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Are you someone who understands business and how it ticks - but also deeply wants to help speed up the global transition to a fair, gentle and healthy world? Then we'd love to meet and work with you!

The Hive Initiative is looking for a Business-minded Cofounder to help us further develop, test and sell our product offerings - which will both provide revenue and drive impact.

We've been around for nearly 5 years as a group of volunteers around the world prototyping solutions to make it easier for companies to scale their climate education and mitigation efforts. In the past year our founder Erin, a product designer with 20 years of Silicon Valley experience, left her corporate job to focus on developing the Hive Initiative full time. While we've come pretty far with prototyping a suite of solutions and made some great partnerships with other climate orgs, there is a big need for sales and business development. This is why we need you :-)

This is a new founding moment- meaning you will have a direct and profound effect on the direction the Hive Initiative takes next. You will partner directly with Erin to develop this.

Here's what we are looking for in you:

  • Strong networking skills

  • Passion and determination for sales

  • Creative mind for funding possibilities

  • Strategic mindset

  • Experience with leading or being a part of a startup

  • Experience leading and developing a team

  • Wellbeing-focused mindset in team development

  • Ability to work for a while without income

  • Can work in person in Oslo

  • Legally allowed to work in Norway

  • Shared vision of a fair and healthy world

Here's what we can offer:

  • Ownership stake in the Hive Initiative

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Ability to shape what we become

  • Family atmosphere

The planet is our hive. Come help us create our beautiful future.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

Unlimited holiday
Unlimited holiday

Equity package
Equity package

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Work life balance
Work life balance

Working at
Hive Initiative

The Hive Initiative is creating tools to help companies integrate adaptation and mitigation efforts within their organisation through design-thinking workshops and implementation frameworks. As our planet warms and ecosystems continue to change, businesses will be increasingly required to make meaningful- and reportable- changes. As most people do not have a background in environmental science, it can be challenging to understand the full picture and how roles can be adapted. And while sustainability courses and seminars convey knowledge, it remains challenging to keep the energy high, the culture empowered, and the knowledge put into practice. The Hive Initiative’s Mini Climate Summit makes it easy to address these challenges. It brings employees together in real time to learn science-based facts and then gives them a forum to collaborate on solutions. With ideas captured and implemented, KPIs are met, ESG requirements are fulfilled and culture is strengthened. The result: more minds that help make company sustainability more active, enabled and empowered, which in turn makes society more educated and resilient. We are a group of people with high levels of climate anxiety- but also high levels of optimism. We want to use our skills in design and communication to make it easier for everyone to stay educated, hopeful and empowered, which will make it much easier for all of us to adapt to our changing world. As the founder, I wanted to work on solutions every day, and did so while having a day job. After 4 years, myself and my collaborators have built up a good product prototype, solid relationships with other climate orgs, and solid vision of what we hope to achieve. So it was the right time to focus on this fully. I really do believe that all of us want a world that is fair for everyone and is in harmony nature. We just have to figure out how to get there.

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