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Nor² is a developer and a cloud platform for running FaaS and container like workloads. The complexity of container-based micro-services makes both development and operations challenging. At present, developers are required to create, update, and maintain networking code often without having a clear understanding of how the underlying networking frameworks, libraries and protocols works. This is not only time consuming and challenging from a developer’s perspective, but the security aspect is also another critical issue to be addressed. The team behind Nor² have both the background and knowledge of this problem area from facing these issues in our day to day job building globally distributed systems. Additionally, when our CEO was working for one of the major IAAS providers as a Solutions Architect he met customers every day that were struggling with the complexity of building scalable, reliable, performant, cost effective and secure software. Right now, most systems are built on top of containers and orchestration systems. And these systems have fundamental flaws that makes them hard to work with, especially if using multiple clouds. The environment is extremely complex, and we have seen even some of the most talented experts in container technology in the world struggle with this and face operational outages that have costed them tens of millions of dollars. We are about to change that. What our compute platform will do ( in short) is simplify and streamline cloud computing by: Optimize the Businesses We understand that businesses rely on the cloud for critical operations, but unfortunately, many cloud providers fall short in delivering reliable and efficient services. Our patent pending technology ensures that your business can handle even the most demanding workloads with ease at a fraction of the cost of today. Enhance the Developer experience. We believe that great apps come from developers using tools they love. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. nor² makes the processes of deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as simple and straightforward as possible, so developers can focus on what’s most important: building great apps that delight and engage customers. As of April 2023 our platform is live, we have one patent pending and another patent that will be handed in now in the end of this month. We are currently in an onboarding process with our first customer and we are now ready to talk to investors about future possibilities.
Location Sweden
Founded 2022
Employees 1-10
Industries IT & Software, SaaS, Science & Engineering, IoT
Business model B2B
Funding state Seed

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Flexible working hours

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Remote work allowed

“our long term vision is to build an ecosystem of products that allow you to run your applications anywhere, in any cloud, datacenter, personal device, IoT device, automotive or aerospace”

Timmy Silesmo, Technichal Arcitect and CEO of nor² (NorSquared)




Founder, CEO

Timmy Silesmo

Founder, CTO

Lukas Sandholm Duberg

Founder, CFO/COO

Nimer Björnberg