More than 40% of the electrical energy in office environments is used outside working hours. CO2 in buildings has too high a level, which gives sick employees and students who lose 12% of their learning ability. Ventilation is often oversized by 10-20% due to uncertainty about CO2 levels, which have not been adequately investigated and measured. Often, consulting firms offer a measurement over 30 days. The measurements are only a snapshot of the real picture, which does not take into account the season and number of people in the room. VOCs in buildings are more harmful than first thought. VOC combined with too high CO2 can cause allergic reactions and over time develop asthma. The solution for reducing electricity consumption is to use intelligent automation and with behavior control. A sensor can be set up in areas that are used that automatically turn on the light when there is a person present. Several companies offer this solution, but if it is to be used for something, the devices must send data to the central server, after which you can analyze when and how much. The data set provides better management and control. For the CO2 problem, sensors are set up in the premises. The problem with existing sensors on the market is they have to be mounted with cable that is led maybe 100m away to a central box. It is both expensive and often not without surprises, especially for older buildings where drawings are often not updated. Sawux solves several of the mentioned problems. Sawux is a combination of 5 sensors in the same unit that measure and operate wirelessly. The sensors have access to a Cloud server, where data is collected every minute. Then data can be analyzed and given a real picture over time, which forms the basis for the right decision and correct ventilation systems. Sawux fits into existing 230V electrical environment and does not require cabling, boxes, battery or external power supplies. Sawux connects to the Internet via standard WiFi, which is found in all modern buildings. Sawux's solution is very cost effective and user friendly which is able to provide valid data. The Sawux system comes with an app. and web based energy management system, where you can at any time perform analysis of the building completely at the contact level.
Location Stenlille
Founded 2014
Employees 1-10
Industries Energy & Greentech
Stage Go to market
Business model B2B, B2G
Funding state Series A

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