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IO-dit AB

IO-dit is a start-up based in Malmö founded in 2020 where we develop smart farming solutions. We improve water and other resources use and efficiency, by deploying smart irrigation systems that allow to reduce water consumption up to 30% and increase crop yields up to 40%. Our mission is to decrease working hours and water waste in farming.

TempusOpus AB

Healthcare in Sweden is not great. Why is that? Research, innovation, and breakthroughs happen in healthcare every day and we have so many smart people working in our hospitals and primary care. Why are the results lacking? We see the main reason is that the healthcare system we use today is still 20-30 years behind what is possible today. We at TempusOpus want to drive horizontal innovation in healthcare, cutting away the administration, making sure the information is standardized and private, but also shareable, bringing power back to the patient. Vi stĂ€ller de högsta krav pĂ„ oss sjĂ€lva och pĂ„ vĂ„rt arbete! Vi pĂ„ TempusOpus Ă€r en dedikerat grupp som har som sin mission att spara sĂ„ mycket tid det gĂ„r, för dig och dina kollegor inom sjukvĂ„rden sĂ„ att ni kan fokusera pĂ„ att ta hand om patienterna: – Vi kĂ€mpar mot onödigt administration – Vi kĂ€mpar för arbetsmiljön – Vi kĂ€mpar för ökad transparans och bĂ€ttre planering Vi jobbar för att spara din tid – sĂ„ att du kan rĂ€dda liv!


We are building an operating system and marketplace for AI: Conject. Conject can be seen as an operating system as it is intended to provide a standerdized and intuitive way to use and create AI applications. It can be seen as a marketplace because you will be able to buy and sell AI applications on the platform. A more encompassing analogy would be that we are building the Windows of AI, with a microsoft store that people actually want to use. The first service available is an automatic summarizer, with promising applications for lawyers.

Joku Muu APP

Joku Muu is an application-based start-up company specializing in short-term temporary employment services in several fields of business. The application was published 11/2020. Today’s rapidly changing environment has set new demands on human resources in all fields of business. The unstable world situation and the clumsiness of traditional recruitment processes made us take action. We set out to solve the problem in a company-centric way by using modern digital tools. Our slogan "work gigs and employees with just one click" reflects our ideology and the operating principle of our application. At first, our primary market is Tampere region. After having gained ground in Tampere region, we will further our marketing operations into a Finnish-wide scale. Our scalable business model enables internationalization even on a fast schedule.

Sensorem AB

Sensorem is a Stockholm based tech start up that enables seniors to age safely and independently in their private homes by creating “Smart homes” (IoT) applied and customized for seniors. At Sensorem, you get to work with the latest technology to shape and solve the enormous challenges of an aging population. The first product/service launched on the market is a stylish smart watch that the senior wears, and relatives have access to our app. When accidents or unexpected events occurs, relatives receives notifications and gets called up by the watch (and may act). Sensorem's service has the potential to make a real difference for millions of seniors who want to be able to live safely and independently in their private homes. By joining Sensorem today, you will be an important part of fulfilling this vision!

Moseholm Yoga

Moseholm Yoga offers yoga sessions across Copenhagen, indoor and outdoors. As well as online yoga sessions on different platforms, and international yoga retreats. Moseholm Yoga inspires people to breathe deep, move with ease and feel good. Spreading bliss and positive vibrations. Besides drop in yoga, Moseholm Yoga offers yoga sessions to closed groups, companies and one to one sessions. Plus non paid, non profit, giving yoga sessions to a group of homeless women in Copenhagen. We always have new ideas and dreams to make come true


Sweden's leading job marketplace within Tech. Demando is a marketplace that matches tech talent with the Swedens most innovative companies. Demando combines intelligent and unbiased job matching and career counseling to help people find a job they love. Through Demando, candidates are anonymous and have transparency into salary offers, perks competing opportunities, and job details.


Compensate's purpose is to prevent climate change and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The foundation uses the compensation payments in full to purchasing emissions reduction units. Compensate is committed to bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, feel a sense of belonging, and do amazing work together. We’re looking for talented individuals who want to roll up their sleeves and join us in providing solutions to mitigate climate change. If you’re a kind, passionate, collaborative problem-solver and are looking for a new opportunity to make a difference, join us!

Go Zebra

Go Zebra er non-profit forening, der trĂŠner bĂžrn i innovation og ivĂŠrksĂŠtteri med udgangspunkt i verdensmĂ„lene. Vores vision er at skabe en bĂžrneivĂŠrksĂŠtterbevĂŠgelse af kreative, idĂ©rige bĂžrn med selvtilid, handlekraft og mod til at turde gĂžre en forskel for sig selv - og andre. Go Zebra har trĂŠnet ivĂŠrksĂŠttermuskler pĂ„ 350+ bĂžrn pĂ„ akademier og camps i fritiden i samarbejde med bl.a. FN, Too Good To Go, Ældresagen og Lego Ventures.

Transfer Galaxy

At Transfer Galaxy, we have developed a digital platform for cross-border remittances. With the help of technology, we make remittances cheaper, safer and smarter while helping some of the world's poorest to save on expensive fees when sending money to support their loved ones. We are backed by some of the most prominent investors in the Nordics.


Solved is a marketplace for sustainability-related knowledge work where you can find, hire and work with the experts you need to create smart, sustainable and resource-efficient solutions. Solved helps you get important work done more efficiently through a combination of on-demand expert advice, and a set of collaboration, ideation, and co-creation tools. Our agile workforce and workplace solutions will help you innovate and tackle complex initiatives that require specialized expertise faster than ever before.

Travel Roots

We are a Stockholm based tour company that promotes purpose driven travel that supports communities, sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and small businesses abroad and locally. Whether you’re seeking adventure, corporate travel planning services, volunteering abroad, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, or getting off the beaten track – we offer uniquely designed travel experiences.

Overstellar Solutions AB

We are developing Biologg, which is an app that is both a mobile game and a citizen science platform. The app uses gamification to motivate users to log observations of real animals and plants in nature by taking photos. The data that is collected will then be shared with researchers in order to protect endangered species and track the effects of climate change. The photos that are collected can in the future be used to build an image recognition system that can help users identify species.


We innovate and create in the intersection between health and society. Our aim is to always take a preventive approach on health and behaviour.  In all our projects we use multidisciplinary teams to help solve huge and complex problems.  At all stages of our processes we work without stress and with great respect for the individuals we create for and who creates.


iOpinions arbetsprocess pÄbörjas med att vi undersöker era medarbetares svar för att sedan jÀmföra de pÄ gruppnivÄ. DÀrefter redovisar vi en rapport för er ledningsgrupp dÀr vi belyser era styrkor och förbÀttringsomrÄden. Sedan pÄbörjas ett förbÀttringsarbete för att ni skall kunna göra ett hÀlsobokslut för er organisation. Det följs sedan upp med en ny undersökning. Vi kallar det för ett hÀlsoÄr. iOpinion Àr grundat av erfarna entreprenörer i StockholmsomrÄdet med en bakgrund inom IT och hÀlsa. PÄ vÄrt kontor mittemot Norrsken Àr det högt i tak, samtalen pendlar mellan högt och lÄgt och det finns alltid nymalet kaffe. Hos oss Àr ingen dag den andra lik, men varje dag försöker vi skapa en bÀttre vÀrld i kombination med att ha roligt.