Welcome to the freedom economy 🎉 🔥 What are we doing? At Factofly we are enabling freelancers to say goodbye to administration for good by handling every headache related to the work of a freelancer, side-hustler or gig-worker: Tax, VAT, insurance, compliance, and payment handling. The average freelancer spends 13.6 hours a month on administrative work. Time that should be spent on delivery and development of new and existing customers. We proudly hand back that time to help freelancers work without worrying. 🚀 Where are we now and where are we going? As of right now, we are moving ahead at a neck-breaking pace, growing with double digits every month. It's as exciting as it is tough. New freelancers are choosing us every day, and the focus in our small and tight-knit team is to manifest our position in the Danish market before heading abroad. ❤️‍🔥 The vision Our core job is to make freelancing a happy and worry free career choice enabling the individual to choose freedom and flexibility. We are building the last tool the freelancer need to pursue their dream life, with a fully global solution covering every need from invoicing and administration to customer handling, credit card, insurance and pain-free relocation opportunities. 🤩 You should join us if: - You are curious and like to get your hands dirty - You like to win - Have an understanding that joining a startup means that things change often - You are comfortable with things changing often - You like to see your work making people happy - You like to be part of, and contribute to, an energetic culture where we have fun and look after each other 😨 You shouldn't join us if: - You find it difficult to find answers on your own - You need a ready-made playbook to work - You lack the discipline to set your own deadlines - You avoid taking ownership - You don't like almond croissants
Location Denmark
Website factofly.com
Founded 2020
Employees 1-10
Industries Fintech
Business model B2B
Funding state Seed

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“Factofly is on a mission is to help freelancers work without worrying by offering the most flexible administration solution possible. ”

Jannik Flor Borg, CEO & Founder

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Founder, CEO & Founder

Jannik Flor Borg


Jeppe Borg


Steve Johnstone

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Laura Holm Jørgensen


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