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Looking for a founding engineer/ possible cofounder who will fall and rise with us.

About I Bedste Fald.

I Bedste Fald is quite literally “the best way to fall”. Each year elderly and vulnerable people fall causing serious injury, trauma, and sometimes death.

Worldwide the amount of falls that require medical attention is yearly equillant to more than 6 times the full population of Denmark.

Waiting for treatment is painful, traumatizing, and expensive. As people age the risk of losing self-confidence, and becoming weaker and vulnerable is compounding the risk of falling. - furthermore, a harmful fall can rapidly speed up this process, as many falls lead to a state of fear, frailty, isolation and paradoxically more falls.

I Bedste Fald am on a mission to change that.

As a medal-winning Judo athlete, Founder Mathias Krabholm already had a lot of experience of falling! Through his training and teaching others, he discovered that these techniques would not only help professional sportsmen and women but could also be applied to help vulnerable people prevent and tackle falls, grow their self-confidence and prevent, injury, psychological trauma and death.

Many people think of falls as a phenomenon that randomly occurs phenomena there’s somehow always causes harm to the body. Many falls can be prevented and the systematics of a safe fall can be trained safely and progressively, based on individual needs.

This is however NOT the usual case when dealing with fall prevention - where the focus is mainly on fall avoidance.

Mathias has so far trained 2500 people in these safe falling techniques, and a majority have reasonably reported how the workshops have helped them to make them less afraid and concerned. This way the training will not “only” help prevent falls and the potential harm of a fall, it make participants more active and confident - which can also take a lot of concerns away from the next of kin.

I Bedste Fald has been featured in Danish media - (TV2, DR, and Ekstrabladet) and has generated significant inbound sales and interest. So much so that it has become urgent to develop a digital product to scale the product and meet demand.

We are a young team looking to apply welfare technology to a range of scenarios and collaborate with large established organizations to build a cutting-edge healthcare solution.

Founding Engineer - Full Stack Developer

I Bedste Fald is now seeking a Founding Engineer to come on board as a possible Co-Founder to help develop an initial prototype product. The product will be targeting training both Physiotherapists and Patients in fall prevention techniques.

This position is Pro-Bono (initially unpaid) and the business will seek funding to develop the product. Ideally, the person is based in Denmark, either in Copenhagen or can travel to Copenhagen. Someone who has Scandinavian language as a native language is preferred however it could be considered as a remote role for someone with good English language skills.


  • Assist the founder in technical decisions, the feasibility of the product, forecast development time (effort in hours) and set budgets and schedules.

  • Build the solution and help manage the team or outsourced resources once funding is secured.

  • Recommend technical solutions and development frameworks.

  • Contribute to investor and customer meetings and pilot projects.

  • Help with some project management tasks for the technical delivery.

  • Assist the founder in identifying key technical roles, taking code reviews and hiring other engineers or outsourced providers.

  • Experience with computer vision and VR solutions would be a big plus.

  • Interest in data science and machine learning would also be a bonus.

  • Hands-on engineer - this is not a managerial role to start with.


  • Must understand that the customer's view is more important than their own opinion.

  • Takes data-driven decisions, from customer feedback and solution monitoring that is implemented.

  • Understand how important quality, security, and compliance are for healthcare solutions.

  • Is happy to offer some time for free alongside a regular day job to start with.

  • Has ambition to become a CTO or Engineering Director and actively seeks mentorship to improve their skills.

  • Is comfortable accepting advice and seeking guidance where they lack knowledge or experience.

Stack - if you only have part of this stack please send an application for consideration - we don’t expect you to have everything, this is an early-stage exploratory phase. We will consider an additional co-founder or hiring for specific skill sets once product development is underway.

  • Frontend technologies - React / React Native

  • Backend technologies such as Python NodeJS or even Java.

  • Python for Machine Learning, computer vision frameworks such as Keras, Pytorch, sci-kit-image, and OpenCV.

  • Data frameworks, like Pandas, and Polars, or scaling frameworks like Dask, Ray, or Vaex.

  • Knowledge of data preparation, management, and understanding of how to apply pre-trained ML algorithms to solutions. Building simple data pipelines with solutions like AWS Step Functions, Glue Crawlers and Lambdas.

  • Some basic knowledge of a cloud provider for things like hosting, maintenance and updates such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 50943355

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Free coffee / tea

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Flexible working hours

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I Bedste Fald - Fall Forward and Gain more good years

I Bedste Fald is a method that enables and empowers people to fall safely, simultaneously addressing associated trauma and focuses on limiting restrictive lifestyle change. The method holds potential within the healtcare field, as the concept has been validated and now calls for scaling. With the aim of incorporating co-creation, further research, and development, I hope to change the way fall prevention is tackled, to allow for a broader holistic approach, that will allow people to fall safely and stand stronger.

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