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Welcome to the video first world

From your everyday PowerPoint presentations to Hollywood movies, AI will transform the way we create and consume content. Today, people want to watch and listen, not read — both at home and at work. If you’re reading this and nodding, check out our brand video.

Despite the clear preference for video, communication and knowledge sharing in the business environment are still dominated by text, largely because high-quality video production remains complex and challenging to scale—until now….

Meet Synthesia

We're on a mission to make video easy for everyone. Born in an AI lab, our AI video communications platform simplifies the entire video production process, making it easy for everyone, regardless of skill level, to create, collaborate, and share high-quality videos. Whether it's for delivering essential training to employees and customers or marketing products and services, Synthesia enables large organizations to communicate and share knowledge through video quickly and efficiently. We’re trusted by leading brands such as Heineken, Zoom, Xerox, McDonald’s and more. Read stories from happy customers and what 1,200+ people say on G2.

In 2023, we were one of 7 European companies to reach unicorn status. In February 2024, G2 named us as the fastest growing company in the world. We’ve raised over $150M in funding from top-tier investors, including Accel, Nvidia, Kleiner Perkins, Google and top founders and operators including Stripe, Datadog, Miro, Webflow, and Facebook.

About the job

We’re hiring a Senior Product Manager to oversee the research efforts behind our avatars.

You will significantly shape our technology and research roadmap. You'll be working very closely with our Head of Product, other PMs, Researchers, Engineers, and Research Leaders on imagining the future of avatar technology, synthetic media, and programmable video

Our avatar technology is at the core of Studio, a creative tool, used by a community of passionate users; from freelancers to content creators working in Fortune 500 companies. 

They love and depend on it (see our G2 reviews), they also provide us a tonne of feedback. Your role will be to work with our Research team to shape the future of our avatar technology, finding the right path between user needs and state-of-the-art computer vision techniques to push the boundary of what’s possible with Generative AI and synthetic media. 

As a Senior Product Manager, you will help us create a name for Synthesia as the most innovative video creation platform, period. You will stay on top of new and exciting developments in the computer vision research community and relate those to the needs demonstrated by our users when using Studio. You’ll help identify and frame opportunities for our research team to tackle, provide feedback along the research cycle and turn research breakthroughs into product features. 

This is (at least we think!) the coolest job in the generative AI space you can find. You’ll be bridging state-of-the-art research and product development. You will constantly be creating new experiments and prototypes that inspire and show the way to others. You will not only demonstrate an understanding of the tech but also the creativity and vision necessary to shape our industry in the long run. Our strategy is to bring generative video to the enterprise, one use case at a time. You will need to be one of the people that chip at the problem, figuring out how we get there step by step.

Our product team is an inflection point and if you’ve worked at previous companies thinking there’s a better way to do product, this is your opportunity to shape things the way you always thought they should be.



  • 5+ years of experience managing world-class products or cutting edge research.
  • Strong product opinions and taste - not shying away from proposing solutions based on your intuition and experience.
  • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy and bridge business goals with technical considerations.
  • Expertise in machine learning and AI - you must be able to read an ML paper, understand what this could mean for our product and explain it to others; you’ve experimented with ML models (stable diffusion, dreambooth etc.).
  • Ability to take ownership of the end-to-end idea to product process and work as self-directed member of the development team.
  • Strong UX focus and understanding of human behaviour.
  • Proven track record of shipping impactful products.
  • Outstanding communication skills.


Our culture

At Synthesia we’re passionate about building, not talking, planning or politicising. We strive to hire the smartest, kindest and most unrelenting people and let them do their best work without distractions. Our work principles serve as our charter for how we make decisions, give feedback and structure our work to empower everyone to go as fast as possible. You can find out more about these principles here.



💸 You will be compensated well (in the region of 120,000 - 175,000 EUR) base salary range + stock options

📍 Flexible role based either remotely or hybrid from one of our offices in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, or Munich. 

🏝 You get 25 days of annual leave + bank holidays.

🥳 You will join an established company culture with regular socials and company retreats.

🍼 You get a paid parental leave and we contribute to your pension plan. 

👉 You can participate in a generous referral scheme. 

🚀 Huge opportunity for a career defining role as we go from a series C scale-up with strong PMF to the next phase of growth.

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

New tech gear
New tech gear

Paid holiday
Paid holiday

Skill development
Skill development

Equity package
Equity package

Near public transit
Near public transit

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In a nutshell: we're building a video production studio - in browser. Here's our story 👇 Synthesia is the global leader in synthetic media. Our vision is to build the first fully programmable video generation platform and help everyone transform non-video content into video. Synthesia is already working with some of the world’s biggest companies and celebrities such as David Beckham, BBC, EY, McDonalds and WPP. Our investors include some of the biggest names in the business: Marc Cuban, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Seedcamp, LDV Capital, MMC Capital and more.

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