønnhet, hår, fitness og helse. SASU er en plattform som gjør det enklere for kunder å komme i kontakt med profesjonelle tjenesteytere innen livsstil. Tjenestene vi fokuserer på er innen fitness, helse, skjønnhetspleie og hår. Med "når du vil, hvor du vil" mener vi at du kan be tjenesteyteren utføre tjenesten på en lokasjon av ditt valg - hjemme, på arbeidsplassen, i parken, på hotellet, osv. Du sender en forespørsel og tjenesteyteren godkjenner. Så enkelt er det! Å ta seg tid til selvpleie/egenpleie i en travel hverdag, kan være utfordrende. Slik bør det ikke være! Tjenesten SASU sitt formål er å gjøre det enklere for deg å prioritere egen velvære og helse. Via SASU kommer du i kontakt med mobile leverandører (“SASU Pro”) som kan møte deg der du er og da slipper du bl.a. upraktiske åpningstider, trafikk-kork og vansker med å finne en parkeringsplass. Våre leverandører (SASU Pro) og kunder er ID-sjekket. Og vi lar både tjenesteytere og kunder skrive anmeldelser og varsle til oss dersom noen har negativ atferd. "Livsstilstjenester der du er" er et nytt konsept som vi tester ut. Vi setter pris om du kan hjelpe oss å videreutvikle både konseptet og nettstedet Du kan gjøre dette ved å fortelle oss om hvordan du opplever nettstedet og hvordan du opplever å være kunde eller leverandør hos oss. Fortell oss gjerne også om vi kan tilby deg andre tjenester via nettstedet. Del gjerne dine tanker på

Silmux Oy

The World Health Organization has dubbed stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. Public premises and offices often lack calm, relaxing, and ergonomic private spaces for people to alleviate stress. In addition, easy-to-use tools exist for measuring stress markers, but they are not providing instant help in improving them and relieving stress and anxiety. Silmu provides an experiential private space to recharge, focus, and relax in public premises where privacy is missing. Silmu is designed for offices and public spaces to help people to measure their wellbeing and instantly alleviate stress and anxiety with content and modern wellbeing technologies such as biofeedback.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is prop-tech startup offering workspaces on-demand (Space-as-a-Service). With our membership you can find, book and work at hundreds of coworking spaces. Use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company. We boost the sharing economy while giving employees the workplace flexibility and freedom they deserve. Visit us Download app Email us at Facebook/Instagram