Pizza Records

Pizza records is a premium ghost pizza restaurant from Finland, operated by a network of independent & individual kitchens. Pizzas are only available as take-aways. Pizza records can be associated a bit to soul food, inspired by afro-american music & food culture, traveling and music history. Analogies can be made to the music world and more specifically to the shape/visuals of vinyls. While having a touch of nostalgia through the analogies to past tunes, music & culture, pizza records should be marked by modernity traits through colours, fronts for example. Pizza records will have a good selection of vegan/plant based options to match the values of our customers
Location Finland
Founded 2020
Employees 1-10
Industries Food & Beverage
Business model B2C
Funding state Bootstrapping

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Pizza Records

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Remote work allowed

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Founder, CEO

Fabien Fedy