Graphic and Content creator

Salary Competitive

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Time: Full-time on-site position  

Travel: No travel expected  

Reports to: Marketing Manager  ‍

Starting date: ASAP 


Join ATLANT 3D where Science Fiction Meets Reality  

Ever dreamed of shaping the future? At ATLANT 3D, we're turning the unimaginable into the achievable. Based in Copenhagen, we're a deep tech startup that's literally printing the future, atom by atom. Our machines aren't just groundbreaking; they're earth-shattering—and they're destined for space and enable atomic scale manufacturing. 



We're not just pushing boundaries; we're obliterating them. 

Our technology is the stuff of science fiction, made real. 

You won't just be part of a team; you'll be part of humanity's next giant leap. 

If you're ready to be a pioneer in atomic scale manufacturing and make a cosmic impact, ATLANT 3D is where you belong. Together, let's build the future and take manufacturing to new heights—literally. 

We offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What we develop is unique, and we are incredibly excited to make a difference and we are looking for people who dare to join us and drive impossible. 


We are looking for a Graphic and Content Creator – a true magician within the field, who can use photos, videos, writing, graphic design, visual storytelling to make our product related topics relatable and interesting for our customers and our target audience, creating unforgettable messages. 


What is the job about 

You are a creative and experienced professional, and you are specialized in video, photo, and graphics development. You have good experience with conceptualize, plan, and execute visually stunning content across multiple platforms to promote our brand, products, and services.  

It is natural for you to combine the creative and analytical part, using trends in the market and create the content for the right medias, that helps connect people to our brand. We want you to engage and help us to tell, show and make our company a well known brand in our industry.You will work closely with our commercial team to reach the goals, and to develop content that engages and resonates with our target audience. 


What will be your responsibilities

  • Develop and execute creative video, photo, and graphics content that aligns with our company brand, values, and marketing and objectives. 

  • Collaborate with the management, marketing and business development team to create visually compelling campaigns, product launches, and brand messaging. 

  • Conceptualize, storyboard, script, and direct video content, including but not limited to product demos, promotional videos, and social media content. 

  • Capture and edit high-quality audio, photos, and videos, ensuring that they are properly formatted for various platforms. 

  • Develop motion graphics and animations to enhance video content and social media posts. 

  • Create engaging graphics, infographics, and other visual assets to accompany blog posts, social media, and other marketing materials. 

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines and staying within budget. 

  • Keep up to date with industry trends, new technologies, and best practices in video, photo, and graphic design. 


Talent & professional capabilities 

  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design, film, media, or a related field. 

  • At least 3 years of experience in video production, photography, and graphic design. 

  • Love in cutting edge technologies and desire to create amazing content for groundbreaking solutions.  

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.) and other relevant software. 

  • Excellent understanding of videography, lighting, sound design, and post-production techniques. 

  • Knowledge of social media platforms and their respective requirements for video, photo, and graphics content. 

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. 

  • Creative mindset and eager to make amazing content. 

  • Curious mind to understand complex scientific concepts and visualize or create a story to tell. 

  • Strong communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. 

  • A portfolio showcasing your work in video, photo, and graphics.  

  • Develop and execute creative content. Manage projects and deadlines. Stay up to date with trends. 

People skills & competencies  

  • You are easily self-motivated and proactive in collecting inputs and addressing issues timely.  

  • You are results-driven, eager to create a sense of urgency for projects and make optimal use of available resources to produce results.  

  • You can work independently as well as a part of the team, manage multiple projects simultaneously and drive innovative outcome of your work.  

  • A well-developed judgment and strong decision-making skills allow you to work with other team members independently to produce results.  

  • An open-minded mindset and creative as well as critical thinker. 

  • Excellent communication skills, and you feel comfortable engaging with stakeholders across all functions and cultures – both internally and externally. 

  • You are self-driven and have chosen never to become complacent in life but aim to develop yourself and the people around you every day. You are also a natural challenger, not afraid to raise your opinion and challenge the status quo. 

  • You know success combines hard work, solid priorities and high quality. 

  • You know that working as a team and supporting a solid feedback culture will get us all where we want to go – faster! 

  • Your performance will be measured upon number of social media followers, website traffic, and customer feedback or requests. 


We offer you the following:  

  • The opportunity to become part of a company poised to revolutionize the development and manufacturing of the electronic, photonics, and optics industry.  

  • An opportunity to have influence and make a significant contribution to a young and fast-growing company.  

  • International team collaboration and a great place to work where we like to be together.                                                                                   

  • Opportunities and support to advance your personal and career.  

  • Working with promoting a new disruptive innovative technology in the market and making ATLANT 3D a well-known brand – you have the key to make a difference for us here. 


If you're eager to be part of a team that's breaking barriers and shaping the future, click the 'Apply' button to apply through The Hub. Reach out to our Head of People & Culture, Susie Sandberg, at +45 4290 9097 or via email for any questions. Your next big career move starts here. Remember to enclose your portfolio and/or examples of your work in your resume.   


At ATLANT 3D, we're not just a company; we're a revolution in the making. Founded in 2018, we're a Copenhagen-based deep-tech startup that's driving atomic scale manufacturing, atom by atom. Our Direct Atomic Layer Processing/Patterning (DALP) technology is setting new standards in the electronics, optics, and photonics and many other industries.  

With Denmark's largest Series A funding round outside of life sciences and software under our belt, we're poised for rapid growth and international expansion.  

Our team is a dynamic, multidisciplinary group of professionals who thrive in an agile, transparent, and learning-focused environment. Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, contributing to a culture that values innovation, engagement, and impact. We're looking for passionate individuals ready to join us on this exciting journey.  

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +45 4290 9097

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Equity package

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ATLANT 3D is building the first-ever atomic layer 3D printing Nanofabricator™ and launches services for micro and nanodevices with previously impossible concepts. Our vision is to enable rapid innovation with atomic precision and democratize access to advanced instruments. We are now building a Nanofabricator™ to enable atomic layer 3D printing with a selection of more than 450 different materials. Our team is unique in its vision, technology, connection to the industry, and demands. Funded by Sony, Innovation Fund Denmark, European Commission, ATLANT 3D Nanosystems start its development with industry defined demand, reliable partners, flexible and cost-efficient technology to enable next-level innovation. Why we are different ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is the first and only company that simplifies micro and nano processing. This enables rapid prototyping by solving problems that have never been solved before. We are building the Nanofabricator™, the world's first-ever standalone atomic layer technology platform for micro and nanofabrication. This allows the possibility to use more than 450 commercially available materials and enables the processing of micro and nanodevices within days instead of months or years. We are reinventing the way micro and nanodevices are made. Our values 1. Commitment to our goals 2. Entrepreneurial Mindset 3. Openness and Curiosity 4. Respect and Diversity 5. Collaborative and Integrity 6. Boldness and Decisiveness What we offer - The opportunity to become part of a company poised to revolutionize the development and manufacturing of electronic, photonics, and optics industries.  - An opportunity to have influence and make a significant contribution to a young and fast-growing company.  - International team collaboration.  - Opportunities and support to advance your personal development.  - Interactions with international partners, suppliers, customers, and associated travel.  At ATLANT 3D you will be a part of a team working towards disrupting 60 years of micro and nanofabrication technologies and systems: A once-in-a-lifetime experience. What we develop is unique, and we are incredibly excited to make a difference. You can join us to take a technological leap together. Growth opportunity. We are a fast-growing team with a need for experts, with ambitions to grow and flourish. ‍Learning and development. We are working in a cross-disciplinary field. Become a pioneer with us in developing new knowledge and technologies. Work and Life balance. We value the balance between work and play and are fans of Danish Hygge and the Bavarian style. Life in Denmark. Denmark is recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world with a family-friendly and safe environment, easy commuting, a high level of life, free healthcare, and access to any part of Europe or the World. 

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