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BikeRunner is a share-economy work platform, where customers who have a puncture on their bike can order patching, changing of tube or tire. We also offer assembly of new bikes bought online, and simple bike wash/service. BikeRunner sends the task to you (= a “Runner”) through our app. You choose yourself if you want to accept it. If you do you go to the bike (where it is located), and fix it. Then you send an invoice to the customer through our app on your repair.

We launched bikerunner.dk Feb 1 2019– and continuously need “Runners” we can trust. We started in Copenhagen, but we are now active in Denmark's 20 largest cities - at the moment we are looking for Runners in Odense. Odense is an area, where we are allready established, but see a demand for more Runners.

At the moment we only seek people who have experience with fixing bikes. You certainly do not need to be an authorized bike mechanic, but you need to be able to do easy repairs and adjustements on your own, your family’s and your friends’ bikes without any problems.  If you have only fixed your own bike, and haven't tried different types of bikes - you probably have too little experience, unfortunately.

You get tasks according to the area you choose to cover, and earn typically 200-500 kr. /repair (depending on what the customer orders). You can always reject a task if you do not have the time that day.  This is a great extra job to make extra money - whenever it suits you. In Odense at this time, you can expect to get about 2-5 orders a day on average sent to you.

Maybe you’re an enthusiastic cyclist who just likes to help others? Or maybe you’re a handy student who wants to make some extra money on your own terms? Or a senior handyman who wants to get out when it suits you and do something meaningful? Or you just like to repair bikes. No matter what your story is we would like to hear from you.

Please include in your application what type of experience you have with bike repairs.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For more information or questions please contact us at info@bikerunner.dk or phone number 44108487

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

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Remote work allowed

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Work life balance

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BikeRunner ApS

More than 200,000 people are dependent on their bike every day, only in Copenhagen. For them, a puncture is a major disturbance in everyday life. How, and when, are you supposed to get the bike to the bicycle workshop? With BikeRunner you can easily order bike service online. When you are back from your day, a Runner has fixed your bike.  BikeRunner simultaneously plays into three existing global trends (convenience, sustainability and share economy), as well as the UN's target no 12. BikeRunner is a share economy work platform, and match the customers task to a Runner, which is a competent private person in your local area. Today BikeRunner has 200 Runners covering Denmarks 20 largest cities, and several partners within the industry such as bike manufacturers and bike leasing companies. BikeRunner offers puncture service (patch, tube, tire), assembly of new bikes, bike general service and bike accessories.

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