Researcher: Explore the Science of Personal Growth

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Mind-Body Researcher: Explore the Science of Personal Growth

At The Collective, we're on a mission to empower individuals through inner growth, self-awareness, and personal development experiences. As we strive to facilitate and educate people in tools that enhance their lives, we continuously seek to deepen our understanding of the intricate connections between the mind and body. To develop and facilitate initiatives that matter based on experience, research, and knowledge, we are seeking a curious Researcher with a strong interest in Mind, Body, and Being.


  • Conduct in-depth desk research on various personal development tools and modalities to better understand the science behind human behaviour, emotions, mind and biology.

  • Have an interdisciplinary approach in your research, combining psychology and human biology when relevant.

  • Evaluate the scientific basis and practical applications of different tools and techniques within relevant modalities.

  • Collaborate with our team to integrate well-researched knowledge into our educational programs, courses, facilitation methods, articles, and inspirational content.

  • Stay updated on the latest scientific developments and research findings relevant to personal development.

  • Ensure that our teachings are grounded in evidence-based practices.

  • Get experience with your findings by implementing the ones you find valuable in your own life.


  • Strong curiosity and interest in human behaviour, personal development, mind and body.

  • Previous experience or educational background within psychology or related human biology.

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate the validity and reliability of research studies and draw out points relevant for the project.

  • Fluent in English writing and excellent communication skills to convey research findings in an accessible and engaging manner.

  • Passion for personal development, inner growth, and a commitment to contributing to positive change.

What You Get:

As a Researcher at The Collective, you'll play a crucial role in shaping the foundation of our initiatives and educational content. While this is an unpaid position, it's an opportunity to actively contribute to our mission, be part of a project dedicated to enhancing lives, and gain hands-on experience in translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, benefiting both the collective and your personal growth.

If you're enthusiastic about exploring the science behind personal development and want to contribute to our vision of empowering individuals, we invite you to join us on this inspiring journey.

Join us at The Collective and help us build a bridge between science and personal development for a brighter, more authentic future.

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Perks and benefits

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Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

Mental health support
Mental health support

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Flexible working hours

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Skill development

Working at
The Collective

At The Collective, we're on a mission to help individuals thrive. We believe that personal growth, well-being, and a sense of community are key in creating an authentic fulfilling life. Our venture isn't just a project or a business; it's a passion-driven journey and an intentional space to explore what it means for us, as a team, to live more fulfilling lives while working towards our company goals. Who We Are We're a dynamic and purpose-driven team that's all about creating richer lives, both for ourselves and our community. We value curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. What unites us is the belief that life's true richness comes from being genuinely present, exploring authenticity, and creating connection. What We Do We're not your typical venture. From digital tools to education, retreats, and engaging community events, we're on a mission to empower individuals to thrive based on what truly matters. Our unique focus is on enhancing lives, and we're dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and purpose in the initiatives we do. Why Join Us Joining the collective means more than just taking on a role – it's an invitation to start a personal journey. As part of our early team, you'll co-create a brand, a community, and a meaningful impact. Your contributions matter, and we value your curiosity, creativity, and the opportunity to explore and learn what it means for you to live a more fulfilling life within the context of our shared mission. Come Be a Part of Something Special If you're passionate about personal development, well-being, and building meaningful connections and fun projects, we invite you to join us. Together, we'll embark on a purpose-driven adventure focused on making lives a little richer, one step at a time.

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