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Here at Cetasol, we believe the transition to a more sustainable future is all about people. We create AI-powered energy optimization solutions in marine sustainability, for small and medium-sized vessels. It's important to us to work closely with our customers and users, to make our solutions match their needs as closely as possible. Our first innovation is the iHelm platform, which offers eco-driving guidance for short sea vessels as well as predictive maintenance, actionable analytics, and sustainability training of crew over time. Our iHelm platform is a hassle-free subscription service, that develops and improves over time, to the benefit of you as a customer. Cetasol - your Northern star towards sustainability.


We are a deep-tech, hard-science brain health company based in Stockholm, dedicated to bring neuroscience from the labs to the people. We design digital therapeutics using novel methods of biofeedback and immersive VR that affect you at a subconscious level, bringing long-lasting benefits. We make tools to help people develop mental fortitude to thrive in an uncertain world.

Again Technology

Again is a climate-fintech start up. Our goal is to drive large-scale change for a more sustainable world. We have previously developed, produced and sold millions of products that no one really needs. That's not something we are particularly proud of today. At the same time, it has given us invaluable experience within the fields of consumer products, e-commerce and retail. Again builds on that experience, and a strong drive to create a more sustainable world faster. At the core of Agian is an app that gives people the ability to push companies towards becoming more sustainable by leveraging their historic card transactions, while giving companies a clear reason and better tools to increase the pace of change.


CareerX is on a mission to help people find their next career path with a focus on discovering in-demand careers that fits them. Our vision is a workforce where everyone is at their right place at the right time. Professionals usually have little to no help assessing their profile or finding their dream career path. Our first product Career Analytics help them to define the next step in their career - regardless of if it’s big or small - making them feel smart, inspired, and confident in whatever step they choose. By combining their actual work experience with their personality, we give them personalized insights to act upon.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is prop-tech startup offering workspaces on-demand (Space-as-a-Service). With our membership you can find, book and work at hundreds of coworking spaces. Use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company. We boost the sharing economy while giving employees the workplace flexibility and freedom they deserve. Visit us Download app Email us at Facebook/Instagram


Petropolis is a data driven PetTech company. Our mission is to make the lives of pets and pet owners smoother. We run It's a Dog' s Life, a digital platform for everything dog related. Our platform connects dog lovers with relevant experts and corporates, providing mutual benefits to all parties involved: a) Dog lovers benefit from neutral, high-quality and distinctive dog related content and digital services which inform, educate and entertain. So far, we have launched a classifieds section where serious dog owners can buy and sell dogs, a week-by-week calendar to help dog owners better understand their dogs' physical and mental development, an interactive insurance guide and a breed guide to help potential dog buyers find their perfect match. b) Dog experts get an opportunity to share their content with a much broader audience, a platform for building their personal brand, and a new way of making a living off of their passion. c) Last but not least, corporates like pet insurers, vets and dog food producers get access to a well targeted marketing platform, high quality leads and unparalleled curated data and insights into the lives of dogs and their owners. Come join us in making the lives of pets and pet owners smoother! The Petropolis Team


Elval exist because there is a need for transparency in the Swedish start up market. Elval aims to show which prices that are best and offer nice offers for consumers so they are able to regularly see which prices that are the best. Elval also wants to offer agreements on electricity that suits if you want environmental friendly prices with campaign.


Arealize is working to ensure that the future wave of offices are designed with efficiency in mind. We are working with Norwegian real estate companies on developing a generative design tool for creating energy-efficient interior design solutions for offices. Today, this is done by technical personnel in a manual, slow and expensive process, due to the large amount of data sources and parameters that need to be considered. We want to modernize this process and provide innovative commercial real estate companies with an AI-driven generative design solution for quickly drawing up early-stage floor plans, cutting this process from weeks to just a few hours. Sustainability in the real estate industry is a challenge which both The EU and the Norwegian government are constantly fighting to improve. Energy efficiency standards and environmental certifications contribute to greener office spaces, but fail to solve the issue of inefficient interior planning. The core of the issue today is that all planning is done manually. By utilizing machine aided design, we want to allow offices to quickly generate several high-quality floor plans for any given building. This will ensure that office spaces can be healthy both for workers and the environment by cutting down on energy use. Additionally, this will give the tenants more than one floor plan to chose from and let them find their dream office in minutes as opposed to weeks.


ShieldME develops a smart and insightful solution for monitoring residents in nursing homes. By introducing AI and digitalisation to the nursing home sector, we are bridging technology and care to increase the quality of care and bridging the existing nurse-gap. The elderly population over 65 years old is increasing rapidly at the same time as the nurse shortage in Europe is already projected to be over 600,000. This shortage is disproportionately affecting elderly in healthcare facilities. The Covid-19 pandemics have really highlighted the current care crisis.


Talentrator is a software developer marketplace with a community of 14 500+ developers. We enable startups in the Nordics to supercharge their growth by securely finding and hiring the best pre-vetted international software developers to their own payroll. All developers go through our smart tests and are uniquely presented, which ensures you can focus on growing instead of hiring.


Repairable is providing fashion retailers and brands a toolbox for circular services and infrastructure to back it , as well as compliance readiness and green competence in the local market, -improving customer experience and loyalty through competence, services, care products  and community.The reason we get up in the morning is to prolong average garment active  lifetime, reduce textile waste and engage consumers, stores and brands in a circular fashion economy.


Nightingale Health is a pioneering biotech company aiming to solve the global chronic disease crisis, so that everyone can live a healthier life, in healthier societies. We develop pioneering solutions that help realise the active prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. With our proprietary blood analysis technology backed up by over 200 peer-reviewed publications, we reveal unique molecular insights that are invisible using standard technologies. To further push the boundaries of the current health industry, we have united expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds. We're a versatile team of tech, science and business experts, designers, data wranglers and entrepreneurs on a mission to create a new paradigm for health - one that focuses on keeping people healthy.

Smart Symbiotech AS

We are a Norwegian multicultural research and development company in the fields of wastewater treatment and biogas production. Our focus is firstly, on technology development for effective nutrient management schemes with innovative separation and aggregation processes for biofertiliser products. On the other hand, consultancy services and operation-training packages in the aforementioned industries, are part of our activities for effective waste management procedures for compliance with env. regulations.  Emilio Alvarenga: Originally from Honduras and living in Norway since 2011. I am a very enthusiastic person with a solid background (PhD) in water treatment and renewable energies. I am the CEO of the company and I like to work as part of a team.Dorina Jamniczky: She is from Hungary and lives in Budapest! She is very efficient and she is currently taking a Bachelor degree in Bioengineering. She is kind and has great ideas for the company. She is our CTO and she is pure talent!Lene Elisabeth Storengen: Norway is her home country and she is our Marketing and PR officer. She is very creative and has social skills that she's using in our company. She is also an entrepreneur and she aims to invest in cultural-values, environmental and humanitarian companies.

Yatek Solutions AS

Yatek is on a mission to help millions of people suffering from social anxiety, and we are doing this by developing a tool for psychologists to treat patients with social anxiety faster and more efficiently through VR-based exposure therapy treatment. 400 million people suffer from social anxiety, and that number is growing rapidly. Yet there are not nearly enough therapists to meet demand, and this shortfall is set to get worse. Social anxiety disorder causes an extreme fear of negative judgment in social settings, and left untreated it can lead to social avoidance that can disrupt a person's life. The common practice for treating social anxiety is exposure therapy, which is gradual exposure to situations causing fear. This is typically assigned as homework for the patient to do on his/her own time, often with sub-optimal results due to a high drop-out rate and the exercises being done improperly. Yatek is redefining exposure therapy through our solution of customizable virtual simulations of social interactions, and quantification of patients' progress, that allows for personalized treatment, and for the therapist to supervise exercises carried out by the patient while at the clinic. Our solution is grounded in years of research and combines neuroscience with VR & AI applications to develop 3D environments and interactions with human avatars. We are also developing our own proprietary hardware that allows the patient to navigate in a user-friendly and intuitive manner through virtual social situations, without moving in physical space. We are three founders with a burning passion for using state-of-the-art technology, innovative business models, and taking a scientific approach to solve problems that really matter. Tackling mental health is beneficial to every single part of society, but in our opinion, mental illness has unfortunately been underprioritized and underfunded on the global health agenda for way too long. We believe that now, more than ever, there needs to be a shift in perception, where mental health must be seen with just as much importance as physical health. A bit about the founders' background: Dr. Annelene Dahl, CSO & Co-founder, has a psychology and neuroscience background and she did her Ph.D. at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience. The company is partially based on her research, and she has also previously worked with VR-based exposure therapy for phobias. Lars Traaholt Vågnes, CTO & Co-founder, has a background as a machine learning engineer and has spent the last 5 years developing cutting-edge AI applications. He has also founded 3 AI-first startups, both in Norway & China. Heidi Frost Eriksen, CEO & Co-founders, has a background in management and B2B sales. She has also been part of getting the fundamentals down in the international scale-up process for 2 startups, including go-to-market strategies, driving sales & strategic partnerships, building teams, and securing sufficient funding. Our mission is to let therapists treat more patients in less time, with increased quality, to help bridge the massive gap between the demand for mental health care therapy and the current capacity of therapists to meet demand, and we are always looking for people interested in being part of our journey.


Ultrahack is a fast-paced innovation challenge consultancy company, that is providing opportunities across the globe. Our expertise and process enable corporate and SME clients to embed digital innovations into their strategies. We have successfully executed well over 150 challenges in over 12 countries through our end to end hackathon processes, with clients such as NASA, Ericsson, European Space Agency, to name a few.