iNANOD AS is a nanotechnology based anticancer drug developing company operating from Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator established in 2016.  The objective is to increase efficacy of cancer drugs and to reduce unintended side-effects for cancer patients and maximize their longevity. We have a strong group of people to deliver on the promise which comprises of our collaborators, scientific advisors and business advisors.   Our aim is to become a pharmaceutical company for anti cancer nanomedicines.  We will take a comprehensive approach, using collaborative research from many small projects and existing literature and infrastructure. Our team consisting of experts within nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine. Our partnerships with research institutions, makes us well suited for developing and commercialising this technology. As the focus is on improved delivery, the technology can greatly improve safety and efficacy of existing cancer drugs. Moreover, the costly development of new drugs will not be necessary. Monetisation and exit will therefore be available in an earlier phase than normal within pharmaceutical development, through selling IPR to established pharmaceutical companies after clinical phase IIa. The Norwegian Research Council has granted our pre-project application in NANO 2021 call and research has started in August 2017. Innovasjon Norge has also supported us with mentoring hours. We are a member of Oslo Cancer Cluster now.
Location -
Founded 2016
Employees 1-10
Industries Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Science, Service
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