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Regulars is a loyalty app that connects businesses and customers to provide seamless and personalized loyalty programs, digital reward cards, and insider perks.


We are launching first in Denmark, with the ambition to expand across Europe over time. Our mission is to make loyalty programs accessible to businesses of all sizes and help customers unlock exclusive benefits and rewards at their favorite spots across Europe.


Businesses and customers often encounter challenges such as managing loyalty programs efficiently and connecting with their target audience effectively. This challenge is particularly evident in bustling cities with diverse consumer preferences. Regulars address these issues by bridging businesses and customers through a digital platform, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty with personalized rewards.


Regulars offers a user-friendly platform where businesses can effortlessly create loyalty programs and customers can enjoy tailored rewards and benefits. Users gain access to rewards, stories, and special events while connecting with fellow patrons to share their experiences. By expanding to other major European cities, our aim is to enrich the culinary and shopping experiences for even more customers while aiding businesses in fostering lasting customer relationships.

💼 Responsibilities:

  • You will contribute to the development and continuous enhancement of the Regulars web application

  • You will play a role in implementing new features and functionalities for the web application

  • You will undergo the testing and rectification of potential issues within the web application

💡 Requirement:

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Experience with React

  • Experience with T3: TypeScript, NextJS, Prisma, tRPC, Tailwind, (not required)

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. If you're excited about this role but unsure if you qualify, we encourage you to apply.

For more information or questions please contact us at magnus@getregulars.com

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Why do major brands like McDonald's, Starbucks, Joe & the Juice, IKEA, and H&M invest in loyalty? Because retaining regulars is cheaper than constantly acquiring new ones. We help cafés turn guests into regulars with cutting-edge digital solutions, reducing paper waste, elevating guest engagement, and changing the loyalty game.

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