Backend Developer @ Cooperative Foodtech Startup

Salary DKK 20,000 - DKK 35,000
Equity To be negotiated

Making Food Delivery Fair and Sustainable

Dream Delivery is a cooperative foodtech startup with a mission to revolutionize food delivery for the benefit of restaurants and couriers. We are building a food delivery platform owned and controlled by the restaurants, where couriers are employed under fair conditions. Say goodbye to the middlemen from big tech - now we're taking control!

Your role

You will be working alongside our CTO, Jacob, who is an experienced backend developer, in an effort to develop new infrastructure and features, as well as polish, test and improve upon an existing, but rough, infrastructure. Firstly, the role requires an ability to work as a team: discussing, critiquing and deducing optimal solutions and approaches to the challenges faced. However, you will be expected to be able to make individual, confident decisions when facing new challenges. Both of the above apply when working with existing, as well as developing new infrastructure and features.

Hard skills

  • Node.js

  • Google cloud

  • Linux server setup, configuration and environments

  • Javascript/Typescript

About you

  • You have a passion for alternative ownership models and understand the potential of democratic ownership.

  • You are skilled and independent-minded.

  • You are a genuine problem-solver with attention to detail.

  • You love good food - after all, we are building a food delivery platform 😉

About Us

Dream Delivery is a startup that is different from most. We are built on democratic values, and you can therefore expect to be broadly involved in strategic decisions and the overall operation from the start. Strong democracies are built on community. Therefore, you can look forward to a workplace where we spend time and effort to create a cozy and inclusive environment for everyone. If you are ready to invest yourself in a community like ours, you will undoubtedly feel at home at Dream Delivery!

We are still an early-stage startup, so we cannot offer a large salary, but if you make yourself indispensable to the team, you will get the opportunity to grow with the company.

Practical information

Dream Delivery is located at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) in Frederiksberg, where we share facilities with many other exciting startups. We have free coffee and eat lunch together every day. A good atmosphere and community are priorities for us, with team building and table football as regular parts of everyday life at Dream Delivery. We hope to see you at the office most days, but of course, there will also be opportunities to work from home.


We will screen and interview candidates on an ongoing basis – so please, do not hesitate to apply. All we need is your LinkedIn, Github and answers to a few questions. Please keep your application short and precise.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

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Near public transit
Near public transit

Free office snacks
Free office snacks

Work life balance
Work life balance

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Skill development
Skill development

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Working at
Dream Delivery

Dream Delivery is a foodtech startup on a mission to make food delivery fair for restaurants and couriers through democratic ownership. Say goodbye to the abusive tech giants - now we take control! THE DEMOCRATIC SOLUTION TO FOOD DELIVERY Dream Delivery began with a wish to stop the exploitation that couriers and restaurants experience from the current takeaway platforms. At the moment, couriers get a low salary and are afforded very few rights. Meanwhile, restaurants are forced to hand over large chunks of their revenue without getting any control in return. We are rethinking takeaway from the buttom up by democratizing the ownership of food delivery, along with the profits and the control. A TRULY UNIQUE STARTUP Dream Delivery is a democratic enterprise, also known as a cooperative. Cooperatives have in common that they are owned by a broad group of people, whose needs are met by the company. Decisions are made democratically, and all owners have one vote each. Ordinary people deserve to have a greater say – and that extends to our workplaces! This is what Dream Delivery is all about. THE DREAM TEAM Dream Delivery's developer team consists of young and dedicated idealists skilled within business strategy, organizing, software development and design. Our offices are in the heart of Copenhagen, with the opportunity for remote work, as well. Do you have the democratic spirit and entrepreneurial mindset to help changing takeaway and tech for the better? Well, what are you waiting for - hit us up!

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