Succeed with your business processes - and get more time for other things   Gluu lets you and your colleagues digitalise your processes, work instructions, tasks, case flows and forms.   One, integrated platform that removes the friction of working together with business processes, work instructions and recurring tasks. The road to process success is littered with failures. Managers start out already knowing the importance of keeping process flows simple and easy to understand. They also know that effective work instructions are short and visual. Most are fully aware that processes must be connected with each other and with their organisations’ goals. Some have even realised that for each process to reflect how work is actually done then it must be managed by people that are close to it. Yet still they fail. So did we. Before Gluu we worked in organisations ranging from 50 to 120,000 employees. We succeeded in mapping flows, setting up systems and organisational roles but we didn’t succeed in getting our colleagues to fully embrace their new ways of working. We delivered the projects and checked off the boxes. However, we failed to see the long term change in behaviors that would result in the simplicity, the transparency, the quality and the savings that we were looking for in the first place. The task of keeping so many processes alive and relevant as our organisations and markets developed was simply too much. Gluu is built on the insight that in order to succeed with common ways of working we need to make it easier for our colleagues to work in the standard way. To achieve this we’ve created a single, integrated platform that removes the friction from mapping flows, creating instructions, distributing recurring tasks and keeping all these moving parts updated, connected and communicated to the right people. Now, seven years later the Gluu platform is enabling dozens of companies from Greenland to New Zealand to succeed with their business processes. We wake up everyday to think about how to remove more friction and make the road to process success easier to travel…
Location Denmark
Founded 2011
Employees 1-10
Industries SaaS
Business model B2B
Funding state Pre-seed

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Remote work allowed

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Founder, CEO

Søren Pommer