Senior Creative Full-stack Developer for Profitable AI-startup

Salary DKK 35,000 - DKK 50,000

Born out of digital media company Zetland, Good Tape is building a leading AI-powered transcription tool for journalists all over the world.

We are now looking for a full stack developer with aesthetic knack to join the development of a platform with huge scaling potential. The platform is being used by thousands of professionals every day, currently transcribing north of 30,000 audio files every single day. Our users come from (literally) all over the world: many are from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and The Netherlands, but Taiwan is our biggest market, Chile's courtrooms are using us, and India is showing great potential. We even have customers in St Kitts and Nevis.

Your task will be to join a very strong team to develop Good Tape's roadmap, supported by top-of-mind user needs. We work in a modern setting using the right tool for the job and always staying curious. We're currently an nine-person team, working in three-week sprints out of Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

You will work in a Remix project, written using TypeScript, so experience developing in these is required. Let's discuss whether you'll focus on one part of the stack, whether you'll want to lead our mobile app development, or maybe you like to be all over the code base.

In close collaboration with the rest of the team, you will translate user needs into attractive designs and beautiful code. You will ensure that the UX, speed, and security of Good Tape is world-class, regardless of the device it's accessed from, and you probably believe that UX is the most important aspect of digital tools.

Good Tape at a glance

Good Tape’s mission is to let our customers focus on what matters most by providing the best transcription service possible. We offer a simple and user-friendly path to turning audio files into precisely transcribed text. Our AI-powered automatic solution saves hours of tedious work, allowing our users to use that time to, hopefully, make the world a better place.

But transcriptions are but a place to start. We have managed to build a profitable organisation within our first year, but the market is huge, and our customers have many more pains to solve for.

If you have questions, you might find the answers here:

What background do you imagine I have?

“We imagine you are educated and/or have professional experience a programmer or designer. Whether junior or senior, if you see yourself in most of these points, we can discuss the rest:

Ambitious and enjoying life - you want to build great products together with great and inspiring colleagues. You also like to get to know the people around and lean into the culture, we’re creating in the office. Still, you also enjoy life outside of work, and agree that to live a full life, work should not be everything.

Entrepreneurial spirit – you like to solve real user’s real problems and you know that when you succeed, so does Good Tape.

Geeky about your own productivity – you are interested in processes and effective strategies to achieve goals quickly and efficiently.

Aesthete – you want to deliver experiences that are attractive and easy to love. You love when details are perfect, but even more so when code is shipped. “

What will my day-to-day look like?

"You'll work in our development team, sharing a space with some of Denmark's best journalists. We do enjoy working and spending time together in the office at Islands Brygge, but you can also work from home or on the road sometimes if you feel like it. We'll be moving into our own office sometime during 2024, so if you know the best coffee machine or build fussball tables in your garage, please holla.

We follow agile methods and focus on releasing early—and we're not afraid to outsource the 'boring' tasks. And you'll have a lot of fun with us, both day-to-day and especially when we celebrate our successes."

What kind of company is Good Tape, and what's the salary like?

“Good Tape was born in December 2022, and is still a baby learning our place in the world. You’ll be an early employee, the fourth in the development team, in a profitable company with very fast growth. We are currently hiring for several roles including interns. Our mother company Zetland has around 60 employees, seven of whom work on developing the distribution platform.

We understand what good people are worth, and like to pay fair salaries. We also have social benefits in order and like to think of ourselves as a very mature young startup.”

Now what?

We strive to employ a diverse range of individuals, encompassing aspects such as gender, skin color, class background, political beliefs, religion, place of birth, and temperament to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, we encourage everyone interested to apply enthusiastically, even if you don't meet all the criteria just yet.

Also, dont worry too much about covering your life's story in a cover letter - we can typically see that from your resume. But we would like to hear a few sentences about why you'd want to work with us.

For more information or questions please contact us at

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Near public transit

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Free office snacks

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Good Tape’s mission is to let you focus on what matters most by providing the best transcription service possible. We offer a simple and user-friendly path to turning audio files into precisely transcribed text. Our tech-driven solution saves hours of tedious work, allowing you to use that time to, hopefully, make the world a better place.

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